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Massive Recruitment by Tuskys Supermarket, Nairobi, Kenya


Job Title: Assistant Manager – Logistics and Distribution
Job Title: Supply chain activities ensuring that all warehouse operations run smoothly as well as transport of goods to the various branches.
Primary duties and responsibilities
·         Assist in the senior Manager Logistics and Distribution formulating, implementing and maintaining sound logistics and supply policies, procedures and systems to ensure smooth running of the operations;

·         Developing a vehicles’ delivery schedule to transport goods to and from branches;
·         Monitoring vehicle movement and advise on availability of pickups / delivery;
·         Overseeing vehicles’ maintenance and repairs;
·         Manage the work schedule of the drivers and transport assistants.
·         To ensure appropriate procedures are in place to enable effective transport of goods to branches
·         Oversee overall delivery of goods to the warehouse and dispatch of goods from the warehouse.
·         Avail vehicles for deliveries ensuring deliveries are loaded properly and on time to avoid damages.
·         Monitor and assist in loading and offloading of merchandise and supervision of supply chain clerks in the day-to-day operation of the distribution function of the DC.
Person Specifications
Academic Qualifications
·         Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or a relevant field
Professional Qualifications
·         Diploma in Business Administration
·         5 years’ experience, 2 of which must have been in a similar capacity
·         Prior experience in managing a functional level in a large organization/busy environment.
·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
·         Excellent analytical skills
·         Team player and strong leadership and management skills
·         Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Butchery Manager
Purpose: Responsible for managing the Butchery’s Functions In Line With the Organization’s Operations and obtaining profitable results through the butchery team by developing them through motivation, counselling, skills development and product knowledge development.
Duties and Responsibilities:
·         Produce Gross Margins by Ensuring compliance with all agreed sales targets and Gross Profit through Control of all expenses according to budget
·         Negotiate with representatives from supply companies to determine order details.
·         Stock control – Estimate requirements and order or requisition meat supplies to maintain inventories and ensure quality of raw materials are purchased.
·         Ranging & Costing Of All Products and Knowledge Of Block Test And Cuts Of Meat.
·         Continuously provide reports on classification and grading of carcasses as per industry and market
·         Develop And Implement New meat Products.
·         Manage The Butchery’s Functions In Line With The Organization’s Operations
·         Management of butchery staff through optimal staffing, Training and mentoring.
·         Ensure compliance of operations with relevant food safety legislation a, labor legislation, health and hygiene-HACCP
·         Coordinate periodic stock takes in the stores.
Person Specifications
Academic Qualifications
·         Bachelor’s degree in business or related field.
Professional Qualifications
·         Diploma in food production.
·         5 year in similar industry
·         Experience supervising and managing staff in a food service or retail setting
Skills and Competencies:
·         Good communication and multi -tasking skills
·         Excellent planning and organization skills
·         Supervisory skills

Job Title: Category Managers
1. General Merchandise
2. Foodstuff
3. Crockery
4. Clothing
Overall Purpose of the Job: A successful category manager contributes to the profitability of each store by increasing the volume of products that are sold within the category, and improving the speed of inventory turnover within the category.
Key Responsibilities
·         Providing category buyers with customer focused insights regarding the product and category so to achieve successful buying plans
·         Create and develop long term plan and strategy for development of the category.
·         Planning and driving category sales budgets
·         Responsible for managing inventory and for effectively planning and forecasting in order to maximize the profitability of the inventory flow.
·         In liaison with category buyer; is responsible for se tting competitive pricing points, and adjusting the pricing to increase sales and clear out stagnant items from inventory.
·         Often work closely with buyers to expand successful product lines, and implement successful exit strategies.
·         Determining both local and overseas product trends and converting these into sales
·         Ensuring all products meet legal and statutory obligations
·         Designing promotions both monthly and seasonal to maximize sales
·         Ensuring the product mix achieves the department’s financial objectives
·         Perform quarterly range review
·         Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field.
·         Diploma in sales and marketing or any other relevant diploma.
·         Minimum of 4 years’ experience.
Work Related Skills
·         Good communication skills
·         Excellent planning and organization skills
·         Good customer service skills

