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TUNAWEZA Project Jobs in Kenya - Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF)

TUNAWEZA is 5 year U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded program providing support and assistance to indigenous Kenyan organizations working in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment.

The project is designed to provide organizational systems development support and technical assistance. The project aims to build, expand the quality of HIV /AIDS, and improve outcomes of HIV/AIDS services and the sustainability of HIV/AIDS interventions of local Kenyan organization including the Ministry of Health Structures. 

Activities include organizational systems strengthening, technical capacity building in provision of evidence based HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment services, and provision of grants. Particular emphasis is placed on expansion and sustainability of quality of HIV/AIDS interventions.

Job Title: 
Deputy Project Director 
Location: Nairobi
Reports To: The Project Director

Overall Job Function

To contribute to TUNAWEZA Project goal to strengthen the overall sustainability, quality and reach of HIV/AIDS interventions in Kenya.

The deputy project director assists the project director in coordinating, directing and providing oversight of activities intended to increase the capacity of Ministry of Health and indigenous civil society organizations to respond effectively to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and will focus on: 

(1) Strengthening service delivery with the provision of high-quality technical assistance;

(2) building the capacity of implementing partners organizational systems for sustainability of HIV/AIDS interventions

(3) strengthening implementing partners prevention activities, with a specific focus on behavioural, structural and biomedical interventions programming; and

(4) improving the delivery of care and treatment services, particularly palliative care, ART, PMTCT and TBHIV.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • With the Project Director, set program direction and approaches
  • Lead and direct technical capacity building activities for provision of evidence based and quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment services
  • Oversee the work of the technical staff and ensure that the work of each technical area is coordinated at all levels.
  • Collaborate with monitoring and evaluation staff to monitor and evaluate contribution of trainings, support supervision and mentorship activities to service delivery outcomes
  • Provide support to project personnel to technically enable them to provide high-quality prevention, care, and treatment technical assistance and mentorship support to implementing partners
  • Take lead in various care and treatment proposal development processes and to be submitted for funds reapplications
  • Develop a detailed implementation and activity program plan, including program targets
  • Ensure all other care and treatment components including M&E, laboratory, community linkage, pharmaceuticals, QI, trainings, are all linked and implemented according to the plan
  • Prepare quarterly, semi-annual and annual narrative progress reports
  • Provide high level technical advice to program officers in supervising and monitoring implementation of sub grantees planned activities
  • Perform site visits and technical program reviews
  • Ensure dissemination and distribution of care and treatment job aides, including guidelines, SOPs, and other related documents
  • Participate in identifying program training-needs and-provide recommendations
  • Participate in relevant meetings with the Ministry of Health and as well as with donors – USG
Minimum Qualifications
  • Master’s degree (MMed/MPH)
  • At least 5 years HIV/AIDS works experience (especially within the context of health systems strengthening or health systems development); or quality assurance/quality management.
  • Demonstrated experience in program design, strategic planning, and program management and implementation experience.
Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience:
  • Experience in clinical management of HIV care and treatment for infected adults and children in resource poor
  • Knowledge and experience in program management and capacity building
  • Knowledge and experience in writing proposals and reports
  • Extensive knowledge on PMTCT, TBHIV, HIV care and ART services and quality of care assessment.
Job Title: District HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Coordinator

Location: Lodwar, Turkana District, Kenya

Reports To: Deputy Project Director

Overall Job Function:

To provide technical assistance and support to Ministry of Health and HIV/AIDS care and treatment implementing partners in Turkana District to improve and ensure the quality, utilization, and scope of HIV/AIDS care and treatment services (HBHC, ART, PMTCT and TBHIV) with an emphasis on integration and family focused care.

To serve as a technical resource to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and TUNAWEZA Project funded partners across the district, support the strengthening and programs, systems and linkages of clinical HIV services. 

To support the mentoring of clinical teams and support HIV Care and Treatment decentralization.

The position will provide technical, program, capacity-building, and health-system strengthening support that will enhance facility-based HIV/AIDS services throughout Turkana district.

