Fleet Officer Intern Job in Kenya

Job Overview

  • The Fleet Officer Intern will play a crucial role in managing and overseeing a company’s fleet of vehicles.
  • The fleet Officer Intern will handle all queries related to our motorcycles and Vehicles that are raised in our fleet system, maintain records of maintenance for the vehicles and motorcycles, and ensure that safety standards for operating vehicles meet the ENGIE standards as per transport policy.

Key Responsibilities

  • Set and manage the overarching strategic direction, priorities and focus areas for sales commercial (sales, marketing, and business development), cascading and ensuring alignment throughout EEA-K.
  • Maintenance and Oversight: The Fleet Officer ensures that the vehicles or vessels are properly maintained in accordance with regulations. They use their knowledge of maritime law (for vessels) or transportation regulations (for vehicles) to ensure safe navigation and operation.
  • Organizing and Controlling: They organize, control, and direct the activities related to the fleet. This includes scheduling maintenance, repairs, and replacements as needed.
  • Budget Management: The Fleet Officer manages the budget for vehicle repairs, replacements, and other related expenses.
  • Driver/Vessel Operator Training: They ensure that drivers or vessel operators receive proper training to uphold safe operating standards.
  • Licensure and Registration: Managing vehicle licensure and registration is also part of their responsibilities.
  • Efficient Routes and Schedules: They establish efficient routes and transportation schedules for the fleet.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Monitoring drivers (or vessel operators) to ensure adherence to schedules and safe driving practices. Additionally, they provide reports to management on budgeting, maintenance, and fleet progress.
  • New Driver/Vessel Operator Recruitment: Searching for, hiring, and training new drivers or vessel operators.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement: Developing methods to decrease costs and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 1 years’ experience in handling fleet operations management.
  • 5 years of driving experience (driving licence must be upto date).
  • Problem-Solving thinking outside the box and quickly solving problems related to fleet operations.
  • Hardworking with a sense of responsibilty. 
  • Innovative Thinking, ability to think creatively and find innovative solutions is valuable.
  • Attention to Detail: small details can prevent issues and improve fleet performance.
  • Proficiency of GPS tracking system.
  • Experience in Motor Mechanics is an added advantage.


  • Certificate/ Diploma in Mechanical Engineering/Automotive Engineering


  • Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint, Fleet operating Systems, and other Microsoft applications.

How To Apply

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