Risk and Compliance Manager Job in Kenya

Role Purpose Statement:

Under the general direction and guidance of the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and functionally reporting to the CEO, the Risk and Compliance Manager will ensure top-tier risk management and compliance. Collaborating across departments, the Manager identifies, assesses, and mitigates risks, ensuring strict adherence to industry regulations and internal policies. This pivotal role involves maintaining, supporting, and monitoring enterprise risk management and compliance components, guaranteeing full compliance with frameworks and policies. The Manager also provides concise and timely reporting to key stakeholders for optimal success.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

Drive and support the implementation of all risk and compliance frameworks and policies within the business.

Provide oversight and monitoring of risk and compliance, ensuring adherence to statutory, supervisory, and regulatory requirements.

Develop and maintain networks and relationships with internal and external stakeholders to promote the development of Enterprise Risk Management.

Analyze and manage data quality within the relevant risk and compliance systems, including reports.

Drive actions to improve data quality and develop standards, procedures, guidelines, and templates supporting the implementation of risk and compliance policies.

Implement business continuity management strategies.

Embed a compliance and risk culture within the organization through appropriate training, development, and awareness initiatives.

Ensure that adherence to statutory, supervisory, and regulatory requirements is monitored and reported to relevant stakeholders for decision-making.

Continuously and proactively liaise, advise, communicate, and provide risk and compliance support to relevant internal and external stakeholders.

Ensure that all methodologies are in line with best practices, both nationally and internationally.

Engage with departments to develop robust internal controls and review progress of the implementation of internal audit recommendations, taking appropriate action.


 Technical Knowledge: Demonstrates comprehensive understanding and proficiency in risk management and compliance frameworks, industry regulations, and relevant technology platforms.

 Management Skills: Proven track record in strategic planning, project management, and effective team leadership, fostering a culture of compliance and risk mitigation.

 Human Relations Skills:  Exceptional ability to cultivate positive relationships, negotiate effectively, and communicate seamlessly across diverse stakeholders in a multicultural environment.

 Specialized Knowledge: Expertise in risk assessment methodologies, compliance standards, and a deep understanding of industry-specific regulations. Familiarity with e-commerce operations and airline industry compliance is highly advantageous.

Problem Solving:

 Thinking Environment: Swiftly addresses complex issues related to risk and compliance, ensuring minimal operational disruption.

 Thinking Challenge: Proactively identifies potential future challenges in risk and compliance, developing innovative solutions to mitigate and address emerging issues.


 Freedom to Act: Exercises autonomy to oversee and direct risk and compliance operations, ensuring alignment with Jambojet’s goals and regulatory requirements.

 Magnitude: Holds responsibility for the successful and timely implementation of risk and compliance initiatives, directly impacting Jambojet’s adherence to standards and regulations.

 Impact of Decision: Decisions made significantly influence the organization’s risk posture, compliance standing, and overall reputation. The Manager plays a pivotal role in shaping the risk and compliance landscape.


Education: Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Finance, Data Science, Accounting, Actuarial Science, or a related field from a recognized university.

Experience: Minimum of 5 years of experience in a dynamic risk and compliance environment, preferably in the aviation industry.

Certifications: Relevant industry certifications. Membership to professional bodies is an added advantage.

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