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The inner person…his role in getting a job.

Psychologists say that there is more to a person than the physical outlook. Most people don’t know that they are made of more than flesh and the moment you realize that then you become an enigma immediately. To define it in simple terms, an inner person is the voice within, the whisper in everything you do and to Christians it is known as the spirit. This part of the human nature is very influential and determines your future. In other word instinct is very important in anything you do. I suppose you have watched the movie, ‘the secret’ or read the novel. To some sects within our Christian community don’t seem to agree with this theory but you become what you think. The more positive you think, the more positive things turn out for you. Assume that you have been invited for an interview and you are pessimistic or negative about nailing the job, trust me you can’t nail it.
Positive thinking is really encouraged especially when you have problems. Looking for a job can be as a result of finishing studies, wanting to change jobs, change of career, and many other factors. These can be the most trying times in a person’s life. Any moment you think negatively, shun the thought away and bring in a new positive one.
Today we want to explain the importance of the inner person in giving you the positive thinking that you really need at any times and to assure you of success. Big minds will tell you that to be where you want to be you need to start thinking towards that goal. Let me share a small example from my past, when I was leaving my second job, I was moving into a future of absurdity because I wanted to open up my business and today when I look back Iwonder why hadn’t acted so early in my life.
When you realize your inner person, that is the point in which you will start developing into a complete human being. The inner person gives you:
1.   Your personality:  Believe me that the unseen person defines who you are and for those who know by now is that your personality will give you confidence and character. You will notice that your dressing style, your walking style, eating manners and the general etiquette follows what is build inside. Just imagine one day being invited with a local CEO for lunch, what can you say in a conversation? I bet you will be thinking of things like, asking him for a job, a favour, part of his salary, which car he drives, how you came on foot and the sort of things that elevate your demeanor while you should be thinking that in 5 years you should be making more money than he does and live better than he does. Be positive.
2.   Attitude: Your self-feeling towards what surrounds you is as a result of the inner you. You will hate good things easily because you can’t reach them, you will hate success because you think you can’t be successful and you will keep blaming others and the government for your poverty.  Today I tell you for sure that the moment you get rid of bad attitude and be positive towards the environment you will start attracting success to you. If you have been in a corporate office, there are these kinds of people that behave like bosses and disassociate from failure in the office, they are made bosses very easily. They attract success. Whenever you are today, I ask of you to shun negative responses to questions and give a negative response in a positive way. If someone asks you if you have a job, don’t say there are no jobs these days or the government is corrupt but tell them you are doing well.
3.   Decision on right or wrong: You will realize that when you are doing a wrong thing, there is something that draws you back to do the right one and if you don’t have that voice then you are not a complete person. Always endeavor to do the right thing or follow the voice within. The decision to do the right thing or walk away from provocation totally lies with you and when you do right things on your part expect the same from others. What goes around comes around and trust me the inner voice will always tell you the direction that you should forge.
In everyday application for jobs and vacancies, put your intuition first, it will guide you how to go. If you believe in God the better for you but if you don’t look at what defines your personality. Once you identify your personality, you will know the positives and negatives of your character. This will help you ion building the confidence in your interviews, read widely to have topics to discuss with people you are interacting with, or watch educational documentaries. In simple terms look educated, sound widely read and be learned. These are things that can even define your walking style and poses during a conversation.

We want you to realize who you are today.

We wish you all the best in your career search.


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