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Achieving self esteem at work.

This probably one of the hardest topics to discuss now that almost 83% of the current Kenyan employees are not satisfied. It may be very hard to achieve satisfaction in life and especially at work. If I may ask, do you feel satisfied at the end of the week that you've accomplished something or made a difference at work, or is it a good week for you when you get as far as Wednesday before you wish it was the weekend? It amazes me (although I understand totally from past experience) how many people spend five days of the week wishing and waiting for the other two. Imagine you spend a whole five days groaning and two days enjoying. Five-sevenths of your life is a lot to throw away...
Of course the theory of enjoying your work doesn't always stand up to the realities of the job you have. I think it's a tragedy that so many kids these days are brought up to believe that they'll be lucky to get any kind of job at all, and never put the time or effort into working out what they would LIKE to do. If you look at our earlier articles, we have always insisted on following your passion when seeking a career. Working that out is one of the best time investments you will ever make and I have to say, will continue to be something you will re-evaluate every now and again. Your ideals do tend to change from year to year, as you grow and redefine your priorities.

If you read the biographies of modern millionaires, you'll find that the majority of them have done this very process. Back to real life, though. If your passion is surfing and you're not confident enough to start a surfing holiday tour company (two of those millionaires did!) then there are a few ways you can at least salvage some of your self esteem on the job, as a first step to building the life of your dreams.
Here are a few ideas that could help you achieve your dreams:
1.   One of the best little tips to use at work is to take 5 - 10 minutes at the end of the day and write down everything you have accomplished.  Use it as a lead in to planning the most important (NOT urgent) things you want to achieve the next day, but that's strictly optional, and doesn't work with some kinds of jobs (like helpdesk support and other crisis response positions).
2.   Dealing with Office Politics: if you find that the gossip and backstabbing at work follows you no matter how many job changes and transfers you make, welcome to the real world. It is an unfortunate fact of life that any hierarchical structure will create political maneuvering. That doesn't, however, mean that you should bare your fangs and dive right in.
3.   Mentally separate out what you love to do from what you are paid to do (if, in fact, they are not the same), and tie them back together like this: you get the money to do what you love to do as a direct reward for going to work and doing what you're paid for. This is the old carrot and stick routine. Once you connect a reward with something, it's not so hard to make yourself do it again.
Hopefully, this will give you a starting point to work from, but the bottom line that I want you to take away from this issue is the idea that any job can be easy or hard, and the difference between the two is NOT in the job itself. It's in you. Change your attitude, change your perspective, and the job will seem like a totally different ball game.

The only thing that I will encourage you is to be very dynamic in your life. Learn to change and adapt to the environment.

We at HCC wish you all the best in the office.

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