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Lead the EGPAF team in Turkana to provide technical assistance to all sites (clinical and community-level) supported by TUNWEZA project to offer a complete care and treatment package, including PMTCT (including pediatric AIDS), HAART/ARV, OI, TB/HIV co-infection, palliative care, PITC and PwP services.
  • Provide direct technical assistance to health care facilities supported by EGPAF: training of staff, facilitation of community linkages, patient flow analysis, and support in drug and supply management, development of quality improvement action plans.
  • Provide direct technical assistance to multidisciplinary teams at each site to implement continuum of care services for adult/pediatric care and treatment, PMTCT and TBHIV including the strengthening skills of health care workers in provider initiated testing and counselling (PITC) and prevention with positives (PWP) activities
  • Support the strengthening, development and management of clinical systems related to HIV/AIDS service scale-up including improved use of information, adherence support, and referral systems.
  • Support and conduct training of multidisciplinary teams at each site to implement and scale-up provision of quality HIV/AIDS care and treatment, PMTCT and TBHIV services.
  • Support facility based clinical mentoring teams to be able to provide quality clinical mentoring services to support decentralization of HIV Care and Treatment services.
  • Evaluate ongoing services, and support the Ministry of Health and implementing partners in development strategies for client retention, expanded coverage, getting-to-outcomes and community facility linkages.
  • Support dissemination and monitor implementation of national HIV/AIDS tools, including clinical guidelines, protocols, algorithms, drug formularies, training materials, and monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Supports the capacity building of district, and facility personnel to enhance their performance in the technical planning, management, and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programs
  • Work closely and in collaboration with DASCO, DTLD, DPHN, DHMT, DMLT and maximize partnerships with HIV/AIDS prevention partners in the district
  • Represent EGPAF before MoH teams and partner organizations in the district, as necessary.
Minimum Qualifications: 
  • Medical Degree
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine with extensive clinical experience in care and treatment of TB, HIV, and HIV/TB-confection including 3-5 years experience in TB/HIV and public health programs,
  • 3+ years experience in TB/HIV programs at facility level.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and analytical capabilities.
  • Ability to analyze health statistics and draw conclusions regarding programmatic priorities
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Highly proficient in relevant computer applications, particularly Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
  • Experience in training
  • Must be willing to travel 30% of the time throughout Turkana
Title: Health Lab Capacity Building Officer/Advisor 
Location: Nairobi
Reports To: Tunaweza Project Care and Treatment Officer

Overall Job Function: 

The Laboratory Advisor will provide support and strengthen human resource capacity needed for high-quality laboratory services for HIV, TB, and TB/HIV-coinfection care and treatment services.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Laboratory Advisor will provide direction and coordination to TUNAWEZA project team and implementing partners to develop and strengthen HIV/AIDS laboratory network and services through capacity building and ongoing quality assurance.

The Laboratory Advisor will also provide support in implementation of national/WHO guidelines and protocols for laboratory services..

Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Provides leadership and support on laboratory services to EGPAF technical teams responsible for mentoring supported sites.
  • Provides technical assistance and capacity-building support to MOH and implementing partners on laboratory services.
  • Provides ongoing technical assistance and supportive supervision to laboratory staff.
  • Develops, implements, and monitors operating procedures and standards to ensure laboratory safety and overall lab management at EGPAF-supported lab facilities.
  • Implements and monitors quality management/quality assurance activities at supported sites.
  • Provides guidance on laboratory setup or design, equipment acquisition, laboratory operation and monitoring, and maintenance.
  • Supports the development or refinement of laboratory networks related to TB and HIV care and treatment, including guidelines, protocols, work plans, rehabilitation planning, procurement and logistical systems, and monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Prepares progress reports on laboratory services at supported sites and completes special projects as requested, e.g., surveys, statistical reports on laboratory functions, progress, and obstacles..
Minimum Qualifications: 
  • College degree or Higher Diploma in Medical laboratory sciences
  • 3+ years of experience managing a clinical or research laboratory.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in design, implementation and management of laboratory services in HIV, TB, and HIV/TB co-infection programs.
  • Knowledge/experience of procurement procedures and equipment/supply/stock tracking and inventory.
  • Experience with lab-related data management systems.
  • Excellent interpersonal, management, and communication skills.
  • Willingness to travel to remote rural districts of kenya
Position: Program Officer PMTCT/Care and Treatment 

