Business Development Assistant Job in Kenya

About the Business Development Assistant role

The Business Development Assistant role focuses on expanding the company’s reach, fostering partnerships, and driving growth opportunities through strategic decision-making and relationship management.         

Duties and Responsibilities

Identify and acquire potential Agency Leaders (AL). The AL’s will lead a team of sales  agents, ensuring they meet sales targets, and provide them with training and support.

Effectively gather information from potential Insurance Agents (IA) and Agency Leaders.

Facilitate the onboarding process for Insurance agencies and Agency Leaders onto the app.

Strategically maintain and enhance business relationships with branches.

Contribute to decision-making processes regarding investment allocation among branches.

Assist in monitoring and evaluating AL and branch performance and recommend necessary action.

Undertake administrative tasks of the Business Development (BD) department to ensure smooth operations of the department.


This job description outlines primary responsibilities and reflects the proactive approach expected from team members. Additional duties may be assigned as required to meet organizational needs.

Requirements for the role

A bachelor’s degree in business, finance, insurance, marketing, or a related field is preferred.

Possess a minimum of 1 year of experience in any position at an insurance company or Brokerage/agency.

Demonstrate a strong passion for enhancing customer experience.

Exhibit enthusiasm for collaborative efforts in improving the application.

A solid understanding of the insurance industry, including different types of insurance products, coverage options, and basic principles of risk management.

Previous experience in customer service, account management, or a related field is preferred. Experience in the insurance industry is necessary.

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are crucial. The ability to analyze and solve problems efficiently.

A customer-centric mindset with a genuine commitment to providing excellent service. 

Strong organizational skills to manage client portfolios, track communications, and ensure that policy renewals and other deadlines are met.

Familiarity with customer relationship management (CRM) software and other relevant tools used in the insurance industry.

Awareness and understanding of insurance regulations and compliance requirements to ensure that all interactions and policies adhere to legal standards.

The ability to adapt to changes in the insurance landscape, including policy updates, industry trends, and regulatory changes.

How to Apply

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