Account Assistant Job in Kenya

You will ensure ITF’s compliance with financial accounting regulations while improving existing practices.

Responsibilities include:


Developing the appropriate budget for the organization and ensuring that the budget is followed accurately.

Financial Data Collection:

You are responsible for ITF’s compliance with accounting regulations. You are required to uphold accounting standards. At the same time, you are expected to improve existing practices by:

Overseeing the incorporation of new accounting software to streamline financial data collection.

Ensure there is a secure backup of all financial data.

Staff Information:

You are also responsible for maintaining high accounting practices throughout the ITF volunteer/staff base. This means:

Ensure all staff members understand both the intended value of accounting systems and how to use them. This will require you to work with all staff members, especially the operations Director to ensure that orientation materials reflect the current system.

Set clear office protocol regarding accounting systems.


At least be a second-year bachelor student in related fields.

Good organizational skills, including ability to work within tight deadlines.

excellent communication skills orally and in writing, interpersonal and presentation skills, including the ability to work with diverse individuals.

Ability to maintain an established work schedule, work flexibly and as part of a team.

Willingness and capacity to volunteer.

Passion and commitment towards youth development.

How to Apply

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