Supply Chain Volunteer Job in Kenya

Job Purpose:

Supply chain volunteer will work under the direct supervision of respective supply chain Lead(s) in Procurement, Administration, Warehouse and Travel departments.

Specific Responsibilities:


Understand, implement and maintain IRC standard procurement policies and procedures.

Acquire quotations from suppliers by preparing and submitting Request for Quotations (RFQs).

Supervise supplier performance and follow-up with suppliers on quality issues and timely delivery of goods.

Utilise the online Integra system for Procurement tracking and documentation through workflow.

On biweekly basis, update

Uploading procurement documents in Supply chain back up folder.

Participate in tender meetings & evaluations for learning purposes.

Prepare bids analysis and other bidding documents for approval.

Conduct negotiations with suppliers that are transparent, documented and for the best interest of IRC.

Support in Conducting diligence for suppliers, this includes conducting reference checks, supplier visits etc.


Ensure that the warehouses are well maintained.

Ensure that updating stock records is done every day.

Ensure that the filing system for stores is well maintained.

Ensure that an updated assets inventory sheets are well maintained

Ensure that all assets that allocated to individuals are signed off equipment issue form

Travel and Logistics

Support the logistics officer in processing of payments on timely manner including Taxis, Flights and Accommodation.

Ensure the Travel payment tracker is up to date for flights, and taxi bookings.

Liaise with Logistics officer in timely communication and assist in coordination with the requesting staff/programs regarding their travel requests.

Ensure Staff Travel Schedule is updated every 2 weeks with all details of staff booked on flight and taxi.

Book and track cargo shipments whilst coordinating with the warehouse teams.


Support in timely payment of all office and IRC leased houses rentals and utilities.

Support in ensuring timely payment of utilities (water, electricity, telephone, security) for the IRC office and IRC leased houses for Kenya program international staff

Maintain and update tracking system for utilities and deposits and update on monthly basis.

Support in Management of stationary store and monitor the insurance of stationeries and monitor the level of items that need replacement.

Support in Restocking of basic items for use in the office.

Perform other duties, as appropriate or requested by Supply Chain Coordinator.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Recently graduated in 2023/2024 with Degree in procurement, Supply Chain/Logistics management or any other relevant field in Supply Chain.

Membership of Kenya Institute of supplies Management (KISM) is highly recommended.

Personal Characteristics:

Strong sense of personal integrity

Attention to detail, commitment to punctuality

Ability to multi-task.

Team spirit and problem solving abilities.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Remains productive when under pressure.

Demonstrates a detailed and efficient approach to work.

Relates and works well with people of different cultures, gender and backgrounds

How to Apply 

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