Customer Care Job in Kenya

Job Title: Customer Success Agent
Background: Jacaranda Health a non-profit organization that believes every woman and her family should experience childbirth safely and with dignity.
Founded in 2011, we built gold-standard maternity hospitals to deliver high quality maternity care in the private sector.
We are now working with governments to improve the quality of care in the public sector, where the majority of under-served women deliver babies.
In a short period of time, Jacaranda has deployed innovative, low-cost tools and processes that are dramatically changing the status quo in government hospitals.

From 3 hospital partners in 2015, we now work with 100+ hospitals across 5 Kenyan counties.
Our digital health platform has enrolled 150,000+ pregnant women and new mothers, while our provider training programs reach 1500+ providers every quarter.
We have an ambitious scaling strategy for catalyzing change across the country and the region.
Expectations and Responsibilities
·         The customer success agent will report directly to the Program Manager (SMS Program)
·         Provide clients with accurate health information from an existing knowledge base in clear, concise language
·         Ensure clients have a positive experience when interacting with the Jacaranda Q&A platform
·         Respond to 200+ questions each day from users via SMS (possibly other channels such as Facebook and Telegram as well).
·         Make sure all questions are responded to within 1 hour (high priority questions) or 4 hours (lower priority questions) during working hours with possibility of working over the weekends or public holidays with overtime compensation.
·         Continuously update Q&A database as applicable and alert a supervisor if the messaging platform or FreshDesk stops functioning.
·         Ask for help if a medical response is needed (and not in the existing database) from a medical professional. Do not guess about medical information.
·         Refer clients to the appropriate partner organization for specific issues (mental health, miscarriage/loss, abuse, etc).
·         Understand clients’ perspectives and feedback on the services they have received and communicate insights to the Q&A team.
·         Progress reports should be shared with the supervisor on a weekly basis.
·         Report daily to the supervisor on the number of questions answered and any possible challenge that needs to be addressed.
·         Send a weekly report to the supervisor with a spreadsheet showing week’s progress
·         Send a monthly report latest by 30th/31st on the month’s progress, questions answered, lessons learnt, successes, challenges, solutions provided and recommendations on how to improve the Q&A.
·         Train new agents as needed.
·         Diploma or degree in Health Promotion or other health-related field
·         Fluency in English and Kiswahili; ability to translate written answers between these two languages
·         Typing skills and willingness to improve typing skills
·         Customer-centric
·         Detail oriented and accurate in responding to queries
·         Self-starter: interested in growing skills, giving and receiving feedback, self-aware
·         Experience in customer-facing work, such as customer service, customer success, research, sales
Work hours
·         You will be expected to work on a shift basis, totaling to 40 hours a week.
·         Shifts will be set and communicated to you by your manager every week.
To Apply:
Interested candidates should apply through this link
No hard copies required or accepted.
Due to the volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Deadline: 23rd June 2020