Analyst Flight Disruption and Revenue Enhancement Job in Nairobi - Kenya Airways

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Analyst Flight Disruption and Revenue Enhancement Job in Nairobi - Kenya Airways

Analyst Flight Disruption and Revenue Enhancement

Brief Description        

Ensure proper, efficient,effective and economical way of handling schedule changes (CV), flightdisruptions (WW) and ensuring passenger re-accommodation and re-protection bothinbound and outbound.

Ensure continuous revenuegeneration on all KQ flights by pro-actively capturing revenue opportunities,ensuring revenue integrity and minimizing inventory spoilage (flying an emptyseat) and to achieve overall company revenue and passenger targets.

Detailed Description        

Ensuring passenger re-accommodation andre-protection both outbound and inbound.

Ensure the most effective reroute/rebooking options are chosen when disruption occurs.

Assist the network on forcebooking as perinitial classes due disruptions.

Lead in continuous engagements withschedules planning to design schedule change process that ensures alignment ofKenya Airways flights in inventory.

Ensure the most cost effective re-routeoptions are chosen when disruptions occur using SkyTeam partners, JV partners ,reprotection agreements and interline SPA partners.

Maximum retention on KQ services followedby selective usage of SPA and Hotel accommodation.

Support inventory team to perform timely flight steering toavail the right seat to the right customer at the right price in the righttime.

Support the entire Revenue Management functions after officehours, weekends and public holidays.

Manage costs by proactively negotiating with other carriersto take our passengers at lower negotiated rates during disruptions.

Processing of Special Service Requests (SSRs) to ensurequality customer satisfaction (INFT, WCOB, STCR, WHCS, SPML, Plusgrade,Blocked/ Unblocked seats).

Work closely with OCC Duty managers during disruptions todeploy the right equipment on the right route to maximize revenue and reduce onoperational cost.

Re-protect passengers incase of equipment changes to ensureseamless customer service.

Update Adhoc flight changes in Altea Inventory systems.

Provide rerouting alternatives for passengers during flightdisruptions in close coordination with CEC, Sales and airline partners.

Continuously reconcile and synchronize planned versus filedflight schedule/ equipment to ensure optimal revenue gain per flight.

Provide 24/7 PRM support to the business all the year round.

Provide best available options thatreturn the operations to normal as soon as possible ensuring minimum disruptions.

Provide support to Staff travel/Salesteam for duty booking confirmations.

Close co-ordination with crew schedulingand engineering team – Block/unblock unserviceable seats and unblock seats for positioning crew.

Work closely with CEC, Sales offices andthe network to provide efficient rebooking options.

Support quick email responses to requests from CEC, ATO, CTO and Outstations.

Assist the network on force-bookings asper initial classes for MEDA, INADs, special market offers, promotions and ancillary services by manager authority.

Prepare and analyze the schedule changeSET report, flight disruption report and circulate the same to all relevant stakeholders.

Prepare Loads Signal (Losig) reports dailyon flight booking loads performance (Low or oversale) to facilitate DMO/ MOCminimize Adhoc disruptions.

Prepare daily reports on reconciled versus planned flight schedule/ equipment for future use in decision making.

Prepare daily SSR reports to track revenue performance on Special Service Requests made.

Prepare force booking report to assist inminimizing revenue loss through booking integrity.

Job Requirements 


A professionaldegree with a strong emphasis on a business-related field e.g. Statistics,Economics, Mathematics or commerce.

Minimum 3 yearsairline experience in commercial, ground services or operations.

Good knowledgeof inventory, Revenue management and Kenya Airways products.

Training inFares and Ticketing/ Reservation.

Proficiency inthe usage of airline passenger system.

3 years airline experience in commercial, ground services or operations.

Additional Details        

Good Analyticalskills.

Good Entrepreneurial skills.

Good negotiation skills

Good communication skills

Good interpersonal skills.

Problem solving skills

Good presentation skills

How to Apply


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