Regional Financial Risk and Compliance Director Job in Kenya

Primary Purpose

The Regional Financial Management and Compliance Manager will be responsible for ensuring effective implementation of financial management, compliance, and anti-fraud measures across all CWS RSC Africa operations. The Regional Financial Risk and Compliance Manager will develop, analyze, and support implementation of systems, processes and controls that enhance CWS RSC operational efficiency. This role involves filling identified financial management gaps, supporting Country Offices in responding to audit findings, developing, and delivering tailored training programs, and conducting forensic audits or investigations as assigned. The Regional Financial Management and Compliance Manager will report to RSC Africa Deputy Director Administration and Operations.

Key Relationships

Internal to CWS

  • Regional Representative
  • RSC Africa Director
  • RSC Africa Deputy Director Administration and Operations
  • Deputy Director, RSC Program Implementation
  • RSC Program Development and Quality
  • RSC Africa Senior Management Team
  • Internal Auditing Coordinator
  • Procurement Coordinator
  • Country Representatives
  • Finance Coordinator


  • Service providers, PRM and other agencies.

Working Environment

  • Office environment. Periodic travel to other CWS Africa offices may be required


Leadership and Management (20%)

  • Responsible for ensuring that existing policies support accountability, transparency, and efficiency of CWS RSC while ensuring compliance with all donor requirements and CWS policies.
  • Providing solicited and unsolicited advice to CWS RSC Leadership and department staff on internal controls and improvement actions as well as working together with teams to implement such improvement actions.
  • Conduct strategic situational analysis and benchmarking against best practice and what other players are doing to assess appropriateness of CWS RSC Africa’s risk management framework.
  • Establish and communicate clear expectations to staff to foster a predictable and consistent work environment.
  • Develop and integrate risk management strategy within the organizational strategy.
  • Participate in the development and alignment of CWS strategy.

Capacity Building (20%)

  • Contribute to strategic knowledge sharing and capacity building so as to raise awareness and importance of risk management within CWS RSC.
  • Develop and deliver tailored finance and operations anti-fraud training programs to all relevant CWS Africa staff members.
  • Develop and manage the implementation of a capacity building plan; sensitizing staff on the need to manage risks.
  • Work with Learning & Development Unit to deliver necessary training to staff to address identified areas of improvement, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all operational aspects.
  • Work with Learning & Development, Program Integrity and Internal Audit units to develop training content to address specific fraud risks and prevention strategies related to finance and operations, relevant to the organization’s operations and regions.
  • Promote a culture of risk-awareness and control across the organization through sensitization and training.
  • Responsible for addressing specific training and development needs to fill compliance gaps.
  • Act as an objective source of guidance and advice for teams.

Audits, Investigations and Reviews (15%)

  • Responsible for carrying out forensic audits, accounting reviews, fraud investigations, compliance assessments as assigned, analyze results and provide recommendations ensuring thoroughness and adherence to established protocols.
  • Work closely with relevant stakeholders to gather evidence, analyze financial data, and prepare detailed reports outlining findings and recommendations for remedial actions.
  • Conduct regular reviews to assess the compliance of departments and individual employee.
  • Responsible for performing risk based and compliance audits on CWS RSC policies, procedures and donor requirements.

Risk Management and Compliance (15%)

  • Work with RSC Africa Deputy Director Administration and Operations, Finance Coordinator and other stakeholders to review existing accounting and financial controls and other legal compliance processes in place and make any necessary revisions or additions.
  • Work with other members of the Leadership Team to identify strategic gaps that may give rise to future risks.
  • Provide strategic advice on risk management implementation and measurement, risk management standards and best practices.
  • Anticipate and identify risk issues and challenges and the most appropriate solutions to address them as well as supporting different department heads to implement these solutions.
  • Research and share any emerging trends in risk management and compliance globally.
  • Review colleagues work to identify compliance issues and provide advice or training.
  • Advise on opportunities for improvement as well as potential risks for CWS RSC.
  • Follow up with management, on actions taken to address the risks identified.
  • Conduct Operational risk assessments and develop a risk register.

Audit Findings Implementation and Compliance (15%)

  • Support Country Offices in responding to audit findings by identifying specific areas of administration and operations in need of improvement.
  • Work with all operations units of the Country Office or RSC to document areas requiring enhancement, beyond solely financial management.
  • Responsible for testing findings from audit exercises, facilitate the remediation of control gaps, and escalate possible critical issues.
  • Identify and address financial management gaps within CWS Africa operations, leveraging previous experiences.
  • Responsible for coordinating development of action plans to close out audit findings.

Reporting (5%)

  • Analyze and evaluate accounting documents, preparing reports that reflect the audit results and document the proposed process.
  • Maintain an up-to-date issues log and action or follow up on all outstanding issues until they are closed.
  • Preparing and presenting regular risk management reports to the senior

Representation/Engagement (5%)

  • Foster effective engagement with Country Office Leadership and regional leadership on issues of effective financial management, compliance, implementation of audit action plans and filling audit gaps.
  • Demonstrates and champions CWS policy, procedure, and organizational culture to operations staff, and contributes to Operations Division strategies for ensuring staff fully understand and abide by CWS policies.
  • Keep abreast with external events which could have a negative impact on the organization and advise management with appropriate control measures.

Additional Responsibilities (5%)

  • Execute special projects and other duties as assigned by CWS/RSC Africa Leadership.
  • Escalate issues as needed to colleagues.



  • A minimum of ten (10) years’ professional work experience in accounting, finance, auditing or related field.
  • Proven experience in financial management, compliance, audit, investigating fraud and financial crime particularly within the context of international NGOs or similar organizations.
  • Knowledge and ability to analyze financial data, identify trends, assess risks and make strategic recommendations to management.
  • Previous working experience with USG funded projects is required.
  • A minimum of five (5) years of direct supervisory experience.


  • Strong organizational and management skills, with particular attention to detail
  • Computer literacy, with a strong emphasis on Microsoft Excel and Outlook.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to effectively liaise with diverse stakeholders and deliver training sessions.
  • Strong analytical abilities and attention to detail, essential for conducting forensic audits and investigations.
  • Comprehensive understanding of financial regulations, compliance standards, and anti-fraud measures.

Education & Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or related field is required.
  • Master’s degree in business administration, finance, accounting or related field is preferred.
  • Professional certification (e.g., CPA, ACCA, CIA, CFE) is preferred.


  • Work and make decisions independently and contribute to overall operations of CWS.
  • Exercise good judgement and seek guidance as appropriate when confronted with unanticipated problems. 
  • Maintain a high-performance standard with attention to detail, completing tasks within set timeframes.
  • Actively participate in the implementation of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize tasks, and manage multiple projects concurrently.
  • Work independently and contribute to overall operations of RSC Africa
  • Analyze and solve complex problems and make sound decisions.
  • Maintain a high-performance standard with attention to detail.
  • Maintain the integrity of official records.

How To Apply

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