Zonal Training Manager/ Zonal Mentor Job in Kenya

About the role:

We are seeking highly motivated, skilled and experienced people to join our team. As the Zonal Training Manager you will be in charge of project implementation and driving impactful field training in Sun King. You will also oversee training programs on a zonal level. The Zonal training manager will work with the field teams, Training manager and other stakeholders to realize practical training solutions for optimized business performance.

Duties and Responsibilities

Supervise and or deliver training sessions in the field

  • Attendance of classroom training sessions for major initiatives e.g. new roll outs and pilots as per the discussed KPI and schedule.

Coordinate Field Audits

  • Cooperate with the Country Training Manager to drive field audits on knowledge retention and application of training programs on agents.
  • Audit onboarding agent process
  • Work with ABMs on the agent recruitment process, improve agent activity, completion of phase 1 and 2 of the phased learning approach and keep attrition levels MoM in their regions at a maximum of 1%.
  • Audit all new initiatives, pilots and roll outs

Litmos Hygiene

  • Ensure 90% data hygiene on litmos, raise any red flag issues on user data directly with the Country Training Manager. Ensure all activations and deactivations are closed within 24 hours from escalation

Develop Field Training Programs

  • Work with the Country Training Manager and relevant stakeholders to design, develop, and update agent training content and programs tailored to the specific needs of Energy Officers.
  • Identify and update key skills and expertise for agents required for success in the field
  • Fast track learning to achieve %age completion metrics in 10 days

Supervise the implementation of field onboarding and policy training

  • In collaboration with HR, oversee the onboarding of ABMs through the 90 Day program and provide feedback reports. Steer refresher training and policy comprehension with field teams.
  • Culture Champion & Policy – Drive adherence and cascade the policies

Regional Mentor Onboarding and Supervising

  • Practical Field onboarding and shadowing for new Regional mentors
  • Observe Regional Mentor field training activities in relation to Field Staff and Energy officers. Ensure Regional Mentors work with sales managers and team leaders to establish and report on the most suitable training locations and schedules based on regions, areas and clusters as well as Energy Officer availability.
  • Provide guidance and coaching to Regional Mentors on effective training techniques, product demonstrations, and resolving field issues.
  • Improve Regional Mentor KPIs. Ensure Litmos course adoption and completion
  • maintain consistency of 80% Litmos active users and Litmos users MoM in their regions, accelerate learning  team effectiveness and maintain performance standard.

Evaluate EB Performance

  • Observe and assess Energy officer and Field Staff performance after field training activities, identifying strengths, areas for improvement, and development needs.
  • Provide constructive feedback and recommendations to enhance Field Staff and Energy Officer skills and overall performance. Assist the TM on implementation challenges based on TSI

Work with Sales Team

  • Market company training opportunities to Field Staff and provide information on benefits to encourage participation.
  • Work closely with Zonal Business Managers to align field training activities with overall sales training purpose and strategies.
  • Work closely with Zonal Credit Analysts to align field training activities with overall collections goals and strategies.
  • Communicate and cooperate with Zonal Business Managers/Credit Analysts to ensure a seamless integration of field training initiatives with sales and collections initiatives.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Maintain accurate records of field training activities, attendance, and training outcomes on launches and pilots for the Country Training Managers.
  • Prepare regular reports on training progress, key findings, and recommendations for improvement to assist with the ongoing training and development efforts.

Stay Updated on Industry Trends

  • Stay informed about the solar industry, market trends, and changes in technology to ensure the field training programs remain relevant and aligned with industry developments.

You might be a strong candidate if you

  • Have proven experience in sales and collections training, preferably in the solar energy or PayGo industry.
  • Posses strong knowledge of sales and collections techniques and customer engagement
  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Are able to provide constructive feedback and coaching to improve sales and collections performance.
  • Are proficient in communicating and coordinating field training activities.
  • Have familiarity with CRM systems and sales tools and data analytics tools
  • Posses strong attention to detail and ability to examine training effectiveness.
  •  Are flexible to travel 50% of the time to various locations for field training sessions and assessments
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Have past experience in leading teams will be an added advantage

How To Apply

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