Location: Turkana

Reports to: Turkana County HIV/AIDS Coordinator/Care and Treatment Advisor

Roles and Responsibilities: 
  • Assists in co-ordination of Care and Treatment and PMTCT in Turkana
  • Assists in co-ordination of program activities with relevant MOH departments and implementing partners to plan for and provide capacity building and technical assistance efforts to ensure availability evidence based PMTCT and pediatric HIV services throughout the county.
  • Assist in evaluation of needs in PMTCT and Paediatric HIV services
  • Assist in the coordination of implementation plans and activities aimed at improving the quality of PMTCT and pediatric HIV services
  • Provide technical inputs and assistance to health facilities and health care personnel
  • Visit health facilities and provide on site technical assistance to health facilities and project staff including at the clinic, assisting sites in data collection
  • Work in integrating PMTCT and Care and Treatment programs
  • Together with the County Coordinator plan and oversee sub grantee site activities
  • Assist in writing progress reports and submit to the Program Co-ordinator as required in a proper and timely manner
  • Track progress at individuals sites through site visits and reports
  • Assist with regular preparation of the statistical care and treatment and PMTCT reports
  • Reflective practice and organizational learning
  • Document lessons learnt and provide inputs into the way forward for project implementation
  • Collate and share project’s lessons learnt and better practices
  • Assist in the dissemination of lessons learnt and better practices from the program.
  • Ensuring linkages of PMTCT and pediatric HIV services with community linkage program officer.
Minimum Requirements
  • Diploma in clinical medicine or diploma in nursing
  • At least 3-years experience in provision of PMTCT or pediatric HIV services
  • Previous training in care and treatment and PMTCT according to the NASCOP guidelines
Essential Skills and Knowledge
  • Skills and knowledge in capacity building
  • Experience in working for a health project in hard to reach regions or an international NGO
Title: Finance and Administration Officer 
Location: Lodwar - Turkana District
Reports To: Turkana Coordinator


Overall financial management (planning, budgeting, accounting and reporting) and administration of the EGPAF Lodwar regional office.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure that proper financial procedures and systems are operated and maintained for the Lodwar regional office
  • Ensure compliance with the organization’s policies and guidelines and donor requirements
  • Responsible for the accounting of all the regional office’s finances
  • Monitor internal controls in the financial aspects of the regional office
  • Co-ordinate and maintain a cash forecasting system to ensure that adequate funds are available to meet the working requirements of the regional office.
  • Reconcile field cash and project expenditure balances.
  • Oversee cash deposit and preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Ensure that contractual commitments (e.g. use of vehicles and/or premises) are expressed in forms appropriate for the circumstances of the regional office
  • Supervise the accounts and administrative staff.
  • Ensure safe keeping of all administrative records both electronically and hard copies.
  • Ensure effective and efficient procurement system as per the organization’s/ development partners policies.
  • Plan, implement and/or supervise key services in the general administration and procurement process including areas of asset management, fleet management, property maintenance, general supply chain and functioning and ICT.
  • Monitoring that all procurement and logistic activities for the regional office are done in compliance with EGPAF rules, donor and government regulations.
  • Support Grants Administration functions within the regional office.
  • Ensure that good communication is maintained within the regional office.
  • General office administration i.e. office operations and proper office maintenance
  • Act as the HR contact person for the regional office.
  • Ensure security of all the organization financial and equipments/ assets is maintained at all in compliance with organizational procedures
  • Adherence to the organizations security policies
  • Train all staff responsible for maintaining the security of the organizations equipment and financial assets; this will be achieved through briefing of the officers at the organizational level.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned from time to time.
Additional Responsibilities 
  • Support preparation of budgets for proposals and budget amendments for programs and administration costs
  • Regularly visit field sites for monitoring and supervision purposes
  • Support internal and external audit processes
  • Support partner capacity building on procurement and Logistics
Knowledge and Skill Requirements 
  • At least finance-related degree and/or CPA/ACCA 2 qualified. Understanding and experience of finance management within an NGO at least three years experience working with an NGO in a similar position
  • Computing/ office technology knowledge, eg use of MS Office, Quick Books and other related software
  • The ability to interact with all parties while maintaining and emphasizing a position of principled political neutrality and operational independence
Working Conditions
  • Regular visits to field sites as required.
  • Occasional long working hours to meet deadlines.
Title: Grants Support Officer
Department: TUNAWEZA Program
Reports To: Senior Grants Support Officer
Location: Lodwar (Turkana District)

