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Massive Recruitment by Kenya Airways, Nairobi

Insurance Officer (Insurance Services)

Job Purpose Statement
Implement and maintain the Company insurance programme to ensure adequate protection of Company assets and compliance with policy and statutory requirements. Design and monitor claims handling procedures for timely claims settlement.

·         Develop and implement insurance policies renewal programme and ensure documentation from insurers is issued correctly and on time.
·         Ensure insurance programme service level standards are complied with.
·         Ensure premium costs are billed accurately, paid on time and correctly reflected in Company accounts.
·         Ensure insurance claims both at head office and outstations are promptly lodged, documented and paid.
·         Ensure appointed lawyers defending the Company are adequately supported in claims litigation.
·         Monitor and propose the appropriate direction of litigation to minimize loss exposure to the company.
·         Pursue recoverable claims from third parties.
·         Review and ensure insurance provisions in contracts from user divisions conform to company requirements to eliminate or minimize risk exposure.
·          Make proposals for update of insurance policies to reflect emerging risks.
·         Bachelor of Commerce degree. Insurance Option would be an added advantage.
·         Advanced Associate Diploma in Insurance or ACII.
·         6 years’ experience in insurance underwriting and insurance claims handling with at least 3 years at Supervisory role. Experience in aviation industry will be of added advantage.
·         Knowledge of aviation insurance, aviation law and application of international conventions on carriage by Air would be an added advantage.
·         Appreciation of civil court procedures.
·         Computer skills and knowledge of Claims systems.
·         Strong negotiation skills.
·         Presentation /tutoring skills.

Senior Manager Ramp Services

Role Purpose Statement
Overall accountable ensure and maintain a healthy, safe and secure ramp services operations at JKIA for Kenya Airways and customer airlines operations, in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities. Plan and optimize the required resource and provide an efficient & cost-effective service delivery to Kenya Airways ramp operations at the Hub and for customer airlines in compliance with their service level agreements. Network control and management of Kenya Airways and customer Airline ULD in the Hub.
·         Deliver seamless ramp operations that ensure the safe and efficient delivery of ramp services to agreed scope and standards of service requirements in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
·         Deliver and ensure the synchronization of ramp services functions that include but not limited to ramp handling, baggage services, load control, ULD control, GSE maintenance and resource management for effective service deliveryTo ensure the provision of cost-effective network wide ULD management and control in accordance to existing legislation, company regulations and customer airline requirement; ULD control systems is maximized to ensure their continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of stock levels.
·         Ensure that a risk management process is applied throughout the Kenya airways ramp operations at the JKIA Nairobi Hub.Periodically assess any process change or initiative that could have impact on safety or security.
·         As accountable manager for ramp services, ensure the continuous implementation of the station management system and maintain at all times safety and security in JKIA Nairobi ramp services.
·         Contribute to the definition and development of the KQ product portfolio particularly ramp services.
·         To plan, implement and consistently deliver service to agreed scope and standards of service.To ensure optimization of ramp services resources for effective service delivery.
·         Ensure and maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
·         To ensure suitable trained/qualified/competent staff are placed throughout ramp services division while developing progressive succession plan, successor grooming and mentoring for all roles in the ramp service team to ensure continuity in the team.
·         Routine monitoring of safety and quality critical activities within ramp operations.
·         To liaise with relevant authorities and ensure conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards, local procedures and customer airline requirements.
·         Establish and maintain customer airline interface document and monitor compliance as per agreed standards and appoint liaison officer.
·         Ensure participation in the deliberation of the airline operators committee AOC in accordance with requirements of the customer airlines.
·         Lead adherence of KQ WAY principals and best practices in Ramp Services.
·         Ensure that all non-compliance reported from an audit/evaluation process within ramp services are closed within the time frame provided, action which should include identifying the root causes and the areas of failure.
·         As overall accountable manager for ramp services division, contribute in, support the development and manage the implementation and maintenance of local emergency accident procedures plan.
·         Leadership
·         Team player.
·         Results Oriented.
·         Service focused.
·         Innovative / proactive
·         Strong planning and analytic skills/ objective.
·         Communication and interpersonal skills.
·         University graduate or relevant professional qualifications with 7 years or more airline management experience
·         Customer Service experience/hospitality in airline industry.
·         Financial awareness.
·         Process Oriented.
·         Experienced planning and managing extensive human and material resources.
·         Experience delivering service in demanding consumer perishable environment.

