Senior Manager, Audit Automation, Analytics & Models Job in Kenya

The Senior Manager – Audit Automation, Analytics & Models is responsible for leading and driving the adoption of data analytics, automation, continuous auditing methodologies, and data visualization within the Group’s audit function. This role oversees the development and implementation of data-driven audit approaches, leveraging advanced analytics, modeling techniques, and visualization tools to enhance audit efficiency, effectiveness, and risk coverage. Additionally, this role leads the model risk audit team, ensuring the effective assessment and governance of models used across the organization.

Reports to Group Head of Audit – Technology, Digital and Data Analytics

Job Responsibilities

Data Analytics, Automation, and Visualization Strategy:

Develop and implement a comprehensive data analytics, automation, and visualization strategy for the audit function, aligning with the Group’s overall audit objectives and risk management framework.

Identify opportunities for leveraging data analytics, automation, continuous auditing methodologies, and data visualization to improve audit processes, risk assessment, monitoring capabilities, and communication of audit findings.

Drive the adoption of advanced data analytics tools, techniques, and visualization platforms, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, and interactive dashboards.

Foster a data-driven culture within the audit teams, promoting the use of data-driven insights, decision-making, and effective communication through visualizations.

Continuous Auditing, Monitoring, and Reporting:

Design and implement continuous auditing and monitoring programs to enable real-time risk assessment and timely identification of control deficiencies.

Collaborate with IT teams and business units to establish data sources, data governance frameworks, and automated reporting mechanisms.

Develop and maintain interactive dashboards, reports, and data visualization tools to provide real-time visibility into key risk areas, audit findings, and performance metrics.

Model Risk Audit Oversight:

Lead and oversee the model risk audit team, ensuring the effective assessment and governance of models used for risk management, pricing, capital calculation, and decision- making processes.

Develop and implement a comprehensive model risk audit program, covering model development, validation, implementation, and monitoring processes.

Ensure compliance with relevant model risk management regulations, guidelines, and industry best practices.

Team Management and Development:

Manage and mentor a team of data analytics professionals, model risk auditors, data visualization experts, and subject matter experts, providing guidance, training, and professional development opportunities.

Foster a collaborative and innovative environment, encouraging knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement within the teams.

Identify and address skill gaps and develop training programs to enhance team capabilities in data analytics, automation, visualization, and model risk auditing.

Stakeholder Management and Collaboration:

Collaborate with IT teams, business units, risk management functions, and other relevant stakeholders to understand their data needs, model requirements, risk profiles, and reporting/visualization requirements.

Collaborate with IT teams to ensure data required to support audit automation, continuous audits and other data related initiatives is availed.

Establish effective communication channels and promote transparency in the application of data analytics, automation, visualization, and model risk audit initiatives.


Bachelor’s Degree in a quantitative field such as computer science, statistics, mathematics, or a related discipline. Advanced degree(s) preferred.

Professional certifications such as CISA, Certified Data Analyst (CDA), Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), or equivalent.

8+ years of experience in data analytics, audit automation, scripting, data transformation, Continuous Auditing and Controls Monitoring or related roles.


Proven ability to lead and manage teams of data analytics and auditing professionals.

Proficient in data analytics techniques, automation tools, and continuous auditing methodologies.

Proficient in developing solutions using visualization tools and scripting languages such as Python, R, SQL, Power BI, Tableau etc.

Proficient in the use of Audit analytics tools such as IDEA, ACL, Arbutus etc.

Familiarity with model risk management frameworks, regulations, and industry best practices.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for effective stakeholder management, team leadership, and presenting complex analytical findings.

Analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and address complex data-driven audit challenges and provide actionable solutions.

Ability to travel domestically and internationally as required.

Results orientation

High integrity and strength of character

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