Head of Credit Job in Kenya

SALARY: Very Competitive

About the Job

The LENDING COMPANY has built a mobile super app and loan products that have the potential to transform users’ lives, uplifting them from poverty and out of harm’s way. Our charter is to drive innovation by building products that will significantly impact the accessibility and scalable administration of student loans for vulnerable young people worldwide while safeguarding and empowering them professionally and emotionally. You will be the one who has the responsibility of ensuring the growth of the LENDING COMPANY loan book in Kenya while minimizing risks.

You will be working in a diverse team, and bridging the many cultural differences requires a tenacious positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure COMPANY’s and THE LENDING COMPANY’s financial stakeholders are comfortable with the app’s progress. If needed, you will be highly comfortable communicating and coordinating progress with our team and even leading sub-projects.

You will have frequent meetings with COMPANY’s C-Suite and interact with the LENDING COMPANY Loan Committee, where you will be the at least once a quarter/investors/partners where it is necessary to demo the app’s progress. You will be able to contribute meaningfully to the creative and technical discussions in the build process. Collaborate with all the other COMPANY teams and partners. Finally, you will be responsible to manage and mentor the LENDING COMPANY ambassadors tasked with facilitating the borrower onboarding experience in support of the credit team.

We’re looking for a pro in credit management, someone who knows their stuff and can handle the complexities of diverse cultures with ease. The job is a big deal, involving both strategic planning and day-to-day management of the Lender’s credit function. The perfect fit will be in charge of guiding our credit operations, making sure they match up with the big goals of the organization.


  • Take strategic and operational ownership of the LENDING COMPANY’s credit function, including policies, systems and processes to achieve quality growth in accordance with the bank’s strategic plan.
  • Provide overall leadership and management to at least three loan officer direct reports and other junior staff (THE LENDING COMPANY ambassadors) and maintain a high-performing and motivated team that meets clearly established targets.
  • Provide prompt guidance, mentoring and coaching to all credit staff and junior staff across the LENDING COMPANY.
  • Identify staff training needs of credit teams and ambassadors in the LENDING COMPANY and implement appropriate credit upskilling.
  • Undertake performance planning, monitoring and review for the credit team.
  • Review processes and procedures-regulatory reviews and strengthen the LENDING COMPANY’s credit processes, including credit risk assessment and portfolio risk management and reporting.
  • Grow a quality loan book-quality and assess with prudent decision in all loan applications within the discretionary lending limits while minimizing risk.
  • Ensure that the credit team complies with Turn Around Times and Service Level Agreements as agreed with partners.
  • Provide technical support on developing new and reviewing existing credit products.
  • Increase efficiencies in the credit processes to minimize manual interventions.
  • Understand Credit Administration and Portfolio Performance Management of the LENDING COMPANY loan book using quantitative and qualitative tools.
  • Ensure compliance with established/approved credit risk policies and procedures, the LENDING COMPANY’s credit policy, the Kenyan Data Protection Act and all digital credit regulations.
  • Ensure correct classification of the loan book in accordance with prudential guidelines and IFRS.
  • Continually adjust to changing market dynamics by adjusting risk rating, NPLs, risk acceptance criteria and credit risk matrices.
  • Be responsible for quality assessment and prudent decision-making for all the LENDING COMPANY loan applications within discretionary lending limits.
  • Provide technical support on developing new and reviewing existing credit products.
  • Monitor loan performance of loan facilities, grading and provisioning in line with prudential guidelines and IFRS.
  • Ensure timely generation of reports for credit portfolio analysis, and provide timely reports to the regulator, internal auditors and comptroller.
  • Ensure collections and recoveries are made promptly according to the LENDING COMPANY policy.
  • Manage relations with collections agencies.

Minimum Qualifications

  • University degree in Economics, Mathematics or a business-related degree from an accredited university.
  • Professional qualifications in banking such as AKIB, Accredited Credit Courses, and ACIB. ACCA.
  • Master’s degree in business or a related field will be an added advantage.
  • A minimum experience of 10 years in a busy financial institution, five of which must be in senior management.

Minimum Experience Requirements

  • Knowledge of credit processes.
  • Knowledge of digital lending regulations.
  • Good underwriting and credit management skills.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Working knowledge of the business operating environment, banking, local and world economic environment.

Personal Attributes

  • Self-driven, flexible, and detail-oriented.
  • Adept at high-stakes decision-making and negotiation.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated to the project, willing to go the extra mile to meet deadlines.
  • Comfortable with working across multiple geographies and in cross-cultural environments.
  • Highly motivated and dedicated to the project.
  • Comfortable with working across multiple geographies and in cross-cultural environments.
  • Committed to working for THE LENDING COMPANY in the long term.

Preferred Experience

  • Experience in leading high-performing teams.
  • Proven track record of managing a well-performing book.
  • Ability to make timely decisions that are in the best interest of the COMPANY.
  • A great team player who will embrace the COMPANY’s vision and run with it.
  • Take ownership of all matters of credit at THE LENDING COMPANY.

Our Virtues

Before joining any team, a candidate should consider whether they would be a fit for the culture we have built among our team. Below are our five core virtues.

  • We’re passionate. We passionately believe in our goals and are impatient to reach them.
  • We’re courageous. We’re comfortable being uncomfortable because our mission is uncomfortable.
  • We pay attention to details. We demand excellence in whatever we create; we achieve it through collective responsibility and generous support for each other in all our work areas.
  • We honor our word. We make deliberate commitments, document them impeccably internally and externally, and constantly plan for risks to ensure we don’t break them.
  • We think critically. We encourage dissent within our team; our mission requires us to be vocally reflective to iterate better solutions.

How to apply:

Send your application and updated CV to recruitment@sheerlogicltd.com – to be received on or before 21/05/2024. Kindly indicate the job title in the subject line: HEAD OF CREDIT