Shift Leader (Cargo Ramp Services)

Role Purpose Statement
To ensure and maintain a healthy, safe, Secure and working environment, in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirement of the customer airlines
Ensure adherence whilst operating any of the ground support equipment (GSE). Plan and supervise the efficient daily distribution of resource and equipment at the ramp.
·         Embrace and maintain a positive safe culture, a healthy and secure operation at the ramp in compliance with company policy, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
·         Ensure that only adequately trained, qualified and authorized personnel are permitted to operate the GSE.
·         Ensure that GSE are only used for its intended purpose.
·         Ensure maximization of G.S.E for on time performance.
·         Ensure all equipment’s are safely operated at the ramp and in adherence to Company Standard Procedures.
·         Ensure daily equipment checklist is done to determine serviceability and availability of GSE
·         Ensure and maintain cleanliness of GSE.
·         Ensure equipment are parked at their designated areas to avoid accidents and injuries and engines are switched off.
·         Ensure timely positioning of chocks and safety cones
·         Conduct random and periodic checks to monitor deviation from Company Operating procedure.
·         Report any non-compliance to the line manager and propose corrective action plan.
·         Maintain required levels of certification/licensing to ensure safe and effective use of equipment.
·         Identify and report hazards, near misses, incidents and accidents.
·         Adhere to KQ WAY principals and best practices.
·         Customer focused
·         High integrity
·         Team player
·         Physically fit
·         Self-motivated
·         Time conscious
·         ‘O’ level minimum ‘C’ plain.
·         Appropriate experience/certification to operate GSE.
·         Minimum 6 years of driving of ramp equipment
·         Must be proficient in operating ramp equipment including the pushback
·         Ground Handling equipment certificate
·         Valid driving license categories BCDE
·         Radio telephonic certificate

Team Leader (Baggage Services)

Role Purpose Statement
To ensure and maintain a healthy, safe, Secure and working environment, in compliance with the relevant industry regulatory and legislative requirements, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirement of the customer airlines
·         Maintain awareness and brief all staff with regards to occupational/operational safety and adhere to standard procedures. This should include third party contractor’s staff.
·         Pre-plan for adequate manpower and equipment as per work load and their effective deployment.
·         Ensure bags are sorted and handled according to the airline Service Level Agreement.
·         Ensure serviceability of all equipment at the sorting area, prompt reporting/recording of faults and follow up to ensure continuous operations.
·         Ensure accounting and reconciliation of all bags at the sorting area.
·         Constantly monitor staff to prevent baggage theft or pilferage and report any deficiency.
·         Trouble- shoots and liaises with BRS staff in case of problems with scanners or bags.
·         Ensure that interline transfer bags are accounted for and transferred timely to ensure On Time Performance.
·         Embrace and maintain a positive safety culture, healthy and secure working environment in compliance with company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
·         Identify and report hazards, near misses, incident and accidents.
·         Adhere to KQ WAY principals and best practices.
·         High level of integrity.
·         Committed to achieving and maintaining high quality standards.
·         Passionate about offering quality service.
·         Self driven.
·         Process awareness.
·         Ability to work under pressure.
·         Minimum O level/ C and Diploma in hospitality/service discipline with 3 years experience Ramp Services.
·         Supervisory skills.
·         Computer literate.
·         Knowledge of IATA baggage related resolutions/recommendations, baggage tracing systems, BRS and Departure Control System.
·         Valid and clean driving license, ADP.

Manager (Facilities Administration & Standards)

Job purpose statement
To effectively plan, identify, acquire physical business facilities and premises to serve the company’s business needs, as well as co-ordinate in-house and out-sourced support services to meet business requirements in an efficient manner across the network for office occupancy and comfort of KQ staff and tenants.
·         Review and ensure Facilities contracts and leases, statutory documentation across the network so as to conform with Company and Legal requirements in order to minimize Company risk exposures and reduce costs.
·         Generate and optimize on rental revenues from Kenya Airways owned Facilities assets.
·         Set, manage and monitor budgets and prepare financial reports.
·         Research and inform the business on any new regulation relating to Facilities.
·         Ensure implementation of new legal requirements of Facilities as per the Law.
·         Follow up to conclusion of Kenya Airways assets with Legal matters.
·         Develop, implement and maintain a sectional contract depository folder for record and ease of access to the business.
·         Ensure safe and secure operation and working environment that conforms to statutory requirements.
·         Lead, develop and motivate direct reports and teams effectively.
·         Develop and Implement alert system for lease management and planned office services including outstations.
·         Develop and implement training programs for the section.
·         A degree, preferably Bachelor of Arts in Land Economics, or related discipline with 7 years minimum experience.
·         5 years minimum experience in busy property management firm at managerial level or related environment.
·         Knowledge of analytical/systematic approach processes.
·         Knowledge of inventory control systems.
·         Registration with institute of surveyor’s distinct advantage.
·         Experience in human and material resource management.
·         Proficiency and experience in Properties and lease management.
·         Ability to read and interpret Engineering Diagrams.
·         Technical Reporting Skills.
·         Computer literate.
·          Legal knowledge on contracts.