Job Summary

The Grants Support Officer will work with the Senior Grants Support Officer to monitor the contracts and grants management operations of the Tunaweza Project to ensure the high quality of contracts and grants administration and compliance with legal and donor requirements across programs.

Essential Responsibilities 
  • In liaison with Senior Grants Officer direct all contracts and grant related activities for TUNAWEZA. Oversee technical, legal, financial, and administrative components of contract and grant management for entire TUNAWEZA Program portfolio.
  • Work effectively with EGPAF’s finance team, program staff and senior management as well as with sub-grantee officials and contractors, ensuring that timely and effective communications occur.
  • Maintain grant oversight by recording the status of sub-grants, forecasting and tracking grants and program budgets, and working with finance to track payout and legal requirements;
  • Use the Contracts and Grants Information System (CGIS) regularly to maintain accurate and up-to-date information in CGIS on all assigned awards in accordance with EGPAF’s Awards and Compliance Manual. Produce regular reports for EGPAF Kenya staff and for the Foundation’s DC office.
  • Ensure accuracy of manual and electronic sub-grant files including but not limited to coding, reporting, and forms through use of periodic reconciliations and checks.
  • Develop tools and indicators to ensure quality and timeliness of all aspects of sub-grants processing and management to help grant and finance staff meet their goals
  • Develop guidelines, procedures, standards, work processes, flow charts, manuals, metrics and methodologies for a successful and comprehensive sub-grant management system in accordance with EGPAF’s Contracts and Grants Manual and with guidance from Contracts and Grants Department in DC.
  • Review all sub-grantee proposal budgets and agreements to ensure compliance with donor and organizational requirements.
  • Review the accounting procedures and internal controls of each organization, perform financial risk assessments and establish risk mitigation plans.
  • Prepare sub-agreement and amendment packages in accordance with Chapter 4 of the Contracts and Grants Manual for review and approval by the Country Team and DC Office prior to sending to the sub-recipient for signature
  • Perform on-site and desk reviews of grantee financial reports, internal controls, compliance, and make recommendations for corrective actions and improvements.
  • Follow up on resolution of findings from audits, on-site visits and desk reviews with grants support officers
  • Train and mentor grantees to improve their financial and administrative systems to be effective and efficient managers of funding.
  • Bachelors Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business.
  • Minimum of THREE (3) years in grants or contracts administration or accounting.
  • Additional years of relevant work experience my be substituted for educational requirement
Preferred Skills
  • Previous experience with nonprofit organization preferred
  • Working knowledge of OMB Circulars A-110 & A-122
  • Experience with CDC or USAID donor funds
  • High level of attention to details in all aspects of work responsibilities;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively interact with all levels of staff and sub award recipients
  • Good oral and written communication skills to effectively communicate findings and analyses to sub recipients
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret government, multilateral and organization rules and regulations
  • Capability to develop and implement effective strategies and tactics for accomplishing assigned duties
  • Working knowledge of database applications, word processing and Excel, as well as experience with accounting software
  • Ability and willingness to travel to remote locations in Kenya.
Application and Contact Details:

Interested qualified candidates are requested to submit a letter, a resume and names of three references to by 4th January 2011.

To ensure timely review of your credentials, please insert the job reference number in the subject line of the email.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

EGPAF is mainly funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The TUNAWEZA Project is funded by CDC.

EGPAF is an equal opportunity employer.

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