Laboratory Manager Job in Kenya

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to enable and maintain health.


To provide high quality care that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Operational planning: Develop and implement strategic plans and objectives for the laboratory in alignment with the organization’s goals. Identify opportunities for process improvement, expansion, or optimization to enhance operational efficiency.

Resource management: Manage and allocate resources effectively, including personnel, equipment, supplies, and budget. Ensure optimal utilization of resources while maintaining quality standards and meeting operational targets.

Team management: Supervise and mentor laboratory staff, including technicians, and support personnel. Provide guidance, coaching, and performance feedback to foster a productive and engaged team.

Workflow coordination: Coordinate and prioritize laboratory activities to ensure smooth workflow and timely completion of tests or projects. Collaborate with other departments to facilitate seamless coordination and communication.

Quality assurance: Work closely with the Lab Quality Manager to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, quality standards, and best practices. Monitor and implement quality control measures to maintain accurate and reliable test results.

Equipment management: Oversee the procurement, maintenance, and calibration of laboratory equipment and instruments. Ensure that all equipment is in good working condition and properly utilized.

Safety and compliance: Ensure adherence to safety protocols and regulatory requirements in the laboratory. Promote a culture of safety by conducting regular safety training, audits, and inspections in coordination with the Lab Quality Manager.

Data management: Oversee the proper documentation, storage, and archival of laboratory data and records. Implement and maintain a robust data management system to ensure data integrity and accessibility.

Vendor management: Collaborate with suppliers and vendors to negotiate contracts, procure necessary materials, and maintain good relationships. Monitor vendor performance and evaluate alternatives as needed.

Continuous improvement: Identify opportunities for process optimization, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement. Encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the laboratory team by implementing best practices and fostering innovation

How To Apply

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