Motorcycle Test Rider Job in Kenya


Ride Different Roads: You will ride our electric motorcycles on all kinds of roads to see how they perform.

Check the Bikes: You will look at how the bikes work, note any problems, and share your thoughts with our team.

Keep Records: You will write down what you notice about the bikes and tell us if anything needs fixing.

Help Fix Bikes: You will use basic tools to do small repairs and make sure the bikes are in good shape.

Stay Safe: You will follow all safety rules to keep yourself and others safe while riding.


Motorcycle License: You must have a valid motorcycle driving license.

Riding Experience: You should know how to ride motorcycles well.

Strength: You need to be able to lift up to 23kg and handle a bike with a 100kg load.

Attention to Detail: You should be good at noticing small things and explaining what you see.

Communication Skills: You must be able to talk clearly about what you find and write it down.

Commitment to Safety: You should always follow safety rules to protect yourself and others.

How To Apply

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