Finance Manager
Purpose: The finance manager is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company and other development and monitoring of control systems designed to prevent company assets and report accurate financial results.
He/she oversees all financial aspects of company strategy and is responsible for the flow of financial information to the management, and, where necessary, external parties such as investors or financial institution.
Primary Responsibilities:
·         Prepares management accounts, with the assistance of the Management Accountant, and seek to implement best practice approach for financial accounting controls.
·         Coordinates the preparation of detailed annual budget and forecasts process.
·         External and internal financial reporting.
·         Review company bottlenecks and recommend changes to improve the overall level of company throughput
·         Compile key business metrics and report on them to management
·         Provide full financial visibility of the business by preparing accurate weekly, monthly or periodic dashboards and financial analysis.
·         Facilitate a seamless supplies flow by ensuring timely supplier payment and ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements
·         Ensure stable cash flows by preparation of weekly, monthly & yearly cash outflow plans
·         Maintain banking relationships
·         Determine optimal gearing levels to minimize borrowing costs
·         Ensure complete, correct recognition and realization of revenues on a daily basis
·         Ensure all receivable debts are collected timely
·         Reconcile and report on all customer deposits, rewards & refundable monthly
·         Managing company policies regarding capital requirements, debt, taxation
·         Negotiate terms of agreements, draft contracts and obtain permits and licenses
·         Overall control of all financial transactions and accountancy matters.
·         Ensure appropriate financial policies are implemented, documented and become part of the core work of the finance department.
·         Formulate/review policies, SOPs and procedures
·         Financial Policies & Procedures
·         Coordinates with Internal Auditor on matters of Risk Management.
·         Ensures statutory compliance
Person Specifications
Academic Qualifications
·         Degree in Accounts, Economics and Finance
·         A Master in finance related field would be added advantage
Professional Qualifications
·         CPA (K), ACCA or related qualifications.
·         5 years’ experience two should be in the same capacity
·         Ability to plan and see the “big picture”
·         Strategic orientation, problem Solving &
·         Excellent time management
·         People Management
·         Communication skills
·         Report writing, presentation Skills
·         Analytical skills, detail oriented

Job Title: General Manager – ICT
Duty Station: Nairobi
The position is responsible for planning, administering and reviewing the acquisition, development, maintenance and use of computer and telecommunications systems within the company.
Primary Responsibilities:
·         Formulating and enforcing information technology (IT) policies, procedures and systems;
·         Designing, developing, implementing and maintaining databases and information systems for the company;
·         Planning and coordinating IT activities such as installation and upgrading of hardware and software, programming and systems design, development of computer networks, and implementation of Internet and intranet sites;
·         Overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of security networks;
·         Analyzing the computer and information needs of the organization, from an operational and strategic perspective, and determining immediate and long-term ICT requirements;
·         Coordinating and implementing required systems by the company;
·         Overseeing hardware maintenance, trouble shooting and user support assistance;
·         Coordinating the design, development and implementation of computer disaster recovery procedures to minimize on loss of data/or systems; and
·         Preparing ICT budgets and proposals.
Person Specifications
Academic Qualifications
·         Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or a relevant field
·         Master’s in ICT related field is added advantage.
Professional Qualifications
·         Relevant professional ICT qualifications such as MCSE – Microsoft Certified System Engineer
·         8 years’ experience, 3 of which must have been in a similar capacity.

