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Tips to enjoying professional and personal life

Nobody gets to live life backwards. I have always talked about an aggressive approach towards life and some of you might be surprised by ways in which I would describe my mantras to live life to the fullest. Take a step back and you would find these are nothing but preserving a state of mind that derives an internal peace from your inner self. I have never tried to find real meaning of life because I am not sure where it will land me up. But what I have really found are the ways that make me feel good about me. I remember them, I practice them, and I often repeat them to myself in order to remove any chaos from core of my mind. Yes, they do help me and this is the place where I would love to expand them if I ever discover more.

It is always advisable to take some time out and think about things that help you make a better person. These may not be the one which you intend to do but can also be the ones which are precious nuggets in your past. On contrary these can be those expensive mistakes which have made you learn the worth of things in a hard way. Peep in your past, look ahead in your future and say to yourself the thing that rests the turmoil in your mind. Practice to discover them and soon you would find the answer on ways that help you live life to the fullest.

Let’s start with various ways and I would love to hear your views apart from your own little hacks. Let the discussion be more natural and talk about things that really make a difference.

1)     Be Happy- This may sound like an old clich√© but it is packed with powerful meaning. Start the day with a joyous mood and whole time would just fly off. Develop a habit of it by reminding yourself over and over again. A conscious effort even when you have a bad mood can play the trick for you. Talk to yourself, ask why you are sad. Force yourself to be happy by pumping up your spirit. Your Happiness is in your own hands; don’t ruin your very existence. Fill yourself with happiness and always find reasons for it.
Tip - Start your day with some good music with great lyrics. Distribute happiness around because it reflects back.

2)     Be yourself- You are what you are. Copying someone or forcing yourself into situations only brings discomfort. Graduate yourself to a level that inspires you. Have courage to face yourself and enjoy your existence. Sometimes the boundaries we see are follies of our mind that always push us back. Win the battle of your mind, never underestimate real you. You can fake for a day but life is too long.
Tip - Picture yourself as an evolving brand. Focus on content and style would just follow.

3)     Value relationships- You family or friends are your precious possession. Nothing in this world can match their existence. Ignore them and you are up for failure. No matter where you are or in what position, small gesture of love, acceptance and respect can give a real meaning to your life. Life is all about sharing and these are the people who make it look splendid.
Tip - Share happiness. Remember important dates. Talk often and devote much time. Make them feel important and wanted. Enjoy their company

4)     Kill negativity- It is much easier to surround yourself with negative thoughts than to feel positive about them. Negativity has a serious impact on your personality and it is very destructive in nature. Keep yourself aware about your state of mind and if at any time you see negativity creeping in, dare yourself to stay away from it. Regret always follows negativity, save yourself.
Tip - Keep a check on your emotions and if they are not in line – take a deep breath to kill them. Say to yourself “I am not going to do wrong thing” and immediately change your thoughts. Remember bad emotions are momentary but they make us do blunders.

5)     Live for the day- Past is gone and future should always look promising to you. Don’t bring any regrets or guilt of the past. Enjoy the moment in hand and try to make best use of it. Start each day with a purpose and have small goals in life. Give direction to life and always do something meaningful. Try not to waste away time and always keep a sane outlook towards life.
Tip - Plan out your day and do 5 minute introspection at the end of day. Realize what you like and appreciate things that are helping you to speed up the journey on growth path.

6)     Don’t suppress your emotions- Suppressing your emotions creates a tension in your mind and body. It is like a volcano which has got built inside you and has been prevented from eruption. Many people fail to realize that it is only being human to let your emotions flow. Don’t think what others would think because they are no different from you.
Tip - Till the time you don’t offend anyone or cross norms of discipline there is no harm to let your emotions flow. It is natural to let your emotions react to situations in form of expression or feelings.

7)     Don’t keep expectations- There is always pain whenever you keep an expectation from someone. People fail to realize that each person is an individual driven by own motives and purpose. There is no way one can have control over someone and likewise keeping expectations can be completely harmful. Realize this in your life, on which you have control, and you won’t ever suffer again from issues that stem up between two individual if and only if you remove an element of emotion. Let the things come up naturally.
Tip - Whenever you feel hurt by actions of other individual think from his angle not yours. The other persons do things from their best interest and if they are not aligned with your thoughts it is nothing but natural. Keep low hopes right from start.

8)     Value what you have- This is common problem with most of the people. We always like things which other posses. Human mind is too wavering to let it bound to a place. The essence of peace depends upon how you program yourself to enjoy things which you really have. You cannot buy all the things in the world and there is no point in running after them. Seek comfort in what you have and appreciate your effort to acquire them. There is always if and but which should be killed the moment you have one version of something desired available with you.
Tip - Every time you find something tempting look for the version of same thing you already posses. The mere correlation will let you know that you are much lucky. There is always different side of same thing and you should always look beyond the face value.

9)     Give yourself sometime- Steal time from your busy schedule. Go on vacation. Give time to yourself and your body. Take small breaks. Do something you really like even if there is no commercial or other benefit associated with it. Stop living like a machine and find peace with yourself. Feel good about yourself and think about things that got happiness in your life.
Tip - Start by taking 10-15 minutes in a day and give a try to find something you really like. Start Something. Do something from which passion comes naturally.

10)  Forgive and smile- It is one of the best way to live life to the fullest. Revenge and hatred always keep your life off the track. While it is too hard for some people but it is never too hard to realize that committing mistakes are part of human nature only. On other side a smile on your face is good enough to take out worries. It is biggest asset one can posses.
Tip - Kill hatred and take your mind off the incident. Say you have forgiven and leave the negative thought. Start your day with smile and make sure to use it for every person. Apart from other things Smile is a recipe of success.

The happiness of your life is in your hands. No matter who you are, what you do or how much you earn – you are the secret to your happiness. Live Life to the fullest, enjoy every moment.

We at HCC wish you a happy weekend and week ahead.

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