Senior Lecturer in Law Job in Kenya

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Minimum Requirements

Must have a PhD or its equivalent in Law or related field

Must have a Masters degree in Law or its equivalent

Must have three articles in refereed journals, or the equivalent, since promotion to Lecturer;

At least two presentations at national or international conferences;

Evidence of contribution to excellence in teaching and three years university teaching experience since promotion to Lecturer;

Job Responsibilities

 To work with the HOD to identify and select courses which he or she is qualified and competent to teach during a semester/trimester;

He or she shall not engage in remunerative external activities without express requisite authority of University Management;

Strictly observe the policies of the Faculty and/or University in line with the University vision, mission and strategic direction;

To actively participate in Centre’s/Faculty/ University community service activities;

To actively participate in internal and external seminars and present reports of research activities in the seminars;

To attend and effectively participate in the following meetings: • DAB/DEB • FAB/FEB • Student assemblies. • Any ad hoc Meetings called by the Department, Faculty and University.

To be available for students and staff for office consultation. Office consultation hours must be prominently displayed on his or her office door and strictly adhered to;

To be committed to continuous improvement of the Centre.

To consult with the HOD on all issues where clarity is considered lacking and/or a matter may not be clear to him or her;

To ensure nomination/election of students class representatives and submission of their names to the HOD;

To ensure regular and punctual attendance of classes using biometric readers to aid in time management and ensure the same with students;

To ensure regular review of his or her courses in conformity with quality assurance reports and emerging international best practice;

To ensure that examination drafts are prepared in good time for moderation and that you also proofread these examinations timely;

To ensure that examinations are marked and results are returned in good time for moderation by the DEB and FEB;

To ensure that quality continuous assessment of students takes place and feedback promptly given to the students;

To ensure timeliness for appropriate reporting, entry and submission of evaluation and marks on time as per schedule;

To participate in meetings to moderate examinations results;

To perform any other duties that may be assigned by the Dean, HOD and University Management

To prepare and submit programme of personal growth and development to the Director on semester basis;

To submit to the HOD new / revised course outlines for units allocated at least two weeks prior to commencement of a semester;

To teach a minimum of 10 units (three trimesters) per academic year and to undertake extra teaching responsibilities as may be necessary;

To uphold the good image of the Faculty and the University in the manner in which he or she carries out his or her duties;

To work out library needs (journals, books and cases) for his or her course units and submit them to the Director and likewise to solicit donation of books to the library;

How to Apply

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