Materials Coordinator, Technical Stores, Job in Kenya

Role Purpose Statement:

Under the general direction and guidance of the Manager Materials and Logistics, the Materials Coordinator in Technical Stores is responsible for organizing and controlling aircraft spares and tools stockrooms. This role ensures spares are securely warehoused, handled, and issued to aircraft maintenance work-stations, complying with KCAA requirements, Civil Aviation Regulations, the Laws of Kenya, and company policies. The role facilitates aircraft spares quality assurance and on-time release of aircraft to service while upholding the highest safety standards.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

  • Ensure aircraft spares requested by maintenance stations are promptly issued to assist in the on-time release of aircraft during maintenance.
  • Ensure aircraft spares correctly relate to authenticated attached documents, perform quality control checks, and record data accurately in the database to ensure conformity to quality standards and inventory visibility.
  • Control and monitor the movement of spares, tools, and equipment, with special attention to life-limited parts, to ensure traceability and accountability.
  • Monitor spares in the stores to maintain appropriate storage conditions, segregation, and control of life-limited parts for effective inventory management.
  • Ensure correct packaging, storage, and handling of spares as per manufacturers’ specifications, company policies, and regulatory procedures.
  • Drive/operate motorized equipment for safe and timely delivery of parts and materials to maintenance areas to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Handle direct purchasing of spares as part of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) recovery efforts.
  • Adhere to stores ethics to uphold safety, company values, and principles of ethical Supply Management.
  • Participate in stores policy formulation and process improvement to enhance productivity.
  • Manage the Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC) Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) systems.


  • Technical Knowledge: Proficient in airline stores operations, including handling, storage, and inventory management of aircraft spares and tools.
  • Management Skills: Effective in inventory control, quality checks, and coordination of logistics.
  • Human Relations Skills: Strong interpersonal skills for collaboration with maintenance teams and adherence to ethical standards.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Understanding of aviation industry regulations, safety standards, and supply chain management.


  • Thinking Environment: Detail-oriented and compliance-driven, requiring accuracy in inventory management and logistics.
  • Thinking Challenge: Balancing efficient operation with strict adherence to safety and regulatory standards.


  • Freedom to Act: Operates within the framework of aviation industry regulations and company policies.
  • Magnitude: Direct impact on the efficiency of maintenance operations and aircraft serviceability.
  • Impact of Decisions: Decisions affect inventory integrity, safety compliance, and operational efficiency.


  • Education: Minimum of Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management from a recognized university.
  • Experience: Minimum of 2 years of experience in airline stores operations.
  • Certification: Relevant industry certifications. Membership to professional bodies is an added advantage. Motor Vehicle Driving License preferred.

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