Officer (Flight Safety)

Role Purpose statement
To capture, analyze, disseminate and archive safety information to all concerned, to ensure improvement of corporate safety.
·         Collect, collate, document and produce periodic air safety reports and safety trends for the attention of the manager.
·         Conduct safety audits of operational systems, infrastructure and procedures affecting or likely to affect the company operations.
·         Follow up and verify the implementation of the safety recommendations developed after investigation or by the safety committees.
·         Build and maintain a sound and updated safety data bank of incidents reported within the company.
·         Provide support to the FDMs team particularly on the interpretation of the analyzed data, and synchronize ASR and FDMS outputs.
·         Assist in Investigating aircraft and equipment incidents and accidents and make appropriate safety recommendations.
·         Preparing, producing and disseminating to flight crew and staff, periodic safety bulletin and magazine.
·         Improving, maintaining and promoting an efficient Corporate Emergency Response Plan, including the amendment of the ERPM.
·         Ensure implementation of safety, security and emergency standards at all times.
·         Ensure and maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment in compliance with the relevant industry, regulatory and legislative requirement, company procedures, regulatory authorities and requirements of customer airlines.
·         University graduate in Sciences or Higher National Diploma in aeronautical engineering or holder of CPL License.
·         Diploma or Certificate holder in Safety Management Systems.
·         Thorough working knowledge of Airline operations, Civil Aviation Authority, ICAO and IATA Procedure/and regulations.
·         Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills.
·         Ability to work independently without supervision
·         Proficient in IT skills.

Principal Planning Engineer

Role Statement
To ensure the continuous improvement of the technical planning processes and organization through optimizing of processes, procedures and manpower in order to achieve the mission of the technical department, “delivering a safe and well maintained fleet”.
·         Develop training programs in the section to ensure availability of enough skilled staff.
·         Develop & maintain work instructions & procedures for the section and ensure these are understood by the team.

·         Accountable for the performance of the staff as related to the work to be done. Check the team work output and strive for continuous improvement in all areas, with respect to processes, instructions and people skills.
·         Lead and develop Senior, Planning Engineers and other junior staff to ensure that they understand and follow company and legislative requirements, procedures and processes.
·         Responsible for a good capacity plan based on the work to be done in the section.
·         Responsible for communication alignment on the following topics: maintenance program development; check preparations; planning versus material/tool/equipment availability; planning versus component availability; alignment between planning & engineering development.
·         To improve the feedback loop to production and other planning sections; by ensuring proper analyses on closed work packages.
·         Responsible for coordination of the annual review of the maintenance programs and ensuring that all maintenance tasks are evaluated regularly and updated when necessary.
·         Take initiative to continuously improve the process within the section.
·         Develop a performance measurement method within the section
·         Ensure cost effective operations by ensuring analyses of check findings in order to optimize the maintenance programs and improve future maintenance checks.
·         Graduate engineer from a recognized university (mechanical, aeronautical electrical/electronics)
·         At least four years of experience in technical planning or similar department.
·         Experience in maintenance programs and/or production planning & control
·         Proven experience in managing sections, aircraft projects and/or other projects.
·         Planning courses
·         Knowledge of a database software/MRO system
·         Demonstrated computer skills.

Manager Project Management Office (IT Transformation)

