Quality Assurance Lead Job in Kenya

Role Description

The Quality Assurance Lead is responsible for ensuring a high-quality standard for all customer-facing work at Peach. They will monitor and evaluate our teams’ communication, problem-solving, and customer relationship management skills. They will work across multiple departments at Peach. From Sales to Car Care to Marketing – this individual will have a full scope of all customer-facing roles and ensure that our systems are customer-centric and strong. Your average day will look like monitoring chats, listening to customer calls, identifying training needs, and supporting the delivery of those trainings.

You will create processes and systems to ensure that all new joiners at Peach are at the standard set for delivering strong customer service. You’ll work closely with the heads of these various departments to gather the information necessary to create a standard for service and implement the systems necessary to deliver by that standard.

Roles and Responsibilities
Quality Assurance

  • Monitor all calls, chats, and emails to ensure agents interact with customers according to company guidelines while solving the client’s needs
    • Result: The team knows where improvements need to be made in customer relationship management.
  • Ensure our team is following scripts and communicating with a customer-centric lens
    • Result: Scripts are followed & customers are satisfied
  • Conduct training coaching and mentorship programming with our customer-facing agents to ensure they understand the QA metrics
    • Result: Sales agents have 1:1 attention from QA lead, supporting their learning and development + success in the role
  • Work to develop a high customer satisfaction score with something like a CSAT or NPS
    • Result: Customer satisfaction rating is tracked and shows improvement over time
  • Implement and design various projects that facilitate the change and outcomes we’re striving for
    • Result: Projects are initiated to improve the customer experience or journey
  • Use analytics and data-driven insights to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities for our team
    •  Result: Data is tracked, analyzed, and synthesized for decision making
  • Present reports to senior management providing insights on team performance and suggestions for improvements
    •  Result: Data is presented regularly and opened up for discussion on what improvements have been made and what improvements are still needed


  • Facilitate the training of our customer-facing agents to improve their behaviors, sales performance, and general customer experience
    • Result: Trainings are done with customer-facing agents to improve customer satisfaction
  • Work across departments to ensure that training is beneficial to all teams – and is effective
    • Result: All customer-facing teams are worked with – and initiatives are shared across teams


  •  At least 3 years of leadership in contact center operations
  •  Experience with contact center technology, including quality management tools – with knowledge of contact center performance metrics analysis
  •  Experience in gathering and interpreting customer experience information
  •  Solid knowledge of online customer engagement platforms and channels
  •  Proficiency in MS Office, as well as CX and CRM software
  •  Good interpersonal skills and a customer-centered approach
  •  Great organizational and time management abilities
  •  Superb communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills

How To Apply

If you meet the aforementioned requirements and are interested, please submit a CV and answer the below question in 250 words or less to careers@peach-technology.com. Recruitment for this role will be conducted on a rolling basis. Question: What are 3 “must have” metrics when testing for quality? What are 3 factors to keep in mind when testing quality across departments (i.e. what would the difference be when testing quality for Marketing vs. Car Care?)