Assistant Director G.I.S Data Developer Job in Kenya

Duties and Responsibilities

Design, code and integrate application with database systems including artificial intelligence; JavaScript, and SQL, and use

Programing languages Such as Python, and workflows for these languages to develop custom tools, applications, ARY/O/ analyzing and visualizing spatial data;

Developing and maintaining codes for GIS applications, tools, and scripts using languages such as Python, JavaScript, and SQL; workflows, test

Developing geospatial algorithms, data processing applications and perform bug fixes;

Perform data mining activities for the spatial and temporal datasets available on e- platforms;

Implementing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to integrate GIS functionality into other software systemsor web applications;

Optimizing codes for performance and scalability, especially when dealing with large datasets;

Designing and implementing spatial database schemas and queries for efficient data storage and retrieval;

Collaborating with GIS analysts, Cartographers and other stakeholders solutions: to understand requirements and translate them into technical

Utilizing version control systems (e.g., Git) to manage code base and collaborate with team members;

Writing Python scripts to automate geoprocessing tasks in GIS software such as ArcGIS, QGIS , or open-source libraries Like GDAL/OGR;

Developing batch scripts or shell scripts to handle data transformations, and analyses;

Creating custom arcpy scripts for ArcGIS automation tasks;

Using JavaScript todevelop scripts for web mapping applications using frameworks like Leaflet or Mapbox;

Imnplementing scripting solutions to automate data updates, map  production, or spatial analysis workflows:

Debugging and troubleshooting scripts to efficiency in GIS processes;

Documenting scripts and workflows for ensure accuracy and internal use and knowledge sharing;

Collaborating with GIS analysts and users to identify script automation and optimization;

Researching and experimenting with scripting libraries, programming techniques and tools to enhance GIS capabilities and efficiency;

Providing scripting support and training to GIS users to  enable them to utilize and customize scripts for their workflows.

Requirements for Appointment

Master’s degree related to Geo-information Science and  Earth observation, Remote Sensing or Natural Resource Management from an accredited academic institution with two years of relevant professional experience; and

Bachelor’s Degree Engineering, GIS, Geospatial Science/Engineering, or a related field;

Seven (7) years working experience in GIS in design, development, deployment and support of ArcGIS solutions overseeing large-scale geospatial data infrastructures;

Additionally, he/she should demonstrate a strong grasp of platform integration;

The candidate must demonstrate a Proven experience and strong comprehension of the ESRI ArcGIS suite, encompassing the following specific components: GIS Server (required), Geo Event Server, Geo Analytics Server, Portal (required), Web App Builder (required) and ArcGIS Enterprise and the ArcGIS Online environment:

Should possess a thorough understanding of workforce management, reporting, and productivity tools, particularly within a large arnd high activity environment, knowledge in a utility company will be an added advantage;

The candidate should have a background in implementing GIS workflows for repetitive tasks, remote workforce management, and the design and execution of advanced reporting tools;

Posses certificates in fields such as in ArcGIS, data science, spatial analytics, data transformation using BIMS, as well as proficiency in programming languages like Python, R,and JavaScript will be an added advantage;

Experience with Python and developing REST APIs with Python, Ability to create, edit, and analyze Geospatial data;

Experience with Geodatabase design and management;

Experience with ArcGIS Enterprise setup, configuration and administration;

Strong understanding of Cartographic principles and map design;

Knowledge of remote sensing techniques and satellite imagery analysis:

Familiarity with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and data collection;

Expertise in spatial data manipulation, transformation, and projection, Knowledge of QGIS is an added advantage;

Coding and programming skills ;

Having the capacity to enhance internal capabilities through training, mentoring, and team leadership skills will be considered an additional advantage.

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their application with copies of their National Identity/passport, Academic & Professional 

certificates and current Chapter Six compliance certificates to the undersigned on or before 26th day of July, 2024.


P.O BOX 880-50300


Please Note

County Government of Vihiga is an equal opportunity employer and encourages People Living with Disabilities, Youth and Women to apply.

County Public Service Board does not charge any recruitment fee whatsoever. Do Not Pay Money to Fraudsters because Our services are absolutely free

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

Those with certificates from foreign institutions must have them certified by the relevant authority.