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Massive Recruitment at a Kenyan Micro-Finance (Over 10 Positions)

SMEP Deposit Taking Microfinance Limited, a Christian based MFI regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya, invites applications from interested and suitably qualified candidates to fill the positions of:

Training Officer


The main purpose for the job is to develop and facilitate implementation of Company training strategy that will empower the human capital in the areas of duties.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the Head of HR & Administration, the successful candidate will:
  • Facilitate the process of conducting employee training needs assessment in consultation with Departmental/Sectional managers and provide effective solutions to identified needs. 
  • Prepare comprehensive annual training and development plan and budget. 
  • Ensure timely payment of industrial training levy and reimbursement Coordinate implementation of established technical and professional courses provided by training institutions. 
  • Prepare and coordinate induction training programs for new staff. 
  • Training of staff and SMEP DTM customers on various financial and non financial topics. 
  • Coordinate implementation of in-house training activities and support in basic competency development of employees based on identified strategic competency requirements of the Company. 
  • Identify training institutions, and put in place necessary collaborative mechanisms for the provision of strategic interventions unique to the education, training and development needs of the Company. 
  • Monitor effectiveness of in-house and external training (Instructor service providers) by carrying out post training performance evaluation programmes to assess impact on employee operations. 
  • Develop Company training manuals, multi-media visual aids and other educational materials for use. 
  • Organize Company appraisals linking performance to agreed scheduled targets. 
  • Provide career counseling for staff. 
  • Develop and maintain a skills inventory database and prepare periodic training reports for the Company Perform any other function as may be directed by management from time to time.
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Bachelors degree in Business Administration or Post graduate 
  • Diploma in HR/Finance/Banking/Microfinance development 
  • Knowledge in management and Training of Trainers certificate 
  • 3 years hands on curriculum development and implementation of competency based training programs in a busy environment 
  • Be aged between 30-40 years
  • Applicants must be committed Christians
Other key skills: 

Demonstrated leadership ability, high integrity, good counseling, analytical and communication skills, assertiveness, independence and ICT skills.

Legal Officer


The main purpose of the job holder is to provide and facilitate legal, technical, institutional and related services to the Company.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the CEO the successful candidate will be expected to:
  • Offer legal and technical advice to the Board and Management. 
  • Organize, prepare agendas for, and take minutes of Board meetings and Annual General Meetings. 
  • Maintain statutory books, including registers of members, directors and secretaries.
  •  Deal with correspondence, collate information and write reports, ensure decisions made are communicated to the relevant Company stakeholders. 
  • Contribute to meeting discussions, as and when required, and advise members of the legal, governance, accounts and tax implications of proposed policies. 
  • Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, undertake legal research and advise the Company accordingly. 
  • Liaise with external regulators and advisers, such as lawyers and auditors. 
  • Develop and oversee systems that ensure the Company complies with all applicable codes, as well as its legal and statutory requirements. 
  • Undertake general conveyance including purchases, sales, charges, leases, tenancy agreements, surrenders, easements, licenses and related matters. 
  • Draw, peruse, complete and interpret legal documents on behalf of the Company. 
  • Undertake associated general administration including correspondence and preparation of reports. 
  • Draw and accept court processes affecting the Company and take action as necessary. 
  • Undertake any other duties as may be assigned by the management from time to time
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree from a reputable university 
  • Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law 
  • Must have a current advocate’s Practicing Certificate 
  • Must be a Certified Public Secretary of Kenya - CPS(K) 
  • At least 3 years post qualification experience in a similar position in a busy financial/MFI environment
  •  Be aged between 25-35 years 
  • Must have MIS office skills
Other skills and competencies are:
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Analytical and problem solving skills commensurate with the level of responsibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to manage time effectively and complete tasks within deadlines
  • Able to establish effective working relationships
  • Able to negotiate and influence
  • Equally able and effective working individually and as part of a team
  • Flexible approach to range of work and working hours

Legal Clerk


The purpose of the job is to provide support in legal department in fast tracking the legal services required by the company.