·         Prior experience in managing a functional level in a large organization/busy environment.
·         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
·         Team player and strong leadership and management skills
·         Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Job Title: General Manager – Supply Chain
Duty Station: Nairobi
Purpose: Developing a winning supply chain strategy based on just-in-time purchasing and distribution.
The job holder will be responsible for logistics planning and arrangements facilitating efficient procurement, transportation, storage and Distribution of supplies from the Main Distribution Centre and various suppliers to all company outlets.
Duties & Responsibilities
·         Plan, organize and coordinate supply chain processes for the company such as purchasing, storage and logistics with the responsibility for ensuring the execution of all company rules, policies, procedures and programs in support of the goals and objectives established to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities.
·         Review monthly sales forecasts for the business and lay down framework of logistics required to avail the right mix of merchandize to all outlets.
·         Develop a system based dashboard for information sharing between the central warehouse, branches and operations department.
·         Coordinate budgetary planning in relation to supply and logistics and negotiate improved pricing, product quality and delivery times.
·         Oversee optimum monitoring of key supplier accounts to ensure sustainable credit levels, optimum stock holding and sound business relationship.
·         Negotiate quantity discounts, rebates and offer on behalf of the business. Ensure proper management and handling of promotional items/products including crafting and implementation of policy for excess promotional stocks.
·         Develop and maintain a comprehensive policy on reverse logistics. Ensure incorporation and implementation of Warranty Tracking System, for management of customer returns to suppliers via the company’s mainstream supply path.
·         Ensure that products are priced in line with prevailing industry prices; negotiate margins in line with pre-determined category requirements for the business; draw agreements with suppliers on handling of excess stocks, short expiries and damages.
·         Formulate isolated handling model for non-inventory items, consignment stocks, merchandize meant for production/fresh. Ensure proper accounting of all these classes of stocks, formulate logistics for the same.
·         Maintain stock holding and distribution costs at minimum. Develop efficient and effective ways of utilizing available trucks, warehouse space and labour.
·         Coordinate dissemination of services of assigned subcontractors and movements of materials/products to/from these subcontractors.
·         Provide guidance on product delisting, discontinuation and regular supplier performance review.
·         Anticipate through research possible supply shocks for crucial commodities and advise the business on timely basis. Develop back up distribution plans for peak seasons.
Person Specifications
Academic Qualifications
·         A University degree in procurement and Supplies Management
·         A Master’s in Supplies/procurement will be an added advantage.
Professional Qualifications
·         Must be a member of Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (ISM).
·         At least 8 years’ experience in supplies management three of which MUST be in a senior management level.
·         Must be well versed with dynamics of the retail industry.

Job Title: Inventory Manager
Primary Responsibilities:
·         Implement improvement processes and systems to optimize inventory, minimize costs and maximize working capital.
·         Ensure that all item codes are active and correctly captured in terms of cost price, selling price, description, warehouse code and unit of measure.
·         Ensure that daily stock adjustments are correctly processed.
·         Creation of entire inventory replenishment threshold procedures.
·         Ensure integrity and accuracy of the stock management system.
·         Conduct Physical wall-to-wall Stock Takes on a monthly basis.
·         Ensure branch daily reconciliation are done and processes adhered to.
·         Ensure daily update of stock issues is addressed from the branches and on in ERP System.
·         Reporting monthly on slow moving stock and redundant stocks in terms of quantity, values and their requisite remedial action points to the relevant person.
·         Reporting monthly on Inventory levels.
·         Manage control measures to ensure mistakes, inaccuracies and discrepancies are highlighted, addressed and resolved.
·         Provision of inventory shrinkage reports.
·         Any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.
Person Specifications
Academic Qualifications
·         Degree in Accounts, Economics and Finance & Any other business related course
·         4 years’ experience in branch operations

