CDE Technician Job in Kenya - Coca-Cola

Key Purpose Statement 

The CDE Technician is responsible for ensuring that all cooling equipment in the trade are in good working condition and any reported breakdowns are attended to in a timely basis. This role reports to  CDE Controller.

Key Duties & Responsibilities    

Execute Planned Maintenance Activities.

  • Perform routine checklist and report all abnormalities to CDE Controller.
  • Maintain and repair coolers as per work orders, meeting all the quality requirements.
  • Collate Information, document and provide feedback to relevant customers.
  • Ensuring spares and tools required are located and obtained.
  • Prioritize jobs to maximize product quality (within set maintenance schedule)

Execute Cooler Maintenance.

  • Execution of the maintenance plan.
  • Regular maintenance of coolers to ensure high reliability and maximum cooler uptime.
  • Cooler maintained as per schedule.
  • Ensure good housekeeping of the workshop for cleanliness (5S principles) and a safe working environment.
  • Breakdown repairs and troubleshooting of faults.
  • Ensure that all breakdowns are investigated using 5 why process.
  • Adhere to safe maintenance procedures and requirements. 

Focused Improvement.

  • Avoid waste and reduce time taken getting tools and spare parts.
  • Reduce breakdowns through preventive maintenance practices and carry out improvements to reduce breakdowns and cooler uptime.

Skills, Experience & Education    

  • KCSE with a Trade Certificate in Cooling and Refrigeration
  • Diploma in Cooling and Refrigeration will be an added advantage.


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a Cooler/Refrigeration role.

How To Apply

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