Duties and responsibilities
  • Reporting to the Legal Officer, the successful candidate will: 
  • The clerk shall perform all legal support related duties in the legal department 
  • Registration of chattels at the company’s registry 
  • Registration of motor vehicles at KRA which includes change of ownership of motor vehicles from debtors to the company’s name (Smep DTM Ltd) 
  • Attending court registry as required Registration of leases and charges at the lands registry in Nairobi and elsewhere 
  • Be involved in debt collection and related matters where appropriate 
  • Keeping records of cases and other matters within the department Daily, monthly or weekly reports as required 
  • Assist in franking of chattels mortgage documents Any other duties that may be assigned by the supervisor from time to time
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Diploma in Law, Legal Studies Must have a valid court process server certificate
  • Experience in lending/credit or banking will be an added advantage 
  • At least three (3) years working experience particularly in conveyance matters 
  • Must be computer have proficiency 
  • Be aged between 25-35 years 
  • Applicants must be committed Christians

Internal Auditor


The main purpose for the job is to review company operations and controls, risk management processes and compliance with prescribed policies, procedures and regulations. The job involves extensive travel within Kenya.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the Head of Internal Audit, the successful candidate will: - 
  • Coordinate and conduct the audit of receipts and payments, Continually monitor the effectiveness of internal control systems, 
  • Make follow-up of implementation of audit recommendations, 
  • Undertake surprise checks on sensitive areas in the Company, Conduct audit investigations, 
  • Review the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management processes, and 
  • Carry out other duties assigned by the Head of Internal Audit
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Bachelors of Commerce degree in Accounting option, or Business Finance, 
  • Must have at least CPA III. 
  • Be aged between 25-35 years 
  • Applicants with experience in auditing banking or financial institutions and IT environments have a definite advantage but must have at least one year experience in auditing. 
  • Applicants must be committed Christians

Head of Internal Audit


The holder of this position is to oversee and review the Company’s internal control systems and evaluate the level of compliance with set policies, regulations and procedures.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting the Board and administratively with a dotted line to the CEO, the successful candidate will be expected to:
  • Develop and implement the policy, procedures and systems for the Department, including documentation and make recommendations, where necessary, to review operations, financial, accounting, procurement, HR and ICT manuals in order to ensure adherence to company policy, legislation, statutory, compliance and reporting requirements. 
  • Review the adequacy of internal systems and controls to ensure compliance with strategic and business plans including the adequacy and effectiveness of the Internal Audit control system. 
  • Assess the reliability and security of financial and management information and the systems and operations (in-house or outsourced) that produce such information. 
  • Prepare annual and periodic Internal Audit plans and programmes. 
  • Carry out audit transactions, processes, records, premises, assets etc. of the company on a regular basis and more specifically pay particular attention to financial accounting, loan processing, client management, portfolio management, loan tracking, procurement, human resource, statutory compliance and financial reporting processes both at the branch and head office level while analyzing reports from branches e.g. Kiwa appraisals, monthly returns etc and making briefs to the Chief Executive Officer. 
  • Carry out regular and surprise inspections of all processes, policies and procedures and ensure that they comply with all statutory requirements and best practice guidelines. 
  • Assess the means of safeguarding assets and ensure that Company assets are safeguarded and the liabilities and expenditure are controlled. 
  • Carry out ad hoc appraisals, investigations, or reviews based on audit findings or as requested by the Board and Management as recommended through both internal and external audits. 
  • Prepare internal audit and inspection reports and present them to the Board clearly indicating how these fit into the overall business/company strategy while ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data and information reported. 
  • Keep abreast with latest developments in the Micro finance, Banking, Audit and Accounting fields with a view to enhancing the internal audit function as a key contributor to overall company strategy. 
  • Support the Finance Department in preparation of monthly and annual audits and finance reports by reviewing financial reports in preparation of external audits. 
  • Supervise staff in the Internal Audit department and participate in corporate governance processes 
  • Perform any other function as may be directed by management or the Board/Audit committee from time to time.
Qualifications and competencies  
  • Bachelors of Commerce degree in Accounting option, or Business Finance from a recognized university and a Masters Degree will be an added advantage 
  • Must be CPA (K) finalist or ACCA finalist Must be member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) 
  • Be aged between 30-40 years 5 years, at least 2 years in senior Management level, applicants with experience in auditing banking and IT environments have a definite advantage 
  • Applicants must be committed Christians

