Data Research Associate Job in Kenya

POSITION: Data Research Associate (1 position) 

REPORTING TO: Data Specialist 


LOCATION: Nairobi/Busia 


DEADLINE: Applications reviewed on a rolling basis 

ELIGIBILITY: Position open to local Kenyan hires only 

About Innovations for Poverty Action: Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to  discovering and promoting effective solutions to global poverty problems. In close partnership with decision makers — the policymakers, practitioners, investors, and donors working with the poor around the world — IPA designs and  evaluates potential solutions to poverty problems using randomized evaluations, the most rigorous evaluation method  available. We also mobilize and support these decision makers to use these solutions to build better programs and  policies at scale. 

About the Data Department: The Data Department supports IPA Kenya projects to collect, process and manage  survey data. The Data Department does this directly by programming computer-assisted interviews (CAI), computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), preparing data quality checks using IPA’s Data Management System (DMS)  and cleaning data. The department further supports in training project staff to complete these tasks themselves. At all  times, the Data Department ensures compliance to the data protection law by adhering to high standards of data 

security protocols and management to ensure the proper handling of sensitive respondent information. 

About the Position: This position is intended to support the data team, as a Data Associate, while also acting as a  roving Research Associate. Therefore, duties are more data-focused than a typical Research Associate at IPA-Kenya,  but the position will also require skills in research oversight. Below is a list of some of the general duties and  responsibilities of the Data Research Associate, to be carried out as needed according to the determination of the Data  Coordinator. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

Data management & survey programming 

  • Developing data collection instruments for CAI using Survey CTO and Qualtrics for surveys to be conducted  in the field or over the phone (CATI), including bench-testing 
  • In collaboration with the project management teams, train teams on electronic survey implementation  observing the SurveyCTO best practices 
  • Design and develop data quality assurance tools including back checks, high frequency checks, and spot checks, using STATA and SurveyCTO
  • Use STATA to process and clean data, prepare summary statistics, and assist in preliminary analysis on well  documented .do/.ado files 
  • Develop and set up projects on the use of IPA’s Data Management System (DMS), automating the projects’  data flow 
  • Ensure all projects and staff comply with all policies and procedures related to data protection • Ensure appropriate computer security on devices handling data using password protection and encryption 
  • Design smooth, functioning and timely data flow between various project activities according to Standard  Operating Procedures 
  • For all areas of responsibility, contribute to the development of policies, manuals and other documentation Project management (in addition to data tasks listed above) 
  • Ethical review boards and approvals 
  •  Assist with coordination of submissions for ethical approval and research permits 
  • Keep up-to-date record of all approval letter and submission materials
  • Obtain any introduction and permission letters required for fieldwork
  • Design and outreach
  • Develop and maintain close relationships with partners
  • Help develop and revise study materials for local context and edit survey instrument(s) with PI  feedback 

HR and financial work 

  • Manage day-to-day expenditures and maintain timely communication with appropriate IPA staff on  budget management and in-country finances 
  • Lead recruitment and hiring for project fieldwork positions including shortlisting and interviewing  top candidates 
  • Oversee the drafting of contracts and payroll for field staff over their period of hire 
  • Supervise and finalize all DSA payments being requested for any field staff who are working away  from their workstation. 

Field Management 

  • Lead trainings for field staff on all aspects of data collection 
  • Manage field team, including development of effective reporting channels 
  • Supervise timely implementation of developed field plan, ensuring it is within budget 
  • Closely monitor team day-to-day in the field and oversee problem-solving efforts 
  • Develop and implement data quality measures and manage arising issues in the quality of data,  resolving any data-related discrepancies 
  • Ensure adherence to data quality protocols, including overseeing field teams, monitoring data  collection, conducting data quality audits and ensuring data security 

Reports and Meetings 

  • Assist in consolidation of findings from pilot and sharing information with PIs for protocol revisions  prior to launch 
  • Assist in consolidation and cleaning of raw data received from the field 
  • Ensure timely exchange of data and information between IPA and partners 
  • Help write and prepare reports for presentation to partners 
  • Write IPA field reports 
  • Attend all conference calls during fieldwork preparation, implementation, and analysis/reporting Create financial tracking systems to ensure spending is as budgeted 
  • Write and disseminate financial reports to PIs and partners in a timely manner


  • Preferably Master’s degree in management, social sciences, public policy, economics, or related fields.  Bachelor’s degree (required). 
  • Proven minimum 3 years of field and data management experience. Extensive experience supervising,  designing, and implementing data collection and/or field work activities, and managing teams of field workers. • Experience in training staff to improve data collection efforts and their accuracy (required) • Advanced experience in programming long surveys that include randomization, repeat groups and skips using  surveyCTO (required). 
  • Experience implementing data flow processes and setting up and running quality checks as required • Strong ability of complex problem solving and good understanding of team dynamics. • Proven experience in managing IRB for a project. 
  • Ability to manage and clean complex datasets, preferably, using STATA. 
  • Experience using Power BI (added advantage). 
  • Proven experience in coordinating and managing large datasets. 
  • Excellent management and organizational skills.  
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple data collection and data management tasks will be a requirement. • Excellent financial management skills. 
  • Flexible, self-motivating, able to manage multiple teams in different locations and across different complex  activities efficiently, and team player. 
  • Demonstrated ability to manage high-level relationships with stakeholders including multiple PI team(s),  partner organizations and policy makers. 
  • Advanced user of Microsoft Office suite especially MS Excel to generate summary productivity reports  (Required). 
  • Excellent supervisory and management experience related to fieldwork and data collection • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Kiswahili and proven ability to make  presentations of field reports to the PIs. 

How to Apply 

Please click here to apply.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. Applicants are encouraged to  apply early, as applications will be reviewed on a ROLLING BASIS

DISCLAIMER: The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being  performed by the Data Research Associate. The statements are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all possible  duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Management reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet  organizational needs as necessary. Please note that IPA will never request any form of payment from an  applicant. Applicants are encouraged to confirm the information listed above with IPA.