Technical Operator Job in Kenya

Key Purpose Statement 

The Technical Operator is responsible for operation of the process area according to work instructions, the execution of destructive and non-destructive quality checks and carrying out of autonomous maintenance. The technical operator has a primary focus on the quality control activities of the team. This role reports to  Shift Team Leader.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Operating and Process Control

  • Operating the process area according to the work instructions and adhering to usage standards.
  • Carrying out the required quality checks as described in the quality control and analysis work practice.
  • Constantly reviewing process performance against target, and completing all short interval control documentation.
  • Identifying and correcting unsafe work practices

Maintenance of Plant and Equipment

  • Carrying out deep cleaning, lubrication and inspection of machines according to the work instructions, and following the schedules supplied by the maintenance planner.
  • Carrying out autonomous maintenance activities according to the work instructions, and following the maintenance schedule.
  • Conduct breakdown maintenance tasks

Quality Control and Analysis

  • Carrying out quality checks and analysis as per the quality procedures
  • Calibrating required quality control equipment according to work instruction and requesting assistance from the core lab where required
  • Conducting trends analysis on quality data to identify problems and opportunities timeously.

Continuous Improvement

  • Using run / control charts and trend analysis, to identify sources of waste and variation in the process.
  • Using short stop analysis, Pareto charts and other tools seek to identify opportunities to simplify activities.

Skills, Experience & Education


  • Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering


  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in an FMCG, bottling or food processing plant.
  • Computer and technical skills.

How To Apply

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