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Go where only the eagle dares – Job hunting skills.

Have you ever sat and re-evaluated your character and approach to life? Suppose you were an animal, which one do you think well fits your character? How do you hunt for something and how well do you go for it? Well the first thing I thought was that I give you the metaphor of the ant but I thought that most of its characters lie around food hunting and thus went for something more daring.

May be you may have seen one or not but I will ask you to go for a tour at Lake Baringo and take a moment to enquire from the residents about eagles. If they will be kind enough to show you how it hunts for prey, please learn the lessons. Take time to study this very special animal. Today I will be sharing the lessons we can learn from the eagle and see if we can land where it only the eagle dares.

Here are some lessons we can learn from the eagle:

1.   Be ready for SURPRISE in your life. Magic can appear around the next corner, just be prepared for any eventuality. The eagle is never caught off guard easily especially by the prey.
2.   Take the time to allow childlike WONDER to be a part of your life. Soak in the magnificence. Enjoy while it lasts.
3.   APPRECIATE the beauty and joy in the world around you and more will be given to you. It is only by appreciating that we will receive appreciation back.
4.   Live in a state of AWE at the magic in each individual moment. The beauty is always there if we pause to find it.
5.   EXCITEMENT is a good thing! Be close to what excites you because this helps in boosting your morale. Just live the moment.
6.   VISUALIZE what you want. Just by visualizing we tend to attract what we want and we think. All you need to do is to just think it to get it. Refer to our Dec. 2010 article on ‘The Secret’
7.   PATIENCE is important when you’re waiting for something that you can’t control- like the sun.
8.   CHALLENGES are a part of life. Take challenges head on without fear because they are here to stay and wherever you go, they will be there.
9.   Always be GRATEFUL and HAPPY towards events and people. Whatever happens in any way, be thankful.
10.                ABUNDANCE is there for us, if we only believe it is. You may land a job even bigger than what you initially intended for.
11.                CELEBRATE at the success of every morning. Live everyday as though it is your last day on earth.
12.                You will be LUCKY at some point in life it all depends on how you take it.
13.                LIVE IN THE MOMENT, for when we do, we can find beauty all around us.

No matter how good or how bad a thing might be, nothing is permanent and therefore any way you choose to hunt for something or how you live, remember life never rewinds. All you need to do is to correct what you did wrong yesterday and make it right today. Your job hunting skills may have been poor, it is time to change. Maybe you may have been the person you don’t like, it is time to change and live like the eagle. LIFE IS CHANGE and is in constant flow, but there is beauty if you just pause to find it.

Today, go look for your eagle. I don’t mean this in a literal sense, but rather, look for the beauty around you and see what you can learn from it. Take the time to really pause and ask yourself what you too can learn from the situation.

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