NGO Jobs in Nairobi Kenya - CARE International

CARE International in Kenya is looking for a well organized and highly motivated individual who is result-oriented to fill the following position:

Job Title: Knowledge Management & Learning Coordinator 
Department / Project: Programs

Supervisor: Program Quality Manager 

Location / Duty Station: Nairobi


Job Summary & Purpose:
 The Knowledge Management & Learning Coordinator (KM&L) is a member of the Country Office program quality unit. The position coordinates the strategic KM efforts across CARE Kenya. 

The incumbent will support the organization in knowledge management, learning and development to facilitate furtherance of CAREs work in Kenya and globally, to inform and be informed by new knowledge from program innovations, to guide scalability, replication, modifications using evidence to multiply impact.  

The position supports the PQM and program teams in identifying and prioritising areas of learning and ensures approaches, systems and modalities are designed to support the learning agenda. 

The position will design cost effective and mainstream learning opportunities within ongoing initiatives including operations and action research,  within regular monitoring or evaluation activities rather than stand-alone initiatives. 

The position will utilize information to develop information materials/publications that includes trends, achievements, briefing papers, updated research information to share with internal and external stakeholders and in line with CARE Kenya’s program strategies, goals and objectives. 

The position is multi-faceted, requiring an adept ability to work with others, negotiate change and demonstrate the value of knowledge management across the organization. 

Responsibilities and Tasks:
R2. Technical Guidance and leadership for Knowledge management, Learning and Development Efforts
  • Lead the development/Update of KM&L strategy in line with CAREs LRSP, program strategies and initiatives with the view of guiding the learning agenda
  • Coordinate the development and manage the KM&L plan ensuring that each initiative’s learning agenda is developed in a participatory manner, and its plan is viable, cost effective and is implemented
  • Coordinate with CO program team under the leadership of ACD-P and with support of PQM, to operationalize the KM&L strategic direction
  • Implement an annual learning needs survey assessment and improvement actions
  • Coordinate the identification, prioritization and implementation of at least 3 organizational learning events per fiscal quarter.
  • Support the development and operationalization of learning opportunities across the organization (job shadowing, on-line learning, informal learning opportunities)
  • Support the program quality manager and ACD-P to identify partnerships that further the learning agenda including partnerships for research, M&E and quality improvements
R2. Organizational Transformational Change Efforts on KM&L
  1. Provide technical leadership in developing and managing organizational change processes that facilitates communication and feedback mechanisms to support cultural change in CAREs transformation agenda, learning and knowledge management agenda.
  2. Responsible for implementing the CARE Kenya Knowledge Management Strategy with demonstrable results on an annual basis
  3. Support the establishment of cohesive integrated program approach that ensures avoidance of duplication based on gaps, milestones, opportunities for maximizing impact of interventions, as informed by KM&L outcomes
  4. Leads the coordination for development of annual reports, program profiles, creation and distribution of short and graphic material from results of KM efforts at CARE Kenya.
  5. Monitor and provide proactive information to facilitate uptake of KM behavior for improved outcomes including timely reporting, Communication and feedback and compliance
  6. Launch of KM newsletter.
  7. Lead KM actions of the CO Monitoring working group
  8. Ensures new staff are oriented on KM&L and materials are available to support this
  9. Establish and maintain reporting database linked to CAREs Monitoring systems (in-country and international)
  10. Ensure KM is systemized into all CARE Kenya processes, i.e. annual performance appraisals, job descriptions, etc.
  11. Establish KM incentives and/or recognition awards.
R3: Technical KM&L Solution Efforts
  1. Assess Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) needs and develop solutions in collaboration with MIS department
  2. Implement an ECMS
  3. Create a KM Technologies Strategy- timing, responsibilities, costs and implementation contingencies clearly outlined.
  4. Facilitate organizational wide training on ECMS.
  5. Choose & implement complementary software, i.e. X1, webex, etc to facilitate active KM&L
  6. Coordinate /Develop/Review to achieve a simple, internal CARE Kenya Intranet, in collaboration with communications and MIS departments.
R4: Communication
  1. Support and where needed, lead communication efforts engaging proactively with the media to share widely the impact of CAREs work in Kenya and from global efforts
  2. Coordinate the development of communication materials / strategies and ensure clearance of documents by the Country leadership for external engagement is availed timely in line with CAREs KM&L strategy and other protocols that govern any subject area
  3. Any other duties
  • Spending Authority: None                 
  • Decision Making: Decision making is limited to KM issues within CARE Kenya.
Contacts / Key Relationships (Internal & External):
  • MIS department
  • Communications department
  • All CARE Kenya Programme teams
  • All CARE Kenya Programme Support teams
  • Director of KM of CARE Canada
Working Conditions:
  • Nairobi based with 25% field travel to sub offices around Kenya.
  • Some limited international travel may be required.
Education: Degree in Communications, Impact evaluation, Education, project management or any other relevant course 

