Marketing Manager Job in Kenya

The Marketing Manager is responsible for promoting the company’s products or services, building the brand, and developing and implementing marketing strategies to enhance brand awareness, market share, and sales.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy Development:

Research market trends, competitors, and customer needs to formulate marketing strategies.

Identify target markets and customer segments, and develop market segmentation strategies.

Develop and execute annual marketing plans and budgets.

Brand Building and Promotion:

Oversee brand positioning and brand image building.

Design and implement brand promotion activities, including advertising, PR, social media, and offline events.

Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of brand promotion activities and adjust strategies accordingly.

Market Research and Analysis:

Conduct market research, collect market data, and analyze market dynamics and trends.

Monitor competitors’ market activities and provide competitive analysis reports.

Use data analysis to understand customer needs and behaviors, and optimize marketing strategies.

Product Promotion and Event Planning:

Plan and execute product launches, exhibitions, promotional events, and other marketing activities.

Coordinate with internal teams and external partners to ensure smooth execution of events.

Evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities and provide improvement suggestions.

Digital Marketing and Content Management:

Manage the company’s website, social media platforms, and other digital channels, and develop digital marketing strategies.

Create and manage content to ensure consistency with the brand.

Increase online exposure and conversion rates through SEO, SEM, email marketing, and other digital marketing techniques.

Partnership Management:

Establish and maintain relationships with external partners such as advertising agencies, media, and PR firms.

Negotiate and manage contracts and budgets with partners.



Bachelor’s degree or above in Marketing, Business Administration, or related field.


3-5 years of relevant marketing experience, with management experience preferred.


Strong knowledge of marketing theories and practices, with the ability to develop and implement marketing strategies.

Excellent communication and negotiation skills, able to communicate effectively with different levels of personnel.

Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, proficient in data analysis and market research.

Digital marketing knowledge and experience, familiar with various digital marketing tools and platforms.

Creative thinking and innovation, capable of proposing unique marketing solutions.

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