Head of Aquatics Job in Kenya


The Head of Aquatics will lead, coordinate and supervise all aspects of boys’/girls’ aquatic activities within the school and will play a central role in fostering a positive, inclusive and competitive environment that promotes the six pillars of Peponi School Sport: great games, positive attitudes, individual progress, life lessons, magic moments and competitive spirit.

Hours of Availability

Hours of availability are as required to complete – or appropriately delegate as notified and agreed in advance with the Director of Sport – the unique requirements of the role to the highest standard. However, it would typically be expected that on days where games lessons take place, the Head of Aquatics would be available from no later than 11.00am for the purpose of sport if no earlier duty is required and no later than 5.30pm on days where there are after school sporting activities requiring your presence, and where no later duty is required.

It is at the reasonable agreement and notice between the Director of Sport and the Head of Aquatics as to the availability on days where games lessons do not usually take place. There may also be occasions where the Head of Aquatics cannot be available between those guideline times stated due to various reasons, in which case, formal notice must be given to the Director of Sport – and absence approved – in reasonable time.

Job Description:

  • Talented Athlete Programme delivery: In collaboration with the Director of Sport and Athletic Development Coach, lead the organisation and delivery of comprehensive, pool-based performance swimming sessions for male and female athletes on the ‘Talented Athlete Programme’.
  • Recreational programme delivery: In collaboration with the Head of Boys’/Girls’ Games, organise and deliver a high-quality comprehensive recreational boys’/girls’ games programme that aligns with the Peponi School Vision for Sport objectives and values.
  • Punctuality: demonstrate punctuality and reliability, including – but not limited to – attendance at meetings, training or competitive events, communication, record keeping and reporting as requested by the Head of Boys’ and/or Girls’ Games, the Director of Sport, or any other stakeholder.
  • Safety and welfare: ensure the safety and well-being of athletes during training sessions, competitive events and travel, following all health & safety protocols and policies and raising concerns promptly with the Director of Sport.
  • Athlete mentorship: act as a mentor and role model to nurture positive attitudes, encourage individual progress, celebrate magic moments, facilitate great games, reflect on life’s lessons and foster a competitive spirit amongst all athletes in line with the promotion of personal growth, character development and the importance of sportspersonship, fair play and respect for others.
  • Team leadership: lead and manage a single or multiple competitive sports teams, providing guidance, motivation and inspiration to growing and inquisitive young athletes.
  • Department leadership: take ownership and leadership for the presence and profile of your sport in the wider context of Peponi School Sport including the implementation of participation initiatives and supporting extra training as directed by the Head of Boys’/Girls’ Games and Director of Sport.
  • Training and practice: plan and deliver effective training sessions, focusing on technical skill development, tactical understanding, individual mental skills and teamwork as well as identifying and implementing opportunities for social, moral and cultural growth.
  • Individual development: assess and monitor the progress of athletes, identifying areas for improvement and sharing individual development programmes to maximise their potential.
  • Sports coaching: coach proper and recognised sports techniques and strategies that emphasise safety, fair play and high levels of competitive tact and sportspersonship.
  • Player selection and communication: lead the selection of, and communication to teams and individuals based on factors such skill, attitude, commitment and school-wide behaviour, ensuring fair and justified opportunities for all to also include changes in expectations, schedules or strategy.
  • Parental communication: communicate regularly with parents and guardians of male/female pupils, building and maintaining strong relationships, addressing any concerns or queries in collaboration with the Director of Sport in all appropriate communications.
  • Code of conduct: adhere to and enforce the Peponi Sport Codes of Conduct and report promptly to the Director of Sport, any infringement either by a member of the School community or a visitor.
  • Performance analysis and feedback: analyse individual and team competitive performance, providing constructive feedback and positive reinforcement to enhance learning & performance.
  • Collaboration: collaborate with stakeholders, the Head of Boys’ and/or Girls’ Games, parents and officials to promote participation, coordinated schedules and support of pupils’ whole development.
  • Competition management: in collaboration with the Head of Girls’ and/or Boys’ Games, support the coordination of and attend sporting events, including fixtures and tournaments, ensuring prompt and punctual organisation and adherence to safeguarding, health & safety and school policy.
  • Safeguarding: follow and promote the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures, ensuring the safety and well-being of all pupils actively or passively participating in games activities by sharing concerns with the school Designated Safeguarding Lead or Director of Sport as appropriate.
  • Confidentiality: to treat as confidential all information relating to children, staff or the internal operations of Peponi School relating to knowledge of day-to-day or strategic decision making.
  • Behaviour management: encourage and reward appropriate expression of behaviour in any school facility or event/excursion that involves the Peponi School brand as well as remediating any inappropriate behaviour accordingly and in line with the school-wide behavioural policy.
  • Sports equipment: manage, maintain and report unsuitable sports equipment, facilities and resources, evaluating their future suitability for use and report to the Director of Sport.
  • Inspiration & mass communication: update and manage sporting displays around the school to engage, challenge and inspire young sportspeople and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Continuous professional development: collaborate with the Head of Boys’/Girls’ Games and/or Director of Sport to identify, engage with and implement CPD activities into your coaching practice and to stay updated with the latest coaching methodologies, sporting advancements and best practices in coaching as part of your appraisal process.
  • Multi-sports: provide support, mentoring and coaching expertise in sports outside of your traditional specialisation as directed by the Head of Boys’/Girls’ Games and/or Director of Sport when there is a high demand for staffing in those programmes.
  • Professionalism: to conduct yourself at all times in a professional manner that will bring neither the reputation of yourself nor the school into disrepute with any individual or organisation, either internally or externally such as demeanour, communication, appropriate Peponi Sports kit, also extending to the use of and presence on social media.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Co-curricular support: provide an appropriate level support as occasionally requested by the Director of Sport for reasonable extra-curricular activities related to physically active or charitable pursuits such as sports clubs, interhouse competitions, special sports events, outdoor pursuits, SMART days or departmental/school charity events.
  • Pastoral & Boarding duties: fulfil duties related to the pastoral element of school life to include an occasional evening duty in a boarding house and/or on school grounds during the timetabled day as assigned and directed by the Deputy Head (Pastoral) in collaboration with your Houseparent.
  • Internal Examinations Invigilation: assist the exams department in the end of year exams period during the timetabled day in invigilating internal school exams, ensuring a secure and controlled environment during examination periods. This includesmonitoring pupils, maintaining exam integrity and following exam regulations and procedures as set by the school.

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