Financial Crime Compliance Specialist Job in Kenya

Job Purpose

The primary purpose of the role is to build and maintain effective relationships with Debtors, Service Providers and LDFS promoters (merchant services), in a manner that proactively promotes timely servicing of client debt across all products across LDFS markets. They research and analyze best practice collection and repayment trends, and design and implement intelligent, digital first, data driven and personalized collection and recovery strategies that drive timely repayment, customer retention and rehabilitation.

The Officers will be assigned as field agents and shall also be in charge of delegated portfolios including oversight on LDFS merchant promoters and external debt collection agencies, and will be required to build rapport and provide effective support in a manner that drives the intended repayment targets, hence revenue outcomes. The M&C Officer will analyze the debtor and partner communication strategy, negotiations and contracts to identify trends that can improve debt management procedures.

This role shall be involved in the day-to-day coordination of Business, Product, Technical, Delivery and Operations teams, and 3rd party Service Providers in implementing monitoring, control, collections and recoveries processes.

The role observes full compliance with the core principles of good lending enshrined in the relevant Prudential and Group Policies in the respective markets.

Duties And Responsibilities

Financial (30%)

  • Build an effective digital first and data driven market/product specific credit risk monitoring and control process that prioritizes, segments and personalizes debtor engagements in a manner that maximizes repayments and minimizes roll forward rates while promoting customer retention, hence sustained revenues through proactive debtor relationship management and rehabilitation strategies
  • Take high-level strategy and design philosophy, control proposals and business problem statements, and break them into small practical workflows that engineering can develop and implement through use cases, requirements and test script documentation for proposed debtor journeys.
  • Execute end to end testing of product designs in a manner that assures quality and minimizes cost of risk and continuously monitors Unit, Promoter, Service Provider and Personal KPIs, and proactively takes actions to address these risks 

Internal Business Processes (40%)

  • Design and implement embedded and personalized debt management workflows and processes for new and existing projects based on respective risk profiles and business objectives.
  • Design and document Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Specifications for the debt management, and M&C workflows to facilitate system development.
  • Quality Assurance: Document Test Scripts and work with cross functional squad partners as well as external partners to perform integrated e2e tests and undertake continuous validation and change management of debt management workflows and processes.
  • Support Manager to build and continuously enhance data driven automated reports, and ensure timely inputs and submission of such reports highlighting key insights, risk areas and recommendations thereof
  • Negotiate and recommend restructures, repayment incentive campaigns and exit strategies for problem accounts and relationships
  • Liaise with all external stakeholders involved in debt recovery which include Promoters, Lawyers, Auctioneers, Independent Collection Agencies, Private Investigators, Receivers etc. while ensuring the TAT’s and SLA’s are compiled within collections & recovery processes.
  • Manage and resolve customer and partner complaints within pre-defined SLAs
  • In liaison with business eco system leads help in defining engagement and collection journeys for merchant segments.
  • Execution of repayment incentive initiatives to maximize recovery in collaboration with business teams.
  • Processing claims of amounts outstanding from insurance for deceased customers.
  • Capture and communicate customer feedback /VoC during collections activities aimed at Improvement of Loop DFs credit quality, products and processes.
  • Satisfactory Audit, CBK, Risk and compliance ratings.

Customer (20%)

  • Creative and intelligent customer communication based on behavioral science through calls, emails, issuance of demand letters and notices etc., in a manner that drives optimal conversion rates on repayments.
  • Merchant onsite visits, in liaison with assigned promoters and/or assigned relationship staff.
  • Develop relationships with LDFS Ecosystem Leads, Promoters and External Debt Management partners in a manner that optimizes the relationship, repayment, retention and rehabilitation outcomes
  • Quality of credit service standards and maintenance of TAT as per Service Level agreements
  • Achieve clear communication and excellent relationship management in handling assigned portfolio of delinquent accounts.
  • Conducts call visits and subsequently prepares call visit reports within 7 days of the visit
  • Ensure client request are handled within the set parameters –e.g. restructures, waivers, full and finals offers etc.
  • Efficient Management of external service providers as will be assigned i.e. ICA, Lawyers, Private Investigators and Skip Tracers etc.
  • Query and complaint management within set TAT and SLA and timely escalation.

People (10%)

  • Periodic training and performance management oversight of regional teams and service providers in line with SLAs, Quality assurance guidelines and Group Policy.
  • Self-development: engage in self-development initiatives and trainings that equip staff on emerging global intelligent debt management practices
  • Adherence to performance management targets

Job Specifications


  • University degree preferably in Economics, Finance or Business Administration or related fields.
  • Relevant professional qualification in Banking, Risk Management and Law an added advantage.
  • Professional knowledge of SQL and/or related statistical packages is an added advantage
  • Certified Credit Professional certification (CCP-K) is an added advantage

Desired work experience:

  • At least 2 years work experience in a bank or financial services institution of which 1 year should have been in Remedial Management (Debt Collections and/or Recoveries) preferably in a highly digitized, high volume environment.
  • Working experience in a collection agency gives an added advantage.

Job Competencies

Technical Competencies

  • Knowledge of related Credit Risk Management regulations and policies
  • Understands and communicates the business value of credit risk management, collections and recoveries.
  • Capable of deriving key insights and patterns from debtor interviews and using that input to clarify problem statements.
  • Proficient at issue mapping, to break issues down into smaller practical problems and solutions.
  • Sets success metrics for collections and recoveries in development, tracks metrics post-launch to guide investment in iterative improvements.
  • Ability to make highly informed prioritization & trade-off decisions with Business, Delivery and Product Teams.
  • Excellent portfolio management, collections and recoveries processes as well as process design and development.
  • A good understanding of all core processes and knowledge of regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating cross functional teams.
  • Risk Management Design – Deep familiarity with digital banking and payments products and the relevant business processes

Behavioural Competencies

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills with ability to break down complex items to actionable elements.
  • Relate easily and naturally with executives, business managers, technical teams and customers. Has excellent listening skills and understands the desires and challenges of all our leaders and customers.
  • Able to change plans, methods, opinions or goals in light of new information, with the readiness to act on opportunities. Highly effective in adapting to differing environments.
  • Capable of developing a sound understanding of the motives, needs and concerns of others and develop a deep understanding of their complex stakeholder network. Can anticipate the motives and expectations of others effectively.
  • Self-motivated and self-managing.

How To Apply

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