Senior Associate, Instructional Design, Job in Kenya

Position Summary

We are seeking a skilled Instructional Designer to create engaging learning experiences. Your expertise in curriculum development and instructional strategies will be crucial in ensuring the delivery of effective training. You will be part of the Producer Resource Hub who builds partnerships with producers to reach a shared strategic ambition.

Ultimately, your role will contribute to reach 100 Million producers by fostering the growth and development of stakeholders that support them through well-designed and impactful training programs.
You will lead the development of training related to our Certification program and other programs and support dissemination strategies and data collection via the online learning platform.


Support program managers to identify training needs, costs and return on investments to manage expectations.

Work with subject matter experts in a global multi stakeholder environment.

Design roadmaps, monitor timelines and expenses.

Design and develop effective learning experiences that utilize instructional design theories, practices, and methods.

Handle outsourcing of resource development and translations.

Design videos based on screen recording and PowerPoint.

Analyze content for translation, translate content, validate translations and process in course pages, documents and others.

Support capacity building, trainers and data collection strategies.

Monitor and evaluate the success of the implementation, disseminate learnings and improve designs.

Logistical and administrative support in the online learning platform.

Other duties as assigned.


A bachelor’s degree in a related field such as education, instructional design, instructional technology. A background in Agronomy is a prerequisite.

Project management experience in an agile environment with multi stakeholders and the willingness to continuously expand these skills to meet customer needs and add value to the organization.

Proficiency in instructional design principles, adult learning methodologies and instructional design models, such as ADDIE.

Ability to create engaging and interactive learning experiences, including e-courses, online training, face to face training.

Experience in (outsourcing of) video production, including script writing, screen recording, syncing subtitles and audio with video, translate with AI. 

Strong writing and editing skills for creating clear and effective learning materials.

Proficiency in designing assessments and evaluations to measure the effectiveness of training programs.

Experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle.

Knowledge of multimedia elements, including graphics, audio, video, and animation, to enhance learning experiences.

Data analysis skills to interpret evaluation results and make improvements.

Strong problem-solving abilities to identify and address challenges in the design and development of training materials.

Effective communication and collaboration skills for working with subject matter experts and stakeholders.

Specific experience in voluntary standards and Rainforest Alliance’s Standard in particular

Experience in creating contextualized learning experiences for farmers in the coffee, cocoa, tea sector.

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