Nursery Practitioner Job in Kenya

Generic Responsibilities

  • To work consistently to uphold the school’s mission statement
  • To follow all school policies
  • To work cooperatively and politely with all stakeholders
  • To work with pupils in a courteous, positive, caring, and responsible manner at all times
  • To follow the child protection procedures and ensure that pupils’ safety and well-being are never compromised
  • To be polite, cooperative, and positive when communicating with other staff
  • To take an active and positive role in the school’s commitment to the development of staff, and their annual review procedures
  • To work with visitors in such a way that it enhances the reputation of the school
  • To seek to improve the quality of the school’s overall service
  • To present oneself in a professional way that is consistent with the values and expectations of the school.

Specific Responsibilities

To lead the day-to-day running of the Nursery Setting

  • To plan a range of stimulating and exciting activities for the children that encourage independence, motivation, and an eagerness to learn and respond to the needs and interests of the children which include regular opportunities for outdoor and sensory play
  • To complete developmental records for the key children in your care and to ensure others in the setting have completed these records
  • To support colleagues and work as a team to provide a safe, caring, and stimulating environment for all children (aged 18 months-5 years)
  • To communicate with colleagues in the Nursery setting to ensure the provision is suited to the needs of the children
  • To communicate any concerns regarding children’s development with the EYFS Coordinator and Head Teacher
  • To be integrally involved with all aspects of care for our youngest children, including following and supporting sleep and feeding routines.
  • To support with aspects of intimate care and hygiene for the key children in your care

The Wider Professional Role of Nursery Practitioner
Fulfill wider professional responsibilities

  • make a positive and sustained contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school
  • make a distinctive contribution to supporting pupil’s development
  • be proactive in developing effective professional relationships with colleagues to promote collaboration, knowing how and when to draw on advice and specialist support
  • work effectively as part of a team and demonstrate positive and professional behavior during meetings
  • contribute to the professional development of other colleagues, demonstrate effective practice, and provide advice, guidance, and feedback
  • communicate effectively with parents with regard to pupils’ achievements and well-being

How To Apply

Applications should be submitted no later than 28th June 2024.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please contact the Human Resources department via email