HR Consultant Job in Kenya

Terms of Reference

Engagement of HR Consultant for Assignment in Organisational Restructuring of the Young Womens’ Christian Association (YWCA)

Consultancy duration: 90 days

Time: Over Three Months period

Location: Head Office and online conversations with the field staff /membership


YWCA is a women led Organization that has been in existence in Kenya since the year 1912.

It operates with main activities at the Head Office but implements its activities through the branches spread across the country.

YWCA has seven branches namely, Nairobi, Meru, Mombasa, Tana River, Kisumu, Siaya and Kisii.

YWCA desires to engage in a process that would achieve reorganization of its structures and other operational structures in the Organization.

The process would see to it a new structure that would facilitate effective and efficient way of operating while synchronizing operations of the branches and Head office.

Changes in the structure follows response to a need for a change in the current structure.

Scope of Review

The process is being undertaken as part of YWCA Strategic direction plan 2019-2023 to change its branch structure from autonomous to semi-autonomous. It will inter alia allow the following;-

Management of staffing gaps that stood out as a constraint on the performance of operations. The recommendations included restructuring of the people strategy, develop mechanisms to allow its implementation, understanding the challenges and enabling factors and making tailored recommendations.

Review of existing structure of YWCA with regard to both Administrative, Operations and Governance.

Recommend most optimal structure based on the present and draw practical implementation of the same.

The proposed structure should address all functional areas including General Administration, Finance, Human Resource, Programmes, IT and Communications as well as Business Development.

Terms of Reference Will Include the Following;-

Desk review study of the present Organizational structure as well as its operations.

Identify gaps in existing structure with particular reference to practicability, the strains, technological capabilities, YWCA policies and procedures, Governance and suggests suitable changes in system, processes, technological architecture and such other matters considered appropriate for ensuring sustenance of such synergistic benefits.

Identify gaps and suggest necessary changes for their improvement so as to achieve robust system driven process that aligns to current market trends.

Noting that YWCA operates within the requirements of the NGO Board, the process should allow compliance to the Board’s requirements as well as other related Acts of the laws in Kenya.


To change the basic arrangement of the organizational chart that allow clear link between the branches and the head office

To have one YWCA of Kenya

To achieve oneness in implementation of the strategic plan

To achieve flow of information, which in turn would give rise to changes in the strategic opportunities that are being thought carefully about and followed up.

Intended users and uses of the outcome

The YWCA executives are the main users of the outcome for ease of oversight for both head office and branches. YWCA Management and staff would be beneficiaries of the outcome for it will allow clarity, consensus in the implementation of YWCA work both administrative and operational.

The process would also allow functional departments to implement the Strategic plan.

Approach and Methodology

It is anticipated that the consultancy will involve;-

Reading key documents related to the current YWCA as relevant

Individual and discussions with Top management team

Visits to at least one branch

Physical or online engagement with relevant Board/Committee members and management team

Analysis of the implementation gaps of the current Organogram

Identification of the system and process gaps

Consultancy budget

The Consultant to provide reasonable quote

Consultant Profile


A suitably qualified team led by Organizational Development specialist with proven record of ability to assess business process engineering or re-engineering.

Excellent analytical skills as well as report writing.

Good knowledge and experience on management of NGO and NGO Board requirements

Deliverables/Reporting and dissemination requirements

Inception;-containing summary of understanding of the project with reference to initial information and research collected, a detailed work plan, practical methodology with proposed tools, responsible persons and timeframes.

Draft review report; - With initial findings and recommendations

Final review report; - Maximum of 15 pages without appendixes

Deliverable (the assignment is expected to be completed within a period of one month, with a minimum of 3 persons) and Time frame

Inception Report (60 Days)

Identification of potential problems and bottlenecks while Identifying gaps in the current structure.

Gain understanding of a working structure and
Draft work plans

Proposed Methodology for undertaking the assignment

Preconditions for successful execution of the assignment

Budget and logistics

Business and Process Reengineering

Develop strategy to mitigate and develop a realistic process structure while separating governance and operations (2 weeks)

Develop implementation plan and its roll out (2 weeks)

How to Apply

Interested applicants must send their proposal for undertaking the review to YWCA Kenya to by 22nd May 2023.

The application should contain in summary,

Profile of the lead consultants with traceable references and evidence of previous related assignments

A summary and a breakdown of how the consultant/s understands and plans to carry out the assignment