Pilot Job in Kenya

Role Purpose Statement:

Under the general direction and guidance of the Chief Pilot, the Pilot in Command (Captain) is responsible for the ultimate safety, security, and efficient operation of the aircraft. This role includes commanding flights in compliance with all aviation regulations and company policies, while ensuring the well-being of all crew members, passengers, and cargo, and upholding the highest standards of customer service.

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the safety of all crew members, passengers, and cargo onboard, maintaining responsibility for passenger safety from boarding to deplaning.
  • Exercise authority to secure aircraft safety, issue necessary commands, and make decisions regarding the carriage of passengers and cargo.
  • Take necessary actions in emergencies, deviating from standard procedures if required for safety.
  • Plan and supervise company flights in accordance with legal, company policies, and procedures to ensure safe, efficient, and economical operations.
  • Maintain familiarity with international air legislation, aviation practices, and company operations manual, ensuring compliance.
  • Oversee the aircraft and equipment to ensure serviceability, supervise refuelling, confirm mass and balance within limits, and decide on the acceptability of aircraft unserviceability, applying greater safety margins when necessary.
  • Confirm that aircraft performance allows for the safe completion of the proposed flight, and ensure crew and passengers are secured during critical flight phases.

  • Ensure passengers are briefed on emergency exits and safety equipment and that all operational procedures and checklists are followed.
  • Ensure necessary documents and manuals are valid and carried throughout the flight, and conduct pre-flight inspections.
  • Ensure compliance with maintenance procedures when away from base and maintain continuous communication during flights.
  • Uphold company values to ensure customer satisfaction and monitor crew performance, maintaining high discipline and morale.
  • Notify authorities of any accidents or incidents, and enter all known or suspected defects in the aircraft technical logbook.
  • Furnish reports pertaining to flights for management actions and ensure implementation of safety, security, and emergency standards at all times.
  • Responsible for the journey logbook, the general declaration, and ensuring all crew members perform duties required for safe aircraft operation.


To qualify for the role of Pilot in Command at Jambojet, the following requirements must be fulfilled at the time of application:

  • Kenyan citizen,
  • A valid ATPL/Instrument Rating
  • Minimum of 4,000 total flight hours with at least 2000 P1 on aircraft weighing 20 tonnes or above
  • Type rating on Dash 8-400 is an added advantage.

How To Apply

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