Micro-insurance Market Research Consultant Job in Kenya

Micro-insurance Market Research Consultant

Areas of Need

The consultant will work as part of a larger project team composed of other full-time staff and consultants, and is expected to make contributions to an ongoing research design process for a market assessment to understand demand for crop index insurance.

This would involve several steps; Firstly, defining research objectives, such as identifying the target market, understanding their needs and preferences, and assessing the viability of the insurance product. Next, determine data sources, data collection approach and sample size and sampling methods. Analysis and synthesis of insights to draw conclusions and make recommendations on determinants of viability of a crop index insurance product and the best approach to market such a product to the target audience.

The consultant will assist in the following areas:

Conduct literature review to identify relevant research questions for understanding demand for crop index insurance

Prepare for primary data collection (IRB draft, draft tool, train and supervise field team)

Analysis of field data (tool testing)

Drafting a set of market assessment tools and guides (baseline and endline)

Draft reports as required

Co- present at a learning event

Consultants will need to meet the following requirements:

3-5 years experience in micro-insurance market assessments or agriculture insurance product design in Africa

Masters in a relevant field (Agriculture, Commerce, rural development etc)

Experience developing and executing standardized research instruments

Consulting Details 

Duties of Busara

The Busara team will provide overall clarification on expectations and technical support as required.

Busara will provide contextual information required, including already generated long list of ideas.

Duties of the Consultant
The consultant will:

Operate  from own office  other  than  in  exceptional  situations  and  provide  own manpower, work   facilities,   equipment,   stationery,   supplies, and   all   operational requirements to carry out the assignment and provide the services required;

Deliver high-quality service within the agreed timelines.

Liaise with the Engagement Director on a regular basis to report progress, and report any  issues  and/or  concerns  that  may  affect the performance of the consultancy in the course of the assignment

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