Linux Software Engineering Manager, Ubuntu Platform Optimisation, Job in Kenya


  • Lead and develop a team of engineers, ranging from graduate to senior
  • Represent your team to partners, product stakeholders and customers 
  • Collaborate proactively with a globally distributed organisation
  • Develop and evangelise great engineering and organisational practices
  • Coach, mentor, and offer career development feedback
  • Implement disciplined engineering processes
  • Plan and manage progress on agreed goals and projects
  • Be an active part of the leadership team, collaborating with other leaders
  • Collaborate with other teams at Canonical to ensure alignment on product architecture and roadmaps
  • Design and integrate new features and platform optimisations


  • Experience with Linux packaging (Debian, RPM, Yocto)
  • Experience working with Python, C, C++
  • Experience managing software engineers with a track record of planning, delivery and quality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • A love of developing and growing people and a track record of it
  • Organised and able to ensure your team delivers timely, high quality results
  • Well-organised, self-starting and able to ensure your team delivers to schedule
  • Professional manner interacting with colleagues, partners, and community
  • Experience working with customers, going beyond resolving their technical issues, to interpreting their business challenges and effectively communicating how your solution will meet their needs
  • High-quality, well-designed and well-documented software experience
  • Builds trust, relationships and confidence
  • Solid experience working in an agile development environment
  • Ability to travel twice a year, for company events up to two weeks each

Additional skills we value

  • Experience working with open source communities and licenses
  • Experience with server technologies, including UEFI firmware, GPU computing, RDMA/Infiniband and virtualization stacks (kvm, qemu, libvirt)
  • Experience with IoT / Embedded devices from firmware, boot loaders and BSP enablement including hardware accelerators
  • Experience with graphics stacks
  • Experience with open source networking technologies (eBPF, OVS, OVN, SoNIC, DPDK, SPDK, etc)
  • Experience with container technologies such as LXD, Docker and Kubernetes 
  • Understanding of security best practices and Secure Software Development Lifecycles
  • Experience designing and implementing CI/CD automation platforms such as GitHub Actions
  • Experience with performance benchmarking and profiling

How To Apply

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