Recruitment at Plenser Limited Kenya

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Recruitment at Plenser Limited Kenya

Plenser Limited is a Kenya top 100 SME based in Nairobi, specialized in modern technologies for Waste Incineration, Commercial and Industrial Heating, and Interior Designs and Finishes to buildings.

The company seeks to fill the following position:

Position: Business Manager – Building Works
Reports To: General Manager
Principal Role: The Business Manager plans, coordinates, budgets, and supervises construction projects from development to completion.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Participates in formulation, implementation and evaluation/review of the strategic management planning process
  • Plans and executes market penetration strategies
  • Prepares cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables
  • Interprets and explains contracts and technical information to other professionals
  • Reports to clients and management work progress matters
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other construction specialists
  • Select, schedule, and coordinate subcontractor activities
  • Respond to work delays, emergencies, and other problems
  • Comply with legal requirements, building and safety codes, and other regulations
  • Prepares, seeks approval and executes annual departmental plans
  • Represents the company in industry forums as necessary
  • Generates, analyses and manages building and civil works data
  • Ensures safe custody of all information
  • Manages Information System for ease of access
  • Conducts market intelligence on customers and products and maintains related information for decision making
  • Tracks Industry sales and maintains information on Market share
  • Monitors and manages customer acquisition costs
  • Ensures that a current customer database is maintained
  • Ensures timely responses to customers enquiries and feedback
  • Prepares the department’s budgets and monitors spending in line with budgets
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Age above 35yrs
  • Work Experience of over 5yrs in a busy environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Position: General Manager
Reports To: C.E.O
Principal role: To oversee all the functions of the Plenser Group of Companies, in order to safeguard the future viability and sustainability of the Group.

Duties and Responsibilities
A. Strategic Planning
  • Gives oversight to the strategic planning process, by bringing together all stakeholders for action
  • Champions and advocates for the implementation of the strategic plan by articulating strategic objectives to the staff and MAB, while ensuring appropriate resources are available for its execution
  • Plans for and oversees monitoring and evaluation of the strategic plan, including review when necessary
  • Promotes a culture that honors the values of the organization and encourages good following from all employees
  • Articulates the mission of the organization in a clear and crisp way, while living out a culture that supports it
  • Oversees the preparation of Annual Operating Plans in support of the strategic plan, and ensures their adherence
B. Governance and Leadership
  • Continuously evaluates the effectiveness of existing governance structures and business processes, policies and procedures of the Plenser Group and ensures they are continuously reviewed for relevance for business continuity
  • Oversees and leads all Plenser Group’s companies and supervises function heads (Sales and Marketing, Finance and Administration, Technical, Operations, Research & Development) in order to achieve optimum value from all
  • Motivates and guides all function heads and all employees, carefully supporting them in personal and career development
  • Identifies and nurtures talent by ensuring that the organization attracts, identifies, retains and rewards highly talented and motivated employees
  • Coaches, mentors and develops existing and upcoming talent
  • Oversees the implementation of a succession planning strategy, thereby ensuring the future leadership of the Plenser Group is secured
  • Motivates all employees for achievement of the Plenser Group’s goals and objectives
C. Financial Management
  • Supervises the financial function of the Plenser Group
  • Oversees prudent management of financial resources of the Group by leading the budgeting process and presenting the same to the Board for approval, while ensuring long term financial stability of the business through continuous review of business financial position
  • Leads the formulation, implementation and continuous review of the standard operating procedures.
  • Keeps the Board informed of the financial performance of the Business and seeks guidance as appropriate and for business sustainability
D. Sales & Markets Management
  • Continuously reviews current markets and existing products and services for relevance to customer needs
  • Leads the identification of, and secures new markets (Local and International), and builds supply chain relationships and partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and customers (Supply and market side)
  • Continuously promotes, nurtures and rewards innovation and creativity in products and service development, and ensures that the organization continuously offers innovative revolutionary products and services to customers
  • Ensures that appropriate marketing strategies are funded and are rolled out in a timely and efficient manner
E. Corporate Image and PR
  • Acts as the public face of the Plenser Group and represents it in media and other public fora
  • Builds the organization’s public image and continuously safeguards it
  • Represents Plenser Group to the community and supports community initiatives
  • Identifies the organization’s appropriate community responsibilities and oversees Plenser Group’s participation
  • Ensures compliance to all legal and statutory obligations in accordance with prevailing government laws and regulations and industry regulations
  • Participates in industry fora and ensures appropriate representation of the Plenser Group in all value adding representation bodies
  • Bachelor’s Degree – (Finance Option desired)
  • 7 Yrs Business Management Experience with 5yrs in senior Management position
  • Leadership skills
  • Coaching & mentoring skills
  • Business Acumen

Position: Workshop Supervisor
Reports To: Workshop Manager
Principal Role: To manage and motivate staff, schedule and allocate resource to projects and oversee day to day running of the workshop ensuring that the work is of quality, timely delivery in a cost effective manner.

Duties and Responsibilities
A. Administration
  • Implement and revise workshop policies and procedures
  • Implement workshop health and safety procedures
  • Supervises workshop teams
  • Ensures staff development for achievement of personal and corporate objectives
  • Motivates and mentors employees
  • Facilitates employee requirements for performance of their duties
  • Continuously oversees inventory management at the workshop (Tools, equipment)
  • Ensure periodical machine maintenance
B. Projects Management
  • Prepares project budgets for approval by business manager
  • Provides and keeps all the designs for all the projects to the business manager
  • Provides technical guidance on materials to the procurement officer
  • Reviews schedule of works and ensures adherence by workshop Team
  • Allocates necessary resources (People, materials, finances, equipment, time) for execution of projects.
  • Plans all project logistics and liaises with relevant departments for execution.
  • Ensures delivery as per customers’ requirements and stated specifications
  • Oversees the Quality control Audits and obtains and actions on QC recommendation
  • Ensures timely and comprehensive conclusion of project works in accordance with the work schedules
  • Commissions projects and ensures formal customer sign-off for all completed works
  • Manages the Defect Liability Period and ensures timely corrective action on defects that may arise
  • Ensures preparation and execution of after sales services to customers.
  • Ensure appropriate accountability of project site material remains
C. Financial Management
  • Assist workshop Manager prepare annual operating budgets
  • Adheres to all financial policies and procedures
  • Ensures cost management strategies are implemented and adhered to by all departmental staff
  • Ensures timely preparation of purchase requisitions
  • Supports credit management function by ensuring completion of jobs, sign-off of appropriate documents for collection of retainer sums
  • Conducts budgetary control by comparing budget against actual spend on each project
D. Marketing
  • Filling BQ’s and responding to quotation for customers
  • Doing customer site visits during quotations and job executions
  • Participating in Sales & Marketing activities
  • Participating in introducing new customers
  • Attending to customer complaints and offering after sales service
E. Strategic Focus
  • Contribute to strategic planning forums and ensure timely execution of strategic action
  • Represent Workshop Manager in meetings in his absence
  • Ensures succession planning for the department for long terms HR requirements
  • Consistently evaluates space requirements and advices on additional space acquisition and optimization
F. Any other duty as may be allocated from time to time
  • Acts at all times in accordance with the values of Plenser Ltd.
  • Relevant Degree
  • Age above 30yrs
  • Work Experience of over 3yrs in a busy environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Position: Sales & Marketing Manager
Reports To: General Manager
Principal Role: To oversee the day to day running of the Sales and Marketing department, maintain customer contact and ensure efficiency in management of sales and marketing information and activities and maintaining a highly motivated Team that delivers superior customer service.

Duties and Responsibilities
Strategic focus
  • Participates in formulation, implementation and evaluation/review of the strategic management planning process
  • Plans and executes market penetration strategies
  • Prepares, seeks approval and supports business managers in execution of product business plans
  • Prepares, seeks approval and executes annual marketing plans
  • Represents the company in industry forums as necessary
Sales and Marketing information management
  • Generates, analyses and manages sales and marketing data
1.    Ensures safe custody of all sales & marketing information
2.    Manages the Marketing Information System for ease of access
3.    Conducts market intelligence on customers and products and maintains related information for decision making
4.    Tracks Industry sales and maintains information on Market share
5.    Monitors and manages customer acquisition costs
6.    Ensures that a current customer database is maintained
7.    Prepares and disseminates customer quotations on a timely basis, and follows up for closure of business deals
8.    Ensures timely responses to customers enquiries and feedback
Products and service development
  • Continuously monitors market trends and takes appropriate action
  • Works with Research and Development department to develop new products and services
  • Continuously recommends improvement of products and services
Business acquisition and retention
  • Efficiently conducts the tendering process and submits all tenders in due time
  • Oversees the submission of prequalification documents to interested customers on required deadlines
  • Attends and represents the company in networking forums
  • Works with internal team to achieve superior customer service to all customers
  • Monitors customer satisfaction and takes corrective action as necessary
  • Rolls out and executes advertising and marketing campaigns for acquisition and retention of new business
Corporate image and communications
  • Represents the CEO in corporate functions when necessary
  • Ensures efficiency and professionalism in all corporate communications
  • Oversees the continuous review, and relevance, of company website
  • Champions a superior corporate culture to all employees
Financial management
  • Prepares marketing budgets and monitors spending in line with budgets
  • Drives sales for achievement of business financial targets
Markets management
  • Continuously reviews existing markets for growth of footprint
  • Monitors the competition within target markets and strategizes for mitigation where necessary
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Age above 35yrs
  • Work Experience – over 5yrs in a busy marketing environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications attaching current C.V to:

All applications should be received not later than 15th February, 2016.

Plenser Limited is an equal - opportunity employer and welcomes applications from appropriately qualified persons from all sections of the community.


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