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Duties And Responsibilities

Curriculum implementation and evaluation

Teach at least two learning areas. (IRE and other Learning areas)

To prepare all professional records for curriculum implementation

Develop teaching/learning resources for effective and motivating lessons

Keep all records and use them to improve performance

Conduct continuous assessment tests and Summative assessment mark and give results to the learners

Train children in co-curricular activities so as to compete others

Participate in curriculum review

Training teachers on modern trends in special needs education

Train teachers in new teaching pedagogy that is responsive to current trends in education

Assist untrained incentive teachers develop basic theoretical and practical knowledge about the teaching profession.

Train teachers on production of teaching and learning materials using locally available materials.

Facilitate training of teachers in maintenance of teaching and learning resources.

Participate in workshops, trainings and teacher learning circles activities.

Develop in the teacher the ability to communicate effectively.

Facilitate Community participation in promoting teaching and learning

Guide parents to form parent’s groups for classes of their children

Train parents of children on basic concepts for upbringing of their children

Participate in PTA meetings for the schools where they work

Involve the refugee community through the school PTA to support education

Encourage the community to give girls equal chance in education through mobilization

Managing Classroom resources

Ensure proper utilization any used equipment used during classroom instruction

Ensure proper storage and safety of equipment after use by children

Responsible for proper management of classroom resources issued for promoting teaching/learning environment i.e. textbooks, teaching aids and desks and others materials.

Accountable for keeping proper and accurate lists of books issued to students and ensure school authority kept aware of any discrepancies.

age the school committee to make the school compounds environmentally friendly and barrier free.

Promote partnership with local educational Institutions

Conduct community mobilization and sensitization on significance of primary education. Regularly monitor the attendance, scholastic performance and learning needs of the children in the school in close liaison with LWF Kenya program education SMT.

Initiate close relationship with teachers of local Kenyan primary schools to share approaches for effective teaching in refugee-local schools

Develop refugee inter-school competition in co- curricular activities as sports, games, drama and music festivals. Also train children so as to participate in games and sports.

Development of Human Potential in Students

Prepare high achieving pupils’ for post primary education

Develop the pupils’ potential abilities to their maximum through a variety of experiences.

Develop in pupils’ an awareness and appreciation of innovation in the field of education and an ability to utilize them.

Develop in the pupils’ an awareness of the principles which underline good human relationship and use of these in their dealings with the community.

Prepare the pupils’ to face life with self-confidence and independence.

Promote clear logical thought and critical judgment.

Offer career guidance to pupils’.

Conduct counseling for pupils’ in need of counseling. Liaise with parents of individual learners for effective delivery of counseling services.


Work in a team spirit with other teachers to promote understanding of school mission and goals successfully.

Establish closer relationship with other LWF Kenya program colleagues to establish the a positive image of the LWF Kenya program education sector.

Take advantage of the available opportunities in education to foster self-development professionally.

And any other duty assigned to you by your immediate supervisor.

Education/Professional Designations/Experience:

At least a P1 certificate.

Experience working in an informal settlement either rural or urban is desirable.

Must be registered by TSC.

have successfully undertaken the relevant TPD modules, at least one on EiE and INEE

demonstrate ability to supervise, mentor and provide professional support to other teachers;

have a valid Teaching Certificate;

Other Specific Skill Requirements:

Ability to manage and use e-learning/digital devices for teaching and learning, prepare and upload learner content on devices, data collection and analysis

Experience of working in refugee schools or with refugee community in the camp or urban set up.

Exemplary guidance and counselling skills, and experience in provision of psychosocial support

Ability to use e-learning devices for teaching, data collection, analysis and dissemination

Passionate for inclusive education

High level of integrity, commitment and professional responsibility.

Ability to tolerate cultural, educational and religious diversity in the work place.

Passionate for inclusive education and some experience in mainstreaming child protection and gender issues in education

High level of integrity, commitment and professional responsibility.

Ability to tolerate cultural, educational and religious diversity in the work place.

Good analytical and problem solving skills  

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