Finance Assistant Job in Kenya

 Job Title: Finance Assistant

Hiring Organization: Christian Aid
Location – Locality: Nairobi
Location – Region: Kenya
Industry: Private
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: KES
Date Posted: 05/03/2024

This role is open to the nationals of the Country where the role is based.

About us

Christian Aid exists to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We are a global movement of people, churches and local organisations who passionately champion dignity, equality and justice worldwide. We are the changemakers, the peacemakers, the mighty of heart.
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About the role

To support the finance manager with all financial affairs of the office and programme, including inputing of data in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. Likely to operate in one office with limited supervision. To prepare financial documentation including payments, petty cash reimbursement , petty cash advances and all staff floats. To ensure efficient and accurate cash and bank books and the timely preparation of monthly accounts and returns. To ensure efficient, accurate and timely collation of finance information requested by senior colleagues.To extract reports from the financial and administration systems to review the status of the budget and the adherence to financial policies and procedures.To ensure accurate maintance of the asset management system.

About you

Are you a detail-oriented individual with a passion for numbers and a knack for financial analysis? Look no further – we’re seeking a talented Finance Assistant to join our dynamic team!

As a Finance Assistant, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting our finance department in various tasks, including budget management, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

Competency questions

  • As part of your application you will be asked to demonstrate your suitability by giving answers to the following questions:

Steward Resources

Please give us an example of how you have taken account of the need to use resources economically and without unnecessary waste when planning and delivering your work

  • What was the situation?
  • What was your task? What was expected of you?
  • What action(s) did you take? Why?
  • What was the outcome? How did you know you were successful in using resources economically?

Deliver Results

Please tell us about a time when you were particularly conscious of the quality of your work and how you ensured it met the standards required

  • What was the situation? Which piece of work? Why was it memorable?
  • What had you been ask to do?
  • What action(s) did you take to check the quality and standard?
  • Were you successful? If so, how did you know?
  • Strive for Improvement

Please give us an example of a time when you identified a way to improve the quality of your work

  • What was the situation?
  • What was your role and what did you want to improve?
  • What did you do? Why and how?
  • What was the impact? Was your work improved? If so, how did you know?

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