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NGO Jobs in Kenya – World Vision

Sales & Marketing Manager

The LMMS Sales and Marketing Manager is responsible for overseeing and achieving significant change in two main areas for WVs Last Mile Mobile Solutions (LMMS):

Income growth LMMS is losing significant market share and its overall income has been reducing over the past 3 years. This role is responsible for changing this trend and significantly increasing all income streams.

Re-vitalisation of the LMMS brand the LMMS brand is at a crossroads as it is considered tired in some market segments. This role is responsible for revitalising the brand and building a loyal tribe of champions around it.

·         Create, lead and drive an aggressive LMMS product sales plan ensuring sales are quadrupled by 2020, the footprint of LMMS (geographically & agency base) is increased and revenue targets for every year are met or exceeded.
·         Transform the LMMS into a cutting edge, forward thinking, and thought leading brand within the humanitarian industry resulting in significantly increased market share, market penetration, and overall brand equity & value.
·         In FY18, secure a minimum of $500,000 and in FY19 a minimum of $750,000 and then by FY20, secure a minimum of $1 million annually for product development & product maintenance.
·         This should be done through creating and maintaining a healthy pipeline of proposals for grants to major donors, corporations, innovation funds, institutional donors and any other source of funding.
·         Member of the LMMS leadership team.
·         Provide input and contribute to the LMMS team and the overall Capabilities and Effectiveness team objectives.


·         University degree in Marketing, Information Technology, International Development, Business Administration or equivalent related to field.
·         Strong empirical knowledge of both the humanitarian/development and business sectors.
·         Ability to think strategically, work successfully outside the box whilst being able to translate ideas into implementation.
·         Strong interpersonal skills.
·         Business development and finance.
·         Strong project and information management skills, with the ability to coordinate across various teams.
·         IT technical proficiency with basic knowledge on personal computers, networking and/or database systems is required.
·         Five years experience in sales, marketing, and communications (ideally in B2B sales).
·         Three years experience in international development and business related activities.
·         Proven ability to initiate and manage cross-sector/multi-sector relationships.
·         Demonstrated ability to direct, work and foster culturally diverse team.
·         Project Management (preferred).
·         Business Model Generation toolkit.
·         Must be fluent in English.
·         Post Graduate degree in Business Administration, International Development, or equivalent related to field.
·         Demonstrated knowledge of NGO internal structures and processes.
·         Fluent in a second language preferably where WV operates.
·         Entrepreneurial/private sector experience.
·         Work Environment/Travel:
·         The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.
How to Apply
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Project Manager – FMNR
Purpose of the Position:
Provide project management, coordination and technical oversight in the implementation of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration Project (FMNR).
The holder of the position will communicate World Vision‘s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.


·         Ensure that all Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) initiatives within the project’s area of influence meet or exceed planned outcomes and are implemented in full compliance with the projects guidelines and donor requirements and ensure community accountability;
·         Provide technical support in the implementation of all Environment and Climate Change adaptation development activities in the 5 ADPs/project sites.
·         Manage and coordinate the FMNR team ensuring competent and motivated staff as well as manage performance of staff and encourage on-the-job coaching, identify and address learning and training needs and opportunities
·         Participate and coordinate quality review and capacity building meetings of staff on NRM with including FMNR
·         Participate in the annual program planning and budgeting review exercises
·         Integrate the FMNR activities with those of the 5 ADPs ensuring cost effective use of resources.
·         Mainstream FMNR Concept in at least a quarter of the ADPs within WVK before project phase out.
·         Support the development of training materials in line with the identified project needs for staff, partners and communities.
·         Facilitate dialogue and accountability forums with various stakeholders on issues of livelihood ( community groups, service providers, private sector, the county and national government, civil society organizations, churches and schools)
·         Support introduction of new and existing technology and ensure FMNR initiated interventions are sustainable
·         Provide a linkage and coordination as per need between FMNR projects with support office with support from L&R National office staff.
·         Represent WVK in EARO and other Regional forums as approved by Associate Director for Livelihoods and Resilience
·         Coordinate and Manage Relationships with credible research institutions to support research component in the project under the agreed framework.
·         Participate in Nakuru, Baringo and Elgeyo Marakwet County Environmental Stakeholders forums/technical working groups as well as supporting WVK the project officers and cluster managers on engagement in relation to Environment and Climate change as well as articulating FMNR objectives in the forum.
·         Participate in the coordination – -FMNR vision trips within the targeted project areas.
·         Increase the visibility of WVK and ANCP by maintaining active engagement and advocacy on FMNR and Clusters related matters
·         Participate in development of innovative FMNR, Climate Change Adaptation and other Resilience Building concepts and proposals for building community resilience for fundraising as well as marketing FMNR to various Learning forums.
·         Build and Maintain effective communications and pro-active relationships with partners at the counties, including visits by donors. Compliance
·         Ensure Operation standards of the Project is maintained leading to acceptable audit performance
·         Participate in – the implementation of financial and operational Prior Audits in host ADPs.
·         Monitor and support through Project Officers and cluster accountants, the timely and appropriate utilization of budgeted resources for all FMNR related project
·         Ensure Project expenditure remains within the acceptable levels
·         Ensure that ANCP donor grant requirements are adhered to during FMNR project implementation and monitoring and the relevant reports (weekly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual) are submitted in a timely manner and meet the donor quality expectations.
·         In collaboration with design monitoring and evaluation team, Consultants, FMNR and ADP team, ensure all project indicators are properly baselined, monitoring and mid or end term evaluation of FMNR project is done as per the FMNR proposal and Detailed Implementation plans (DIP) and that any recommendations are promptly acted upon.
·         Take lead in the documentation and sharing of best practices on livelihood mainstreaming and the dissemination of any project technical reports.
·         Facilitate community identification of issues, needs, assets and resources which help children thrive in a participatory and inclusive way.
·         Together with project officers develop and roll out community based monitoring system for key child wellbeing indicators and targets.
·         Develop context specific electronic and live media communications on project activities.
·         Plan tracking for key CWB indicators of strategic relevance from secondary and primary data, with partners and communities.
·         Review the learning and monitoring reports developed during the reporting period and using them as the basis for the project report
·         Use Monitoring data to compile the necessary monthly, quarterly and annual reports for forwarding to the Regional manager, NO as well as support office as advised


