Clinical Pharmacist, Main Pharmacy, Job in Kenya

Job Purpose

Provide quality and efficient specialized pharmaceutical services to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes including, but not limited to, advising physicians on issues concerning drug therapy that meets or exceeds the expectation of the patient and their relatives.

Key responsibilities

Clinical Pharmacy service including participation in specialized outpatient Clinics.

Conduct and evaluate medication histories, assess compliance and suggest modifications so as to achieve desired outcomes; instruct patients in the proper use of prescribed drugs and make Patient Care Rounds with physicians to evaluate patient progress.

Individualize medication regimens using sound principles, accounting for pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic variations in drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination with responsibility for establishing and continually improving the delivery of Pharmaceutical Care to patients within areas of direct responsibility and assisting others in the department with the same.

Identify, resolve and prevent potential and actual drug –related problems by obtaining and evaluating medical data including patient drug and medical history, laboratory data and review patient profiles for drug interactions, allergies, contraindications, cautions and adverse drug reactions to determine and implement optimal drug therapy.

 Maintain liaison relationships with medical and nursing staff; provide timely information pertaining to pharmaceutical supplies, drug usage and compatibility, laws and regulations.

Communicate and document drug information given to health care workers, patients and / or patient representatives.

 Supervise and monitor patient’s drug therapy for cost effectiveness and communicate all possible cost saving recommendations to patient’s physician(s).

Quality and Patient Safety

Adhering to mandatory Pharmacy Policies and processes

Maintain accurate documentation of all interventions and recommendations regards drug therapy and rational use of drugs , and their outcomes

Provide drug and poison information to medical personnel on availability and usage of drugs, drug to drug interactions and adverse effects of these drugs, and appropriately document the same

Monitoring and recording of Adverse Drug Reactions, Medication Errors and Near Miss.

Conduct Drug Utilization reviews and suggests strategies to overcome the deficiency found by such reviews. 

Facilitate and or conduct Operational and Clinical indicators audits

Provide training to other healthcare professionals e.g. nurses on medicines and policies and processes on pharmaceutical care

 Dispensing to in-patient

Supervise appropriate verification, dispensing and issuing of prescription and counseling and teaching of pharmaceutical devices in order to maintain a high standard of pharmaceutical care.

  Responsible for implementing and adhering to policies and procedures related to provision of pharmaceutical services to enable effective and efficient services within the Satellite.

To ensure that all staff comply to the guidelines and protocols of the Hospital Formulary whilst issuing medications.

Continuous Professional Development

Attend and participate in departmental CMEs

An educator in departmental training program for clinical pharmacy development as well as deliver presentations on a regular basis to the pharmacy staff and other health care workers.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills required:

Post graduate qualification in Clinical Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy

At least two years’ practical experience in a hospital environment with working knowledge of a hospital pharmacy services.

Excellent ability to monitor drug therapy regimens for appropriateness.

Great clinical assessment skills.

Demonstrates supervisory skills and ability to work in a multicultural environment

Highly developed problem-solving skills.

Remarkable ability to follow through on tasks assigned.

Sound knowledge of teaching and the methods involved in learning and instruction.

Excellent computer/data entry skills.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Sound ability to manage the time of self and others.

Excellent use of scientific methods to solve problems. 

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