Marketing Manager Job in Kenya

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for elevating AMG Realtors’ brand and services by developing cutting-edge marketing strategies that leverage AI and digital innovations. They will focus on brand growth, lead generation, and establishing a significant market share, especially in the diaspora. This role requires a proven track record of growing a brand from zero to a notable presence in the market. The ideal candidate will manage marketing budgets and outsourced marketing services, analyze trends, and implement ideas that will contribute to the company’s growth across all marketing platforms.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Marketing Planning: Develop and implement strategic marketing plans and forecasts to achieve company objectives through product marketing that will drive growth across all platforms.

Data Analysis and Market Research: 

Oversee data analysis and market research, review trend analysis, and report its impact on the business.

Utilize data analytics and AI tools to optimize marketing efforts and track brand growth.

Digital Marketing Excellence: 

Develop and implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies across all relevant platforms (social media, email, SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc.).

Stay abreast of emerging digital marketing trends and technologies, integrating them into the company’s marketing efforts.

Optimize the company’s online presence to drive engagement, lead generation, and brand awareness.

Measure and report on the performance of digital marketing campaigns, using insights to continuously improve strategies.

AI Integration: Implement AI-driven marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Lead Generation: Create and manage lead generation campaigns across various platforms.

Marketing Effectiveness Monitoring: Monitor the effectiveness of various marketing strategies and make necessary changes.

Marketing Reports: Compile and submit all marketing reports – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Brand Growth Strategy and Sales Promotion: 

Develop and execute a comprehensive brand growth strategy, focusing on increasing market share and share of voice.

Promote the overall growth of the company’s sales through effective marketing strategies.

Diaspora Market Engagement: Position and promote the company’s diaspora market engagements and growth.

Influencer Marketing: Manage and support the company through influencer marketing and engagements.

Media Relations: Oversee all online media relations, endorsements, communication, PR, and promotional activities, including the design, production, and distribution of print materials and broadcast campaigns.

Annual Marketing Calendar: Design and implement the annual marketing calendar.

Budget Management: Create, review, and monitor annual marketing transactions, manage the actual versus forecasted budget, and evaluate ROI.

Brand Management: Ensure excellent company representation through accurate information on all company platforms and design promotional web landing pages.

Brand Identity: Set the standards for the company’s brand identity and ownership, both internally and externally.

Team Management: Manage the Innovation team (Media and Marketing Department), conduct performance reviews, and identify training needs.

Concept Development: Participate in concept development related to market and sales trends, consumer demographics, preferences, and needs.

Sales Monitoring: Monitor sales and follow through for client feedback and marketing performance.

Crisis Management: Manage and control marketing crises and damages.

Process Improvement: Seek ways to streamline daily marketing processes and procedures.

Event Marketing: Manage the company’s events marketing and partnerships.

Loyalty Program Management: Manage the company’s loyalty program for existing customers.

In addition to the above, the Marketing Manager may be given such other duties, as the Management may deem necessary.


Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a related field (a master’s degree is a significant advantage)

8+ years of progressive Marketing experience, with at least 3 years in a senior Marketing leadership role, including proven success in growing a brand from inception to significant market presence

Demonstrated success in lead generation and conversion

Experience in implementing AI-driven marketing strategies

Must have grown a brand with a significant market share/share of voice

Excellent knowledge of overall business functions (real estate experience is a significant advantage)

Strong analytical and budget management skills

Extensive knowledge of digital marketing and AI applications in marketing

Experience with influencer marketing

Advanced computer literacy, including proficiency in Microsoft Office and knowledge of branding and design principles

Proficiency in AI-powered marketing tools and platforms

Strong understanding of brand growth strategies and metrics

Expertise in lead generation techniques and conversion optimization

Ability to analyze and interpret complex data to drive marketing decisions

Self-motivated with a positive attitude and the ability to work collaboratively as part of a high-performing team

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong social media skills, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., as well as website design and web content writing abilities

Strong organizational and multitasking skills

Capability of working independently, taking initiative, and being part of a team

Key Performance Indicators


Implement strategies to increase brand awareness, market share and generate revenue

Achieve measurable growth in brand recognition and share of voice.

Meet lead generation targets across all platforms

Increase engagement rates across digital marketing channels

Develop an overall organizational growth plan, monitor challenges, areas of improvements and achievements: weekly and monthly.


Successfully implement and measure the impact of AI-driven marketing initiatives

Improve key digital marketing metrics (e.g., website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement)

Develop and execute innovative marketing campaigns that differentiate AMG Realtors in the market

Manage the overall business concept with the set standards

Achieve quick turnaround times when creating strategies for business growth within set timelines

Timely submission of comprehensive marketing reports and analyses: daily, weekly and monthly


Effectively manage the marketing team, improving productivity and skill development

Adhere to budget constraints while maximizing marketing ROI


Maintain positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders 

Adhere to high standards of professionalism, discipline, punctuality, integrity and loyalty

How To Apply

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