 5-7 years of experience in communications in a development organization, business management function, knowledge management function, and education function in senior position. 


Communications: Ability to  influence others to achieve objectives and get consensus and collaboration across many business units; ability to explain complex concepts in layman's language; ability to generate enthusiasm; ability to communicate with all levels of management and staff establishing straightforward, productive relationships; treating all individuals with fairness and respect, demonstrating sensitivity for cultural and gender differences; showing great drive and commitment to the organization’s mission; inspires others: Maintaining high standards of personal integrity.

Drive for Results: Makes things happen; Is proactive; balances "analysis" with "doing"; sets high standards for self; Commits to organizational goals

Teamwork: Collaborates with others in own unit and across boundaries; acknowledges others' contributions; works effectively with individuals of different culture and gender; willing to seek help as needed. 

Influencing and resolving differences across organizational boundaries: Gaining support and commitment from others even without formal authority; resolving differences by determining needs and forging solutions that benefit all parties; promoting collaboration and facilitating teamwork across organizational boundaries. 

Learning and knowledge sharing: open to new ideas; shares own knowledge; applies knowledge in daily work; builds partnerships for learning and knowledge sharing

Analytical Thinking and Decisive Judgment - analyzing issues and problems systematically, gathering broad and balanced input, drawing sound conclusions and translating conclusions into timely decisions and actions.

IT survey: Evidence of competency in use of diverse learning and sharing platforms that are IT enabled with some degree/ability to use IT systems

Job Title: Program Quality Manager

Ref: PQM/06/2015

Based in Nairobi

Department / Project:
 ACDP Office


Location / Duty Station:


Job Summary & Purpose:
 The purpose of this position is to ensure the CO program is of high quality, mainstreams gender transformational approaches, utilizes learning and knowledge within and outside of CARE Kenya to develop/design and improve programs to achieve high impact.  

In light of the COs LRSP 2013-2018 and the need to strengthen CO program strategies, the position with support of the ACD-programs, will support the development of coherent program strategy and sub strategies, coordinating with the program team and in collaborative working with CO program and M&E teams.  

The holder of the position will provide technical support and guidance on gender transformative approaches and ensure initiatives are informed by gender analysis and informed by desired changes that seek to empower women and girls.  

The PQM will manage the CO knowledge management and learning agenda ensuring that this supports the CO programs for improvements, learning and sharing internally and externally and that system are in place to facilitate this. 

The PQM will provide substantial support to strategic planning processes especially with regards to full transformation to program approaches, supporting institutional transformation agenda in line with CI global program strategy and CO program strategy. 

The Program Quality Manager is expected to take a lead role in developing and strengthening CO M&E systems to track outputs, outcomes and contributions to impact, especially for identified impact groups, ensuring data for key performance indicators is collected, verified and reported on, timely - but also holistically for all initiatives under the CO. 

S/he should will ensure that all programmes have systems to monitor adherence to CARE’s programming principles and approaches (e.g. CI programming principles, programme approaches and programme characteristics, CARE’s unifying framework, Rights Based Approaches, etc) and abide by agreed CARE standards; 

S/he will also be responsible for supporting the ACD P in facilitating updating and reviewing of CO LRSP and guiding the CO towards implementation of the long range strategic plan.  

