Technical Officer Communication and Documentation Job in Kenya

Description Of Duties

The incumbent is assigned the following responsibilities:

Implement a communications strategy, in alignment with the overall Regional Office communications strategy and in the context of the overall vision and mission of the UCN cluster, as outlined in the UCN document: Ending disease in Africa: vision, strategies and special initiatives: 2023-2030.

Produce communications products required by the VPD programme and the UCN cluster, including, but not limited to:

Repurposing of technical documents/key reports into social media products (tweets, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Repurposing of technical documents/key reports into poster presentations, flyers, banners, website updates, press releases and so on.

Produce specific communications products around health days, in collaboration with the appropriate UCN programmes, including press releases, video stories, video interviews, website updates and social media products.

Manage social media campaigns around publications in peer reviewed journals (including moderating tweets, Facebook posts etc.)

Produce material for meetings including, but not limited to:

Generic banners, posters, flyers for the UCN Cluster including the VPD Programme and other programmes.

Banners, posters, flyers focused on the specific theme of the meeting in collaboration with the specific programmes

Develop regular newsletters, bulletins from the UCN cluster and VPD programme, providing outward facing updates on activities in the cluster and its programmes for dissemination to the wider public health community, partners, donors and other stakeholders in the region.

Develop and coordinate regularly updated non-technical disease bulletins from the cluster, in coordination with the VPD team lead and other UCN staff.

Review and update the WHO AFRO website, UCN content area, including engaging with web designers as necessary, with a focus on the VPD area, but extending to other, complementary programmes as well.

Work closely with graphic designers to develop appropriate UCN/programme branding for all UCN and VPD communication products, in alignment with Regional Office communication policy.

Oversee and mentor UN Volunteers and other more junior communications staff as necessary.

Perform other related responsibilities as assigned, including replacing and backstopping for others as required.

Required Qualifications


Essential: University degree in communication, journalism, internal relations, political or social science, or related field.

Desirable: Advanced degree in communications, journalism, internal relations, political or social science, or related field.


Essential: At least 5 years’ experience as a communication officer at national or international level, and/or communication officer in a large non-governmental or international organization, involving information and communications projects and/or strategies on public health subjects.

Desirable: Experience in public health communication, experience writing press releases, feature articles, developing newsletters, social media releases, communication materials for meetings etc.

Thorough knowledge of the principles, techniques and practices of communications development and ability to work in a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment.

Strong interpersonal, representational and organizational skills, with proven ability to facilitate and strengthen the role of communications in promoting the work and progress in the UCN cluster and the VPD programme in particular.

Excellent analytical and writing skills and the ability to repurpose technical and scientific documents into outward facing communication products for a wide range of audiences.

Proven skills in the development and implementation of communication/media products and tactics.

Excellent interpersonal skills complemented by the ability to conceptualize ideas and promote and communicate these.

Integrity, tact and discretion and the ability to work and achieve multiple goals under pressure.

Sound understanding of the public health impact of VPDs on social and economic development, and their burden on populations.

Ability to “think out of the box” and to make innovative proposals as related to communication of VPD priorities, as well as overall UCN cluster priorities.

Good knowledge of WHO mandate and goals in the VPD-related area of work and and understanding of VPD control management is an asset.

WHO Competencies


Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

Communication in a credible and effective way

Producing results

Moving forward in a changing environment

Use of Language Skills

Essential: Expert knowledge of English or French.

Desirable: Working knowledge of other UN official languages.

How To Apply

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