Deputy Director, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relation, Job in the Government of Kenya

Deputy Director -Intergovernmental Fiscal Relation


For appointment to this grade an officer must have:

  • served for a minimum period of ten (10) years , three (3) of which should be at the grade of Principal Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Officer, CSG ‘8’ and above  or in comparable positions in the wider public service; 
  • a Bachelors degree in any of the following field; Economics, Economics & Statistics, Economics And Mathematics, Economics and Finance, Actuarial Science or any other equivalent qualification
  • certificate in any of the following fields, Policy Formulation, Financial Modelling, Macro-Economic Modelling, Public Expenditure Analysis/Management, Tax Policy Analysis and Revenue Estimation, Public Debt Management, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Management Regional Integration, Negotiation, Advocacy or Advocacy or Corporate governance from a recognized institution in Kenya;
  • demonstrated understanding of national development goals; policies and objectives, national values and principles of governance as well as leadership capabilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • coordinating and strengthening financial and fiscal relations between the national and county governments;
  • coordinating capacity building to County Government on public financial management matters;
  • coordinating the review of legal framework governing intergovernmental fiscal relations and county financial management;
  • monitoring analyzing and consolidating budgets, economic data and financial reports for county governments;
  • coordinating the development of planning, budgeting and reporting frameworks for the county government to ensure standardization;
  • providing logistical and technical support as well as secretariat services to intergovernmental institutions overseeing intergovernmental fiscal relations;
  • preparing the division of Revenue Bill and County Allocation Revenue Bill in consultation with Commission of Revenue Allocation and other relevant bodies;
  • overseeing loans and grants to County Government;
  • conducting research on matters relating to intergovernmental fiscal relations, county government finances and services delivery;
  • monitoring adherence to legal framework for County Financial Management Systems;
  • coordinating the development and implementation of financial recovery plans for counties that are in financial distress; and
  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the fiscal financing framework for urban areas and cities.

How to Apply