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Kiswahili/ IRE Internship

SCHOOL CODE: 14701083018 


Internship Duration

The Internship positions will be for a period of twelve (12) months.


This is not a remunerative engagement. However, teacher interns attached to secondary schools will be eligible for a monthly stipend of Kshs. 20,000/-. The stipend will be paid subject to statutory deductions, where applicable. 


On successful completion of the Internship Programme, teacher interns will be awarded a certificate.

To qualify for recruitment, a candidate should meet the following minimum requirements:

Be a Kenyan citizen; 

Must be a holder of at least a diploma in education with a minimum mean Grade of C+ (plus) and C+ (plus) in two teaching Subjects in KCSE or its equivalent; 

Must be a registered teacher with Teachers Service Commission. 


Manual applications will not be considered. 

The Commission’s Recruitment Guidelines for the recruitment of Teacher Interns 2022/2023 Financial Year (Post Primary Institutions) shall apply. 

Shortlisted candidates will be required to present original academic and professional certificates. 

Selection of Candidates will strictly be on merit and based on the number of vacancies per County. 

Applicants who were previously employed by the Teachers Service Commission on permanent and pensionable and those who have served under TSC internship programme are not eligible. 

An applicant is allowed to apply in two schools where appropriate vacancies have been declared. 

Successful candidates must not take more than one Offer of Internship Engagement. Taking two or more offers of internship engagement will lead to disqualification. 

Successful applicants will be required to have a Personal Accident Insurance to cover for personal risks during the internship period. 

How to Apply

Apply for the job here