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SGR Jobs in Kenya – Many Positions

Passenger Steward


·         Carefully advertise railway travel common senses and safety knowledge, and ensure the passenger safety.
·         Practice the principle of comprehensive services and caring special passengers, and serve the passenger friendly and courteously.

·         Organize the passengers for buying ticket and waiting for the train, keep the order for entering / exiting the station, practice safety inspection and handle the cases such as taking the train which breaching the regulations, carrying over weight luggage, carrying dangerous goods.
·         Carefully implement passenger transport operation standards, show a neat appearance during on-duty, wear complete symbols, hold the position, focus on service, do not make small talks other than working, do not leave position without permission, and do not do something other than service.
·         Organize passengers to pass the tunnel, get on/off the train, enter/exit from designate passageway, prevent passengers from climbing, crossing under train and crossing the track lines, organize the passengers to get on/off the train safely and quickly, and ensure the personnel safety of passengers and train operation on time.
·         Timely organize on the station platform and prevent personnel other than passengers and staff from staying in the station.
·         Answer the inquiries from passengers, handle train ticket endorsed procedures, timely modify the regulations, accumulate the service data and keep the data complete and correct.
·         Supervise and inspect the works of cleaners to keep the passenger transport area neat and clean, realize cleaning dirty immediately, no dusts on walls and clean window and floor, care the facilities and spare parts, save electrical energy and carefully carry out shifting exchanges.
·         Wait for the train, serve, enter / exit the station and receive / depart trains, practice guiding and service works, hold the position and improve the service quality.
·         Participate the occupational studies organized by train station and passenger service office, improve the professional skills and service quality, practice the service in polite language, answer every inquiry with correct answers in a kind, warm and sincere manner.
·         Understand the fire-fighting knowledge and actual operation.
·         Serve the passenger in a natural, warm and kind manner with polite language and proper behaviors. Serve the special passenger with records and handover documents.
·         Finish temporary tasks instructed by station management.
How to Apply

Assistant Station Attendant


·         Guided by Station Attendant, listen to and implement the instructions and orders.
·         Implement standardized operation, timely perform train reception and departure operations on site, and take steps in discovering risks endangering the train operation and personnel safety.
·         In abnormal train reception and departure operations, assist the Station Attendant keep the train line intervals.
·         Carefully fill and check running token and dispatching order for train operation and avoid train operating with running without submitting or communicating token and dispatching order or submitting or communicating incorrect ones.
·         Timely confirm and report the train tail signs on the arrived train.
·         Take anti-running measures against arrived freight train including passenger vehicle bottom according to provisions.
·         Assist Train Tail Repairer/Operator and Train Number Worker in assembling and disassembling train tail as well as checking train existing in station and handing over of freight tickets.
·         Strictly practice personnel safety operation standards.
·         Participate skill and service training according to provisions in spare time, improve skill and service level, and actively attend meetings organized by train station.

·         Complete other works arranged by station.
·         Requirement for the Assistant Station Attendant Job
·         Applicants who have successfully completed RTI Training in station attendant/shunting Course Terms of offer
How to Apply

Folk Lift Operator


·         Be responsible for operating folk lift to complete parts loading / unloading and transportation tasks.
·         Understand and master regulations, standards, documents and meeting requirements related to folk lift operation as well as parts loading / unloading and transportation. Timely collect and feed back issues in implementation processes, and suggest for modification on regulations and operation instructions.
·         Understand structure, operating principles and technique parameters for folk lift.
·         Correctly wear working protective equipment, strictly comply with safety management provisions, prohibit against operation violating regulations, practice civilized safety operation principles and make sure there is no human element accident.
·         Operate folk lift to complete parts loading / unloading and transportation tasks according to production plan.
·         Correctly and completely fill all documents, and count timely and accurately.
·         Inspect and stop the behaviors violating the regulations in workshop, escalate the safety risks discovered in production.
·         Carry out the application, maintenance and repairing works for equipment and facilities such as folk lift, tooling and instruments.
·         Participate training organized by company, improve self-operation skills and suggest training improvement in reference manner.
·         Strictly implement all management systems of the workshop, reinforce the coordination and communication among other professional positions.
·         Complete other temporary tasks instructed by a leader.
How to Apply

Gantry Crane Operator


·         Understand safety operation procedures, and implement safety regulation and specification requirements from superior management.
·         Must be trained for profession skills for lifting machinery maintenance and operation, and cannot carry out duties unless holding operation certificate for special operator.
·         The review for qualification certificate for operator according to relevant provisions of Kenya.
·         Before daily operation, carry out a regular inspection, do not operate unless no failure conformed, and make records for daily operation.
·         Strictly implement specifications on “Do not lift in ten situations” and prohibit against risk operation and violating operation.
·         Understand and master the properties of lifting machinery, and record operation and maintenance for lifting machinery according to instructions. Coordinate to professional repairing department in carry out regular maintenance and repairing.
·         Refuse risk operation and violating operation. Refuse to start the crane, switch off the equipment and escalate to superior management for disposal in case of safety risking situations.
·         Regular check the machinery operating status and conditions of all protective facilities, escalate immediately in case of discovering potential risk, and prohibit operation with equipment in bad conditions as it risks the safety operation.
·         Correctly apply the working protective equipment to ensure the safety production.
·         At the completion of daily works, the crane must be parked at the base stop, switch off power and make records.
·         Participate skills and service learning according to provisions in spare time, improve skill and service level, and actively attend meetings organized by train station.
·         Complete temporarily works instructed by train station.
How to Apply

Flaw Detection Worker


·         Comply all rules and regulations of the Company, following the instructions, strictly implement the job responsibilities, operation standards and processes, and complete the work in required quality and quantity.
·         Be responsible for flaw detection and testing operation, and carry out interaction control for the quality and safety in the process.
·         Understand the basic knowledge for the profession, master the operation safety for the position, and possess qualification certificate for flaw detection worker.
·         Be responsible for safety operation and daily maintenance for flaw detection equipment.
·         Be responsible for works for team lounge, cleaning area shared and safety inspection for four preventions (indicating fire prevention, prevention of burglary, prevention of accidental damage and natural disaster prevention).
·         Be responsible for environmental health and road cleaning within the specified area on site.
·         Complete tasks instructed by management member.
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates MUST complete the application form, attach their testimonials and ID, latest recommendation letter (certificate of good conduct and address their applications to the: Human Resources Manager China Road and Bridge Corporation (Kenya)
Deadline of application is 12th June, 2017 Note: CRBC is an equal opportunity employer

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