Debt Collectors 


The main purpose for the job is to handle collection of arrears on Non Performing Loans especially those falling over ninety days past due (LOSS) and any other category of loans as may be assigned from time to time.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the Credit Manager the successful candidate will: 
  • To make follow up on arrears assigned to him and collect as per the set targets 
  • To work closely with the Regions staff in locating the defaulters, subsequent recoveries and receipting of the collected money. 
  • To work closely with Units’ identified debt collection service providers 
  • To forge good working relationships with the local administration and law enforcement agencies 
  • To maintain an updated database of all assigned accounts and collections done with specific dates. 
  • To submit detailed weekly reports to Unit engaged in and Credit Manager on a weekly basis accounting for impact of his activities on general Loan Book on a format that shall be provided. 
  • To address any customer complaints conclusively within a week that arises out of his interaction with the defaulters. 
  • Though reporting to Credit Manager at the Head Office, the debt collector shall be under the supervision of the Unit Managers but as per assigned tasks from Head Office. 
  • To collect loans written off and update customer balances upon such collections. 
  • Share and advice Regional Teams on sound practices that shall deter default. 
  • Engage in other activities assigned by the Credit Manager or Head of Operations as shall deem necessary from time to time.
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Bachelors degree in Economics, Business Administration or Sociology 
  • Knowledge in legal procedures in Debt collection, Credit management and at least CPA/ACCA certificate will be an added advantage 
  • Be aged between 25-40 years 
  • Applicants must be committed Christians

Credit Officers


Reporting to the BM/Marketing Unit Manager – Branch, the successful candidate will have the following responsibilities:-

Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Marketing of products in the area of operation. 
  • Facilitate recruitment and registration of clients in existing and new groups. 
  • Stimulate client training on SMEP policies, procedures and basic business skills, loans, business, e.t.c. 
  • Loan disbursements and deposit mobilization that meet defined growth and quality targets 
  • Submission of weekly and monthly performance reports 
  • Responsible for cumulating and maintaining client information 
  • Maintain good public relation between SMEP and outsiders e.g. Public administration, churches, business community etc
Qualifications and experience: 
  • Have a bachelors degree in a related field or a diploma in Co-operative Management, Business Administration, Banking or its equivalent, 
  • Have knowledge in group/individual lending 
  • Marketing or accounting skills and computer literacy will be an added advantage 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills 
  • Persuasive with strong recognition skills, Self-driven and possess the ability to work with minimum supervision, 
  • Have good knowledge of the micro-finance industry and practices and A self-starter who possesses excellent presentation skills. 
  • Aged below 30 years



Duties and Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Chief Accountant, the successful candidate will: 
  • Be paying and receiving cash and other cash transactions across the counter as authorized 
  • Input customer transactions in the Banking system 
  • Attend to customer inquiries across the counter 
  • Cash and other transaction reconciliation
Qualifications and experience
  • AKIB/ACIB/CPA 2 or equivalent qualification. (A Bachelors Degree in any Business related field will be an added advantage)
  • One year experience in a busy financial institution in the same capacity
  •  Must be computer literate
  • Be detailed and have strong analytical and monitoring skills. Be highly motivated and have the ability to work with culturally diverse groups of people, be honest, reliable.
  • Be willing to work anywhere within the country
  • Must be below 30 years.
Other key skills

High integrity, able to handle both cash and to work under pressure, responsible, confidential, accurate, work with minimum supervision and have good communication skills.