Job Title: Manager – Tuskys Mavazi
Overall Purpose: Mavazi By Tuskys is an apparel store, looking to hire a highly qualified and experience professional who understands the fashion industry and able to keep up with latest fashion trends.
He/she should know what customers want and what will appeal to their taste. These managers have to be experts in good clothing; know what particular set of merchandise to purchase ahead of time and purchase within budget, while relying on intuition or instinct or personal tastes to decide what to purchase.
Primary duties and responsibilities
·         Analyzing the market for new fashion trends for different kids, youths, men, women, etc., and look for right reach out the right clientel who are ready to buy the designs sold in other shops.
·         Help the designers in maintain uniqueness in the designs and s tand out from rest of the apparel.
·         This helps them in making good business and stand out from the competitors
·         Define business goals and marketing strategies for the company so that they can make profitable business
·         Have ability to maintain good relations with the clients and attend fashion shows and exhibitions where he/she can get opportunity to identify the currents trends in the market.
·         Determine efficient methods of determining customer needs and advice the category on the demands as analyzed.
·         Report about the deals that have been cracked and contracts that the company has earned to the seniors and maintain a record of all the work they do.
·         Overseeing appropriate public relations and customer service is maintained at the branch;
·         Receiving daily updates from the supervisors on stock levels and sales and prepare a report on the same;
·         Overseeing the planning and scheduling of branch activities including deliveries, security and repairs;
·         Overseeing branch staff performance, training, recruitment, attendance and report to the HR Manager on the same.
·         Should have ability to plan and coordinate their work and the designers work.
·         Should have ability to identify the uniqueness in the designs developed by the designers and target proper market to sell the designs.
·         They should have ability to make decisions understanding the future perspective of the company and should maintain long run relationships with the potential manufacturers in the market.
·         They should also possess ability to decide color, fabric and silhouette for the clothes.
Educational Requirements
·         Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, fashion merchandize or apparel productions or any related field.
·         A master’s degree can be an added advantage.
·         Experience of more that 5-6 years is also essential.
·         Good communication and multi-tasking skill
·         Excellent planning and organization skills
·         Supervisory skills
·         Computer literacy

Job Vacancy: Web Programmer
Department: ICT
Reports To: Manager ICT
Primary Responsibilities:
·         Upgrade and repair existing programs.
·         Perform periodical tests and debugging to maximize program efficiency.
·         Create technical documentation for user support.
·         Suggest new features to improve program navigation and operation.
·         Maintaining and understanding industry developments.
·         Create and maintain software documentation.
·         Responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our site.
·         Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities.
·         Directing or performing Website updates.
·         Identifying problems uncovered by customer feedback and testing, and correcting or referring problems to appropriate personnel for correction.
·         Evaluating code to ensure it meets industry standards, is valid, is properly structured, and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems.
·         Determining user needs by analyzing technical requirements.
·         Collaborate with internal teams to identify system requirements.
·         Design user interface and web layout using HTML/CSS practices.
·         BSc degree in Computer Science or relevant field experience.
·         Solid knowledge and experience in programming applications.
·         Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
·         Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
·         Knowledge of programming language and technical terminology.
·         Able to develop ideas and processes and clearly express them.
·         Ability to deliver results with minimal supervision
·         Strong problem-solving skills.
·         Troubleshoot and Communicate Effectively.

Job Title: Web Developer
Job Purpose: To develop, modify and maintain responsive web site templates and web application interfaces written with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript using relevant frameworks.
Key Responsibilities:
·         To create responsive web site templates using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript from existing and new designs, for use with existing web systems.
·         To play a leading role in design discussions with internal staff and external consultants as appropriate to help shape and implement design ideas.
·         To work to ensure the usability and technical feasibility of new designs.
·         To build re-usable code and libraries for future use.
·         To optimize code for maximum efficiency and performance across different devices.
·         To establish and extend our use of standard front end coding methodologies and tools.
·         To play a part in managing site migration projects involving liaison with external contractors and internal developers, optimizing the use of resources and ensuring timely progress.
·         To undertake the testing of design elements and site functions aimed at optimizing user experience and improving user engagement working with other colleagues as appropriate, and to establish this as a regular part of site creation and redevelopment projects going forward.
·         To use agreed version control systems in all coding projects.
·         To ensure that all work is appropriately documented.
·         To train other Team members as appropriate to increase front end development knowledge and skills across the team.
Minimum Qualifications:
·         Bachelor’s degree with equivalent to web/computing qualification.
·         2 years experience in front end web development, demonstrable experience of translating (non-technical) stake-holder requirements into technical specifications and then coded templates.
Desired Skills:
·         Good Interpersonal and Excellent communication skills
·         Extensive and detailed knowledge of front and back end development tools and techniques, client-side scripting and user interface design
·         Technical skills Expert in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. Expert in at least one modern framework, e.g. Foundation or Bootstrap.
How to Apply
If you are up to the challenge, possess the necessary qualification and experience; send your Application (CV and Cover letter) to;
Quote “Web Developer “on the email subject.
Application deadline is Wednesday October 31st, 2018, at 5:00pm.
Late applications will not be considered.

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