Mid-Term Review Evaluation Expert, AZE Sites Global Project, Job in Kenya - UN

Duties and Responsibilities

  • This consultancy post is located in UNEP / Ecosystems Division / GEF Biodiversity and Land Degradation unit.
  • The consultant will as well as work under the direct supervision of the Task Manager, (based in Geneva, Switzerland) and the overall guidance of the Portfolio Manager, of the GEF Biodiversity and Land Degradation Unit based in Nairobi.
  • The project “Implementing Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE) Site Conservation and Preventing Global Extinctions” has been designed for four beneficiary countries, namely Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Madagascar. In the 2018 global AZE map update, 853 AZE sites were identified globally for 1,483 AZE trigger species, as many sites have more than one species that triggers the site’s AZE status. Of these 853 sites, 43% remain completely unprotected, and of the 57% of sites that are fully or partially protected, many are still in urgent need of improved management to safeguard AZE trigger species.
  • In many cases, habitat conservation and management measures need to be complemented by species-specific measures (e.g., to curb illegal taking in the wild, provide artificial breeding sites or prevent disease or invasive species). Of the 853 AZE sites globally, 21 are in Chile, 4 are in the Dominican Republic, 53 are in Madagascar, and 39 are in Colombia. All AZE sites are also Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA).
  • The project’s objective is to improve the conservation of AZE sites in four countries (Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Madagascar). Achieving this objective requires collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, also interaction between countries for experience and knowledge exchange.

Qualifications/Special Skills

  • An advanced university degree in environmental sciences, international development or other relevant political or social sciences area is required.
  • A University degree in the same areas is acceptable with two additional years of relevant experience.
  • A minimum of 7 years of technical / evaluation experience, including of evaluating large, global programmes, including overseeing project teams, managing complex budgets, interacting with oversight personnel or committees, and demonstrating adaptive management when necessary is required.
  • Hands-on experience in managing national and international natural resources projects concerning biodiversity monitoring, assessment and conservation, natural resources management, protected areas, land and forest management, capacity building etc. is highly desirable.
  • Working experience in an international environment is desirable.
  • Experience in the project target areas (AZE sites)/beneficiary countries (Chile, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Madagascar) is an asset.

How To Apply

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