Branch Manager


The main purpose for the job is to steer the Branch into high level performance through proper supervision and maintenance of healthy portfolio and adherence to laid down policies and procedures.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the Head of Operations, the successful candidate will: 
  • Responsible for promotion and marketing of SMEP product and services in the area of operation as well as planning and supervision of Branch activities to ensure that they are carried out in accordance with the laid down procedures and policies 
  • Responsible for the smooth running of the branch including supervision, appraisal, motivation, and development of all the branch staff as well as recommending their training needs 
  • Conduct weekly or biweekly meeting with all branch staff and ensure they are well updated on all company issues. 
  • Further ensure they are well acquainted and adhere to the company policies and procedures 
  • Responsible for all satellite offices under his/her jurisdiction and ensure they mature to fully fledged branches within the stipulated period 
  • Stimulate Branch growth through recruitment of new clients 
  • Determine portfolio levels and areas of operation within existing policy framework In charge of branch petty cash and to ensure safe custody of branch assets. 
  • Organize and facilitate business and loan management trainings for new and existing clients 
  • Maintain high quality portfolio by ensuring on time payments of loans and being zero tolerant to arrears 
  • Monitor and responsible for loan approvals and the loan status of the branch, i.e. disbursements/ repayments and appraisals as per policy 
  • Take responsibility for bank operations and ensure that all group collections are banked the same day and payment receipts are sent to head office 
  • Ensure that all receipts delivered in the office by the branch and all data are properly keyed in the system and are authorized by the close of the day 
  • Liaise with collaborators and partners at the branch level on behalf of the company e.g. Banks, Administration and Landlords 
  • Responsible for preparation and submission of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports to management 
  • Perform any other function as may be directed by management from time to time
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Bachelor’s degree Business management, Banking, Finance or Economics. 
  • CPA/CPS professional qualifications will be an added advantage 
  • At least 3 years working experience in credit or financial institution. 
  • Computer literacy in windows environment and relevant accounting/portfolio management package especially T-24 Emerge will be an added advantage Be aged between 25-40 years 
  • Applicants must be committed Christians
Other key skills: 

Demonstrated leadership qualities, high integrity, be outgoing, good interpersonal skills, aggressive with strong business acumen, flexible and adaptable in responding to change and willing to relocate or work anywhere in the country



The purpose of the job is to handle the clearance and settlement of transactions made by the revenue producers ('front office') between the bank and its clients, ensuring the smooth, efficient and risk-free passage of these transactions through the bank's systems.

Duties and responsibilities

Reporting to the Chief Accountant, the successful candidate will: 
  • Facilitate preparation of books of accounts and various managerial reports, i.e. daily, weekly and monthly. 
  • Facilitate consolidated cash flow forecasts and variance analysis. 
  • Determine the accuracy of entries in the general ledger through careful and timely review. 
  • Manage the processes of clearing and settling transactions. 
  • Reconcile systems by checking that the data flows from the revenue-generating front office to the operations systems (operations control). 
  • Monitor the activity and reports of daily transactions. 
  • Supervising teams of clerks. 
  • Troubleshoot systems problems. 
  • Manage projects: analyzing a system, identifying and specifying developments and improvements and coordinating the testing and implementation of new systems. 
  • Act as an interface with other divisions of the bank. 
  • Investigate breaks in the cash account. 
  • Organize team meetings, manage team members and undertake individual & team appraisals. 
  • Deal with all client queries received by the bank. 
  • Take responsibility for handling specific clients. 
  • Liaise with clients regarding transaction settlements, as and when required. 
  • Ensure that client protection rules are adhered to. 
  • Undertake any other duties as may be assigned by the management from time to time.
Qualifications and competencies 
  • Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting option, Finance, Business/Management, Economics, Mathematics with at least CPA II C.P.A. (K) or equivalent Accounting qualifications 
  • 3 years experience as an Assistant Accountant 
  • Be aged between 25-35 years 
  • Applicants must be committed Christians
How to Apply

Qualified and interested candidates who meet the above criteria should download the “Job Application Form” at, and send their filled applications to on or before Friday, 20th July, 2012. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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