Job Purpose Statement
The Manager PMO drives the end to prioritization and management of the IT projects portfolio. This role embeds excellence and continuous improvement to project processes, portfolio governance and benefits realization.
In addition, the role enables the IT transformation program performing key functions usually assigned to an IT Chief of Staff including cost management, partner management and departmental reporting and communication.
·         Responsible for the tracking and management of the delivery performance metrics.
·         Responsible for the tracking and measurement of value realization from the projects delivered.
·         Establishing a PMO stakeholder management plan and implementation of the communication framework.
·         Responsible for the establishment and management of project methodology incorporating structures, standards, processes, planning, documentation and tools which supports agile, fits the needs of the project and puts emphasis on the quality of decision making and timely project delivery.
·         Act as a reference point for PMO queries and information and an advocate for best practices in project management.
·         Share lessons learned and best practices across programs, building relationships with stakeholders and brokering relationships at all levels.
·         Responsible for the continuous improvement of the delivery methods across the business
·         This role is responsible for portfolio governance.
·         This role is responsible for the post implementation audit of the delivery of projects with a keen view to improve the delivery.
·         This role is responsible for the cost management of budgets across the IT department and IT nominals across the business.
·         Monitor project overhead and capital expenses to ensure achievement of cost efficiency and acting to correct any adverse variances.
·         Responsible for the financial management and portfolio budgeting across all delivery projects.
·         Contributes to the formulation of approved business plans, operating plans, budgets and capital expenditure requests in line with KQ strategic goals and objectives.
·         Contributes to overall profitability of KQ by monitoring all areas of project expenditure and reporting on performance against variations.
·         Tracking and driving departmental cost saving initiatives.
·         This role is responsible for partner management with a view to ensuring Kenya Airways gets value from the partner ecosystem from an SLA perspective.
·         Responsible for contracting from an IT perspective and liaising closely with legal to ensure consistency in IT contracts.
·         Monitoring and evaluating contract performance across the IT department partners.
·         This role is responsible for creating and ensuring the Exec dashboards are relevant and valuable.
·         Ensure accurate, timely and standardized submission of IT board papers.
·         Responsible for the management of all activities and initiatives across the IT department with a keen view of ensuring that are run within the set budgets.
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology/Computer Science or a related Technical or Business field.
·         Certification in Project Management Methodology.
·         Certification in Change Management.
·         5 – 8 years of relevant experience in PMO.
·         Proven PMO/Project Analyst or Coordinator experience and knowledge of project management.
·         Understanding of the principles and frameworks of successful project management from a support perspective.
·         Proven experience in providing service to internal stakeholders to achieve successful project outcomes.
·         Understanding of project delivery and acceptance processes within a fast-paced business environment.
·         Demonstrated exceptional oral and written communication skills.
·         Strong analytical skills.
·         Able to offer creative solutions to solve complex problems.

Manager (AMO Quality Assurance)

Role Statement
Responsible to the Accountable Manager for ensuring Kenya Airways AMO compliance with all relevant regulatory authorities’ requirements, industry best standards, Kenya Airways procedures and customer requirements. Also ensures that the established safety and quality systems are reviewed and maintained.
·         Establishing an independent quality system to monitor compliance of the aircraft maintenance organisation with KCAA, EASA Part 145 and other regulatory authorities requirements.
·         Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, Safety Management System and Integrated Management System within the AMO.
·         Define AMO Training requirements and ensure all procedural and regulatory training requirements are met.
·         Liaison with the Aviation Authorities and certifying bodies on all matters relating to the Company Procedures Manuals/Exposition, capability determination, terms of approval, approval renewals, audit corrective actions, etc.
·         Has direct access to the Accountable Manager on matters concerning the quality system. The Head of Safety and Quality has regular meetings with the Accountable Manager to appraise the effectiveness of the quality system. This includes details of any reported discrepancy not being adequately addressed by the relevant person or any disagreement concerning the nature of a discrepancy.
·         Responsible for monitoring the amendment of Kenya Airways procedures and standard practices (MPM, MOE, including the associated procedure(s)) and their compliance with the current revision of regulations, plus any other applicable regulatory requirement and guidance material issued by regulators and submitting the same to regulatory authorities for approval;
·         Responsible for  management of Certifying Staff and Support Staff authorization process;
·         Responsible for satisfactory certification/completion of paper work during aircraft base maintenance activities;
·         Responsible for ensuring inspection of Kenya Airways aircraft for Certificate of Airworthiness and validity of Certificate of Airworthiness, C of R and Noise certificate;
·         Responsible for co-ordinating action on airworthiness occurrences and safety related matters and for initiating any necessary further investigation and follow-up activity;
·         Develop and ensure implementation the AMO’s Emergency Response Plan to cover aircraft incidents, occupational injuries, fires, spills, dangerous goods etc;
·         Initiate & develop sectional strategy to meet the operational, growth and turnover requirements of the company while ensuring the requirements of KQ and regulatory bodies are upheld;
·         Develop a strong communication plan while managing relationships with relevant KQ departments and external stakeholders especially Kenya CAA and contracted aircraft maintenance organisations;
·         Develop the long term direction of the section and to ensure productivity and efficiency and ensure that staff numbers are optimized;
·         Be fully responsible for the development and execution of the sectional budget plan.  Establish aggressive but realistic cost, quality and timeliness objectives for the section and drive achievement;
·         Attract, hire, develop and retain the best possible team ensuring that there is an outstanding group of employees with a common vision, sense of purpose and shared values who will focus on superior levels of safety, quality and productivity;
·         Lead, direct, motivate and develop the Quality team to ensure that the agreed standards of performance and contribution are successfully achieved, whilst ensuring all staff receive performance assessments and clear objectives set.
·         Bachelor’s degree/HND in Aeronautical/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
·         A licensed maintenance engineer;
·         Must have successfully completed training in quality management course recognized by the Authority.
·         Minimum 10 years overall work experience
·         Minimum 4 years managing people
·         Minimum 5 years’ experience in the field of aircraft maintenance
·         Minimum 3 years should have been acquired in a quality department
·         Must have successfully completed training in safety management systems course recognized by the Authority.
·         Audit Techniques Training
·         Aircraft type course
·         Thorough working knowledge of airline operations, Safety and Quality Management System Principles, Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations, EASA and IATA standards.
·         Attended mandatory trainings (Human Factors, Fuel Tank Safety, KQ Procedures, Regulations)
·         Master’s degree is an added advantage.
Other skills
·         Computer Literacy
·         Ability to interpret technical data
·         Knowledge of Industrial Safety Standards
·         People Management
·         Project Management
·         Aircraft Accident Investigation