·         The job holder must have a Degree in Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Environmental Studies or Agro-forestry related, with at least five years’ on job experience in the above fields and with some experience in Agriculture.
·         He/she must also have proven supervisory and project management experience in the related fields.
·         Experience working with NGOs will be an added advantage.
·         Must have a good understanding of the different systems of extension delivery.
·         Proven experience working with different stakeholders in matters of environment and climate change
How to Apply
Qualified Candidates Should vidsit the World Vision Career Portal
Project Officer – FMNR
We are seeking to fill various positions in the following areas Ndabibi, Marigat, Soin, Tunyo, Ngoswet, Kegonga Ntimaru and Nyatike
Purpose of the Position:
To plan, implement, monitor and document all the (Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration) FMNR Project activities within the designated project sites in Baringo, Nakuru and Elgeyo Marakwet Counties as per the proposal. Provide necessary technical support, related training, follow-up, and guidance to the staff and farmers youth and women groups under FMNR and provide feedback and reports to the Project manager and Cluster manager including NO as when required.
In order to successfully do so, the project officer – FMNR Project must be able to effectively Communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.


·         Responsible for the in the implementation of the all activities in the FMNR project
·         Train the partners, selected groups and community members on the various recommended focal areas (FMNR, Climate smart agriculture, Sustainable energy options, soil and water conservation, advocacy and policy influence etc).
·         Contribute to effective and timely implementation of all FMNR level interventions and initiatives with communities and partners;
·         Provide supervision to – Community Mobilizer – and effectively manage performance – to ensure FMNR project objectives are met
·         Ensure that all FMNR initiatives within the project’s area of influence meet or exceed planned outcomes and are implemented in full compliance with the projects guidelines;
·         Collaborate with Project manager, Regional M & E and Capacity Building Coordinator, and the Technical Specialist – Environment and Climate Change to effectively support the project to carry out all measurements – baselines, assessments, designs, monitoring and evaluations – in accordance with WV established standards, policies and procedures;
·         Coordinate with the Project manager and Regional M & E Coordinator to ensure that appropriate controls, monitoring and evaluation tools are in place and being utilized in a timely manner in every FMNR measurement ,
·         Support the ADP’s with FMNR project and region in the event of any disaster and/or crisis response when called upon to do so;
·         Monitor and support the timely and appropriate utilization of budgeted resources for all FMNR related project interventions as well as ensure effective and timely response plans to all financial audit findings of FMNR initiatives and take the needed measures to prevent such findings from recurring in the future;
·         Conduct on site FMNR trainings.
·         Organize and coordinate farmers FMNR exposure tours
·         Support community/ Farmers Capacity building on alternative livelihood options.
·         Participate in proposal development and resource mobilization.
·         Compile the necessary monthly, quarterly and annual reports for forwarding to the Project manager and NO point person
·         Attend the regular weekly and monthly planning meetings as called upon.
·         Regularly document success stories/innovation for sharing across the partnership
·         Develop context specific electronic and live media communications on FMNR and NRM activities.
·         Ensure the Project design document is updated as per DME standards.


·         The job holder must have at least a Degree in Natural Resource Management or Agro-forestry
·         At least two years’ on job experience on Natural resource management or Agro-Forestry and with some experience on Agriculture.
·         Experience working with NGOs will be an added advantage
·         Must have a good understanding of the different systems of extension delivery.
·         Computer literate
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Qualified Candidates Should vidsit the World Vision Career Portal
Associate Director – Grants Finance
Purpose of the Position:
To support the Finance Director in designing, developing and assessing organizational financial management strategies & systems that support grants acquisition and management of the grant program finances.
The position supports the Finance Director in proposal development, budget formulation for all grant projects, financial reporting to donors for grants, ensuring compliance with donor regulations and ensuring the implementation of financial policies and procedures for effective resource acquisition, utilization and safeguarding of WVK assets.
The incumbent will ensure that grant programs meet community and donor financial accountability in line with World Vision’s policies and standards. The position will be responsible for managing ongoing relationships with the support offices, donors and other stakeholders for ministry effectiveness. The incumbent will be expected to exhibit and effectively communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that is an example to others.


·         Ensure strong and positive leadership is provided to field finance/grants team and competent staff are hired
·         Coordinate professional and personal development grants staff through adequate orientation, on the job coaching, identification of training needs and opportunities
·         Ensure effective performance management as per WVI guidelines and standards
·         Ensure staff capacity is developed to enhance efficiency in execution of duties
·         Create an environment that enhances team development
·         Ensure positive supervisory skills are developed
·         Ensure all grant projects are audited according to the donor requirements.
·         Ensure that findings and recommendations from audits and various donor accountability mechanisms are acted upon in a timely and effective manner in consultation with Operations Team.
·         Ensure the grant operate within WV internal control systems to mitigate risks and ensure accountability that will result in good audit ratings
·         Together with project grants managers and accountants support the FD in ensuring that all payroll grant charges are accurately captured through the LDR system.
·         Work with the donors to develop Terms of reference for special purpose grant audits.
·         Ensure timely and accurate grants financial reports submission to donors and other stakeholders
·         Ensure the analysis of grant expenditure for management action to help in monitoring the burn rate for grants and special projects.
·         Provide leadership to the grants management team and field based grants accountants to ensure monitoring visits to projects are done frequently
·         Ensure that all grants financial reports are prepared, communicated and reviewed with donors according to the agreed donor requirements.
·         Ensure proper monitoring of grants by actively participating in monthly grants meeting with Operations Team
·         Provide monthly updates to the Leadership team on grants highlighting high risk grants and actions taken to mitigate the risks
·         Ensure the grants monitoring system is operational and information shared regularly
·         Coordinate grant closeout procedures and ensure that phased out grants are in compliant with phase out guidelines
·         Advise on grant supplier requirements and work with the procurement department to ensure compliance with the grants procurement guidelines
·         Advise management on and monitor grants budgets, funding requirements, expenditures and support the management in execution of the same
·         Provide technical support in proposal budgets development to GAM and Operations teams
·         Ensure myPBAS is updated and outstanding commitments followed up with the SOs
·         Ensure grants budgets and expenditures are monitored and provide regular updates to operations leadership and Leadership Team and ensure corrective actions are taken as necessary together with Operations
·         Develop mechanisms to ensure all potential sub recipients are screened according to the donor requirements
·         Coordinate the capacity assessment process for all potential sub-recipients
·         Develop and coordinate the delivery of capacity building initiatives for identified sub-recipients as required
·         Plan for and ensure that quarterly visits to Sub-recipients are done for compliance with donor regulations. Work with the Sub recipients to implement recommendations to address any areas that require strengthening
·         Ensure that all financial reports from Sub-recipients are reviewed on a quarterly basis for compliance and accuracy
·         Ensure that the accurate records and files are maintained for each Sub-recipient at all times
·         Ensure that professional and personal development of grants finance is done through on­ the-job coaching, identification of learning and training needs and opportunities
·         Ensure that continuous capacity building on donor risk management and financial risk management for grants is done across the organization
·         Communicate to WVK staff on partnership directions on grants management
·         Conduct grant financial risk assessment and support the Finance Director in ensuring the implementation of the core risk mitigation measures identified.
·         Coordinate the grant start up workshops in liaison with operations
·         Coordinate major donor regulations training workshops
·         Maintain effective communications and pro-active relationships with Support Office partners and donors
·         In coordination with the Finance Director work closely with regional and ADP staff in the implementation of Partnership initiatives and enhance knowledge sharing within the department
·         In the spirit of twin citizenship, contribute to knowledge sharing and collaborative learning through internal avenues such as the Grants technical communities of practice


·         Holder of a Finance Degree (Bachelors of Commerce in Finance/ Accounting/ Business Administration)
·         Have a Master’s Degree in Finance/ Accounting/ Business Accounting
·         Minimum of 10 years’ experience in finance and accounting; with a good understanding of project management cycles in a complex, international development organization. 5 years should have been at a managerial level.
·         Qualified Accountant (CPA (K)
·         Proficiency in Computer applications ( Excel, Sun systems, Word etc)
·         Grants Management Knowledge
How to Apply
Qualified Candidates Should visit the World Vision Career Portal

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