Shop Attendant Job in Kenya

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Shop Attendant Job in Kenya

Job Title: Shop Supervisor

Job Location: Naivasha/ Kisumu/ Bungoma/ Shianda

Budget: 30-40,000 + commissions

Purpose of the Job:

To oversee the operations of Shop in Naivasha/ Kisumu/Shianda’s Regional sales initiatives in coordination with the Chief Operations Officer and After Market Sales Officer. To plan, coordinate, implement and manage sales programs in line with the organisation’s strategic objectives and targets.

Key responsibilities:

  • Achieve aggressive sales targets for new and existing clients;
  • Manage all shops accounting and weekly report to the Warehouse Manager
  • Shop Manager’s expected to achieve a given sales target for bicycles and Spare Parts Monthly
  • Create a comprehensive Annual Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Deliver key financial sales metrics and manage a resource constrained budget
  • Schedule and run sales meetings and follow up with customers and delivery of bicycles; create and build scalable alternative sales channels (Dealers, Boda Boda, Security firms, Sugar Companies, Supermarkets, MFIs, NGOs, etc.)
  • Collect and manage accounts receivable according to customer payment terms
  • Maintain a complete expense log including reimbursement for any items above and beyond the per diem travel rate, with all expenses subject to evaluation by the Chief Operations Officer
  • Communicate well with WBR/BBK staff (in English and Kiswahili) as well as with clients, prospective customers, and suppliers
  • Build and maintain a client relationship database; obtain and share new leads with Chief Operations Officer.
  • Maintain phone and Internet access at all times
  • Manage the shop mechanic and ensure quality of his/her work
  • Open shop and close shop on a daily basis, ensuring the shop is kept open during standard business hours
  • Ensure shop is kept in order, secured with company assets and clean at all times
  • Collect market information relevant to successful business operations
  • Carry out any other duties, related to the job, assigned by management as and when required

Skills and Personal Attributes

  • Certificate/ Diploma in basic Mechanics or Business related field
  • Demonstrated Knowledge of Technical Bicycle aspects, mechanics and repair
  • 2-4 years’ experience in a sales role of a technical product i.e Solar
  • Ability to speak clearly and convincingly to customers
  • Knowledge of basic accounting, record keeping, inventory management and demand planning
  • Willingness to learn, acquire knew knowledge and follow instructions

How to Apply

Share your updated CV with the title and location of choice – (Shop Supervisor – Kisumu/Naivasha/ Shianda) to