Development Engineer

Role statement
Responsible for development definition of engineering standards within his/her discipline in the company and third-party fleets with a view of optimizing airline and customer aircraft product cost whilst maintaining safety standards
·         Carry out analysis for airworthiness directives (ADs); manufacturer’s service bulletins (SBs), service information letters (SILs) and call out for accomplishment as necessary
·         Prepare engineering orders to provide procedures to be used in aircraft maintenance activities
·         Carry out analysis of assigned defects, delays and significant events to establish root cause and necessary corrective actions recommendations
·         Provide technical support to the maintenance team on technical matters
·         Carry out fleet reliability analysis to contribute towards reliability reports development
·         Initiate preliminary investigations and formulate a recommendation of corrective and preventive actions for conditions that are above alert limits
·         Continuous monitoring of corrective actions to determine their effectives
·         Liaison on technical issues to respective original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with a view to improve reliability and cost effectiveness
·         Developing ETOPS, MELs and Flight Test manuals to ensure that they meet the local authority requirements.
·         Developing Aircraft Interior Layout of Passenger Accommodations (LOPA) for different aircraft in Kenya Airways fleet. During VVIP operations, prepare the VVIP LOPA and have it approved by the Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).
·         Carry out component repair and overhaul capability for shops to facilitate regulatory requirements
·         Transcribe worksheets from CMM for workshop floor use
·         Liaise with manufacturers and vendors on reliability issues
·         Graduate from a recognized university (Mechanical, Aeronautical Electrical/Electronics or equivalent).
·         Successfully completed graduate training programme
·         Successfully completed a full type course on one aircraft in the fleet.
·         Successfully completed graduate training programme or at least 3 year relevant engineering experience
Additional skills
·         Detailed knowledge on the KCAA/EASA/FAA regulations and the Kenya Airways  engineering procedures
·         Knowledge of analytical software
·         Computer literate
·         Demonstrated competence in engineering practices.

Airworthiness Engineer

Role Purpose
The Airworthiness Engineer report directly to the AMO Head of Safety and Quality. Their principal function is to ensure that, during base maintenance work, all relevant tasks or inspections have been carried out to the required standard before the appropriately rated certifying staff (KCAA categories A & C or proposed new category C) issues the certificate of release to service. They are also responsible for ensuring aircraft maintain their C of A validity status. They are independent of production and are not accountable of the CRS issuance i.e. do not double up as certifying staff during base maintenance work.
·         Ensure that all work required by Kenya Airways and the customer has been accomplished to the required standards and correctly signed for.
·         Ensure the final release to service certifying staff has assessed the impact of any work not carried out with a view to either requiring its accomplishment or agreeing with the operator to defer such work to another specified check or time limit.
·         Sign off on the final release certificate to confirm all work has been carried out before appropriately rated certifying staff makes CRS sign off.
·         Ensuring that Kenya Airways aircraft maintains the validity of Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) by ensuring that:
1.   i) Aircraft are inspected and confirmed to comply with all C of A requirements.             ii) KCAA C of A issuance/renewal inspection findings are closed.
iii) Compile and submit C of A issuance/renewal package
1.   iv) Valid C of A is on board the aircraft at all times..
·         Licensed maintenance engineer with at least two license categories (OR any of the proposed KCAA category B1 or B2).
·         Must be holding aircraft type approvals.
·         Must have current aircraft maintenance experience.
·         Trained on records management.
·         Trained on quality management.
·         Must be current on mandatory trainings (HF, FTS, EWIS, Organization Procedures, Legislation, SMS, Operator Procedures).
·         Must be current on competence assessment.
·         Attentive to detail.
·         Must have Safety and Quality Focus.
·         Must be a person of integrity.

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