Evidence of success for this position includes;  the availability of CO program standards, their use and evidence of improved performance; functional coherence M&E and quality measurement standards for the CO Theory of Change and initiatives that avails valid information of program results periodically as needed; program strategy and sub strategies guiding program initiatives; 

Evidence of use and outcomes that are gender transformative and that engage men and boys and empower women and girls as agents of change and active participants and influencers in development. 

Up to date knowledge management strategy, action plan and evidence of use internally and generating information shared externally and progress against LRSP areas; evidence of capacity building on areas of program quality providing technical support in the area of programme approaches, operational research, use of data for decision making; effective coordination on all program quality areas.  

Tasks and Responsibilities.

 Guiding development and implementation of CO impact measurement systems (40%)

  1. Provide technical advice,  support and development/review of the CO LRSP and program strategies to guide program quality improvements
  2. Lead M&E and research activities to provide relevant up to date information for use in designing and improving programs/projects
  3. Coordinate and take a leading role in the development and functionality of monitoring and evaluation system and M&E for impact measurement especially to impact groups as well as for specific target beneficiaries per initiative
  4. Support and facilitate the development of sound theories of change for the  impact groups and ensure that these theories of change are aligned to CARE Kenya’s overarching theory of change for women and girls in Kenya.
  5. Facilitate periodic and rigorous situational analysis for each impact group ensuring updates annually to monitor our impact on the underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability.
  6. Support the transition to a programme approach; in developing strategies aligned to the CO ToC and program strategy and informing future programming to the needs of the impact groups
  7. Coordinate, monitor and review annually the programme theory of change and programme implementation strategies for each of the impact groups identified.
  8. Review and advice ACD P on all programmes to ensure that these are all are grounded in CARE’s programming principles and approaches and ensure all programmes (both long term and emergency response programmes) address the underlying causes of poverty. This will be through working with the monitoring and evaluation staff of each sector, including chairing the monitoring and evaluation team of the CO.
  9. Support the Sector managers and the ACD P in the selection  and formalization of strategic partnerships  that are aimed at increasing CARE’s impact and commitment to women and girls – ensuring there is an updated partnership strategy
  10. Ensure national level impact indicators for each impact group is developed and monitored.
  11. Work with programme staff to ensure that all programs have coherent impact measurement systems in place, and that these systems are linked into the CO knowledge management system and generate the required evidence for learning and advocacy.
  12. Mainstream accountability and compliance mechanisms in strategies, program quality and M&E functions
  13. Liaise with CI and CMP monitoring and evaluation staff to ensure integration of systems between CO and CI systems.
R2: Knowledge management and Learning support (20%)
  1. Support KM&L coordinator and coordinate with program teams to develop KM&L agenda for new initiatives, and continuing interventions to ensure the active operationalization of the CO learning agenda.
  2. Provide technical leadership, supervision and guidance on KM&L coordinator for the CO
  3. Develop/update KM&L strategy, system, processes and annual action plan ensuring that systems are technologically supportive to facilitate easy and efficiency in information management.
  4. Provide technical leadership and coordination in designing KM&L agenda and events for all continuing initiatives 
R3: Management of program Quality and M&E unit (20%)
  1. Supervise KM&L coordinator, Program Officer and technically provide leadership and supervisory support to M&E unit staff at CO level ensuring effective staff management to meet the needs of the unit;   provide oversight in the implementation of the unit deliverables as well as staff management including work plans, individual operating plans, staff capacity improvement plans, leave and travel planning.
  2. Work with the ACD P to develop unit annual operating plan and ensure the implementation and review of these plans
  3. Carry out  staff performance appraisals and identify capacities within the unit that need further development
  4. Manage the budget of the programme unit.
R4: Capacity building of staff and technical Support (15%)
  1. Guide and support the technical advisors, M&E Coordinators and sector managers in implementation in line with the CO and CI strategy, programme approach and approved strategies.
  2. Coordinate with KM&L and provide updates to CARE staff on progress made on our strategic plan and implementation of the programme approach
  3. Provide input in the design of new initiatives to ensure the needs of impact groups are addressed in accordance with CARE Kenya’s programme approach.
  4. Provide technical assistance in performance monitoring, programme evaluation, dissemination and utilization of information.
  5. Provide technical guidance in r programme monitoring, evaluation and research initiatives.
  6. Assist in the review of evaluation, baselines and other researches done at the country office.
  7. Contribute to the development of the CO operating plan, ensuring alignment with programme approach and achievement of annual target indicators.
  8. Provide technical support in development of program profiles, annual contributions to CO report ensuring tools are place to guide teams in generation of information, analysis and compilation.
  9. Review of Technical Briefing Papers produced by sectors.
R4: Emergency preparedness and response (5%)
  1. Work with the national emergency coordinator to ensure that issues of emergency preparedness and response include analysis of specific needs of impact groups in emergency response.
  2. Support the emergency team in timely assessment, monitoring and review of emergency initiatives
  3. Support the emergency team in developing an M&E framework that seeks to integrate accountability, performance review and  use of lessons-learned to guide decision-making and institutional learning within CIK programming and CARE International
R5: Any other appropriate duties assigned by supervisor

  1. Spending Authority: Up to $5,000 (KSh400,000)       
  2. Supervision (Direct): Two staff –knowledge management coordinator, program officer
  3. Decision Making: strategic, analytical and research decision making.
Contacts / Key Relationships (Internal & External):
  • The Program Quality Manager is a member of the senior management team, and so will have close contact with all other members of this team.
  • The Program Quality Manager reports directly to Assistant Country Director programmes
  • Apart from three direct reports, the manager will work closely with Sector Managers, Programme Coordinators, Project Managers, M&E Coordinators, MIS and finance units.
  • Coordinates with CI Programme quality and learning personnel and Regional management unit technical personnel and other stakeholders in the implementation of the programme approach.
Working Conditions: Position is based in Nairobi with up to 25 % travel to the field offices.

Qualifications and Experience 

  • Masters degree – in Social Science, Impact measurement, Project management or any other relevant field.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in senior management positions in monitoring and evaluation and program quality in development programs in at least two of the following areas; health, economic empowerment, livelihood interventions, combined with staff management
  • Excellent written, verbal English and presentation/communication skills.
  • Knowledge on GIS is an added advantage.
  • Proficient in MS Office Suite and highly organized and able to multitask.
  • Demonstrable ability to develop and implement monitoring and evaluation systems and plans
  • Post graduate education in relevant area
  • In depth understanding of underlying causes of poverty and vulnerability analysis in Kenya with good knowledge of the political, economic, social and technological environment is desirable.
  • Experience  and knowledge on the development of  theory of change  desired
  • Knowledge of statistical computer packages e.g. SPSS, EPI-INFO etc.
  • Senior management experience in development agency
  • Extensive knowledge of CARE programme approach, programming principles and frameworks is an added advantage
  • People Skills: Ability to work both independently and as a team player .The post holder needs to be able to work independently whilst supporting a wider team of monitoring and evaluation staff in other departments as well as the team in the his/her unit  and demonstrates leadership. The post holder needs to demonstrate diplomacy, good communication skills, possess excellent analytical skills, facilitation skills, and the ability to work as a team player.
  • Integrity: Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment to CARE's core values and humanitarian principles.
  • Resilience/adaptability and flexibility: Ability to operate effectively under difficult circumstances and to interact effectively with a geographically dispersed multicultural team. 
If you feel you meet the requirements for any of these positions, send your application letter indicating the reference number, title of the position along with an updated CV  and telephone contacts of three professional referees to: 

The Human Resources & Development Manager, 
CARE International in Kenya, 

to be received not later than 5th July, 2015. 

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

CARE is an equal opportunity employer and promotes gender equity. 

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

CARE International in Kenya does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. 

(Application, interview, meeting, processing, training or any other fees).

N.B) The interested applicants must